[NSW] Click 12L Portable Evaporative Cooler $10 (Was $79) @ Bunnings (Artarmon)


Evap coolers aren't great, but this price is very tempting…

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    No one deal mate , just wondering if it will be across all the stores

  • Sorry for my ignorance, but what does this do? Use case? Replace an air conditioner? Is it powered?? Not trolling, genuinely asking.

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      Inferior air con substitute that can only be used in non-humid climates.

      • Yeh works well in low humid climates, good for inland Aus. Stock up for the next El Niño

      • *inferior but affordable air con substitute - good enough for people ruled by great "money managers" of our time!

    • It's mostly a fan. You might get a little bit more cooling by using the ice and water receptacles for it but only a very, very small amount.

      But in practicality think of it as a louder, less air pushing fan that arguably looks better and fits in smaller spaces/is more stable.

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      A poor guys aircon substitute.

      For a cooler to be effective it has to be
      1. installed in an external window
      2. The room must allow for ventilation
      3. In a dry environment

      It basically pushes air out of the room and pumps in cool air by way of evaporation of water that has to be filled in its tank.

      Portable ones are pretty much useless and ineffective as they just circulate indoor air which is gets humid with the use of the cooler

      • Can confirm. Bought for 1$ at a yard sale (why bother selling for that I don't know) it's better than nothing and does add cooler air to the room in the 40 degree summer heat

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        Better used in a garage tbh with door slightly open just gets cooler air in your direction when working on the car or whatever it may be that you doing in there

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        evaporation of water

        Misleading. Zero to do with evaporation and more to do with a "water mist" set up.

        As many has mentioned.. if it's humid, not going to get much more than a normal fan but for $10.. why not?

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          Incorrect. It pushes humid air and not mist.

          It is called “evaporative” cooler for a reason.

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    If it was close to me I would get a few to have a crack at it and if nothing else can atleast experiment to see if I can make a mega portable air conditioner

    • Would do the opposite - just make for an
      unbearably humid room.
      Aircon removes the humidity.

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    No one has mentioned, however, that these units are extremely cheap to run. Like…they are a fan with a small water pump.
    Comparing them to split system air con isn't fair! Apples and oranges and all that?
    These cost very little to run. I'd buy one at $10, absolutely.

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      Cheap - but ineffective to run.

    • They are also just as effective as a louder than usual fan. The big differences are sound and form factor. They compare poorly to a standing fan on everything but aesthetics.

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        Depends where you trying to use it, I would disagree if you used it outdoor or in garage with garage door open. It will blow cooler air on you or in your direction, fan would blow room temp air

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          Very, very, very slightly cooler air. If it was 0.5C cooler at 1.5m away I'd be surprised.

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            @DonWilson: I can't say how many degrees tbh but a mate has one and I'll be grabbing one for the garage next summer as it was enough of a difference when working on a car in the garage to stop me dripping sweat all over the place

            • @quikstix: Ditto but, you know, a fan. The fan pushes a lot more air.

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                @DonWilson: With all this talk of fans… but i can see you are not a fan of this bargain

            • @quikstix: The temp difference will be roughly the wet bulb/ Delta T for the day (it appears on the BOM observations).

              Used correctly they can be brilliant (though these are small, so a shed). Vent in the direction the wind will draw it away, don't allow wind to blow in.

              Used incorrect, these are horrible humidifiers.

  • I saw these a few weeks ago at my local, and was about to buy one that norally goes for a hundred for 25 bucks, until I saw an actual portable air con for 100 bucks. Not sure if it's a wide deal as it looked like a return, but at 1/3 of the price I picked it up. It looked brand new aside from a bit of dust and a couple of fingerprints and a missing window slide bit (had the duct and the rest of the bits).

    • I would go a portable air con for $100 renting anywhere coastal and a decently warm climate. That said it would be a different story if I was renting in Thargomindah. At $10 I would buy a brace of evaporative coolers..
      Choice don’t review evap coolers, but did do a comparison with portable AC. This is its summary.
      Evaporative cooler: $90-$600, less than 10¢ an hour to run, very inefficient at cooling, about 1 to 1.
      Portable AC: $349 to $1349; 35¢ to 65¢ per hour to run, inefficient at cooling

      Evaporative cooler pros:
      Effective at cooling down small rooms
      Portable -> suitable for rental accommodation
      Can install yourself
      Easy to clean

      Evaporative cooler cons:
      Don’t work in humid conditions
      Need to have windows open to prevent condensation build-up indoors

      Portable AC pros:
      Effective at cooling down small rooms
      Portable, although ducted models are not necessarily easy to move -> suitable for rental accommodation
      Can install yourself

      Portable AC cons
      Noisy, because the compressor is inside the room with the unit
      Inefficient compared to split-systems and built-in ACs (although still more efficient than evaporative)

  • friend uses these for his home gym, left one running overnight and it rusted lots of his equipment.

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      I call bs

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        Well the could be a small amount of truth. They increase humidity as they use water hence anything made of iron and unpainted/exposed surface could rust a lot quicker with one of these running.

        I remember testing one of these a long time back. I left one running in a bedroom with the door closed for a few hours. When I went back in, the room was like a sauna and very very humid. Definately not good as a cooler and very poor unless in a very dry climate and require extra humidity!

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    I bought something similar for my home gym. But my $40 fan did more because it was blew more air, compared to this which has the evap function (which does next to nothing) and a weaker fan.
    The whole house evap coolers work better, but this, for a home gym, was useless.

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    They do work well in the Country versus the coastal areas where humidity is not an issue

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    dont purchase these expecting them to even cool the ambient temp of your room by 0.5 of a degree, cause it wont.

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    These type of coolers are useless junk from my experience. Get portable AC if you want something that works

  • These don't work at the coast. They do work inland where humidity is low. Anyone who claims they don't work at all needs to get out more.

  • Lol everyone knocking these.
    Half the houses in Western Australia have nothing but these (bolted to the roof). They have a use case, and are very very good in that use case. A hammer is useless at its job too if you try to use it to cook food.

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      Yeah but it is a dry heat over there and not humid. They are useless in humid conditions.

      • I know, and I get that the deal is in NSW.
        The point was that these aren't useless for their purpose, which isn't cooling in a humid environment. You can't categorically rule em useless.

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          Who's saying that all evaporatives are categorically useless? I've said a few bad things… about these little portable cheapo ones.

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    Evaporative is effective only when temperature is high and dry, when it is humid it is untenable, then better to use it just as a fan.

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    perfect for perths 'dry heat'

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