$40 off $100+ Spend (VIP Membership Required) + $7.99 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $100 Order) @ Spotlight


Usual sales on at Spotlight, but can be combined with the $40 off a single purchase over $100.

Just picked up another set of these sheets which are very good. https://www.spotlightstores.com/bed/bed-linen/sheet-sets/koo...

Normal RRP is $240 - 250, reduced to $79 - 89. Bought a king and queen set for $128 after discount and code.

Free shipping with $100 order (after discount).

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    May I know how you combined with the existing $40 off code? The checkout page seems to take one code only.

    • both items in the cart and add the code to "Enter Promo Code"

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      Unless I'm reading it wrong, it looks like they said they used one code at checkout with the stuff already on sale.

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      You can't combine them, I think OP just found another code which allows you to save another $40 since these are one time use only (I think).

      • Ok I think I get it now. The word 'combine' caused the confusion.

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    I'll never take spotlight 's RRP seriously.

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      It reminds me of Rugs A Million. Always something on sale up to 90% off because the RRP is inflated.

    • Rrps aren't even real any more. Just a made up figure. The sale price is pretty much RRP as they still making the profit.

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    Didn't work for me.

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      Works on my VIP account.

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    Yeah not working with 2 different sheets sets. "Conditions not met".

    EDIT: logged in to account, VIP discounts applied and now working.

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    It didn't work for me until I signed up as a VIP member. Bought some much needed curtains. What an exciting day lol!

  • Anyone recommend a Gold coast winter quilt/doona from spotlight? That's about $100.

  • Is this just an online discount? or can you do in store?
    I do see click and collect is available. Just don't want to visit the store twice to get what I want.

    • pretty sure these can be used in store as well. You have to have the barcode though. I got an email with that in it a few days ago. Usually are on the catalogues, which you can get in store

    • You can still use the save40 too which has a bar code https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/699261

  • Anyone knows the expire date of the promotion code? Thx

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