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Samsung Galaxy A13 $0.75/$0.50 Per Month over 24/36 Months on Any Month to Month Plan @ Optus


Looks like Optus are offering a big discount off the Samsung Galaxy A13 when you sign up for 24 or 36 months. Essentially you will pay $18 over 24 or 36 months for the phone so would be a great gift for a family member or friend. If you terminate the contract before the repayment period ends you will have to pay whatever is owing of the original cost of the phone, not the discounted amount.

Score great tech and great value with the Galaxy A13 4G from Optus when you remain on an eligible SIM plan. Channel your inner photographer with the 50MP Quad camera, and enjoy gaming, bingeing, scrolling and more on the 6.6 inch Infinity-V display.*Measured diagonally without accounting for the rounded corners and camera hole.

T&Cs apply. Discount applied monthly and forfeited if you cancel early. Ends 26/5/22.

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  • 50% plan fees for 12 months for ppl in WA but some ppl residing outside of WA managed to get this deal

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    Not as good as tablet deal…:(
    Tablet(64gb) 12 months $12.50pm = $150
    Phone 24months $45.75pm = $1098

    • can you link to this deal please Tablet(64gb) 12 months $12.50pm = $150, only one I see is 19 plus per mth

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        You missed the boat by a few weeks

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          A few weeks and still waiting for that Tablet to arrive.

          • @rifter: Yikes. Mine took a week and a half but arrived. Hang in there. Would be worth raising a complaint. My order was actioned within 24hrs of the complaint being lodged :D:D:D [for reference - The specific order was placed at 11am on the Sunday]

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        I see I thoughtas it was mentioned now it was current Thanks

    • Note the tablet one was a data only plan.

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    if they had a $8 plan per month maybe

  • Crazy… why offer super budget phone with extra $$$$ it's like $12 for the phone over 24months

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    The lowest plan that comes up for me is $45 per month, am I doing something wrong(other than trying to sign up with Optus!😤)?

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      You can get 50% discount on the plan fees for 12 months if you port in

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      Call optus and ask for kids plan (not advertised) and you will pay $29 a month. This is their lowest plan.

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    Last week it was also available in 12 months $1.5 (looks like Optus removed the 12 months). for me the 12months 1.5 sounded better than committing to the service for 24 months!

    • Yup. Was thinking about getting it on a 12 months contract. Would've been worth it on a 12 months contract at half price of the cheapest plan.

      On 24 months contract it's not worth it since the 50% off plan fees only apply for the first 12 months so you're looking at ~$810 over the contract period on the cheapest plan and the phone only costs ~$300 outright.

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    Does this one have NFC. Samsung have a bad habit of sending the variants here that sneakily leave this out, whilst the rest of the world has it. No NFC = no google pay.

  • This is confusing having the phone cost + plan cost monthly. Not sure why they do this. Reads to me like you get the phone for $18 but you don't….

  • I chatted with an Optus rep on My optus app few days ago to asked for an update of my tablet order. She then offered me this promotion. She even called and convinced me that I can have a phone for $18 after I cancelled the plan after the 1st month and just need to pay out $18 for a phone. In no way I could think this can happen so I didn’t go for it even though it was really tempting 😅

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