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Shimano Sahara in Clearance $80 ($149) + Shipping ($0 with $99 Order) @ BCF


Price started at $149 then $ 95 and now $80

5 models available

- 2500
- 3000
- 4000
- 5000


Introducing the Sahara 5000 XGFI Spin Reel, brought to you by Shimano! The Sahara FI Spin Reel features Shimano's G-Free body design, to move the center of gravity closer to the anglers hand position, and therefore reducing angler fatigue and enhancing casting comfort! Also included is X-Ship technology, which stands for Extra, Smooth & High Power - Utilising a double bearing supported pinion gear configuration as well as increasing the size of the gear, Shimano engineers have achieved an overall smoother operation. The HAGANE body and gears provide long lasting smoothness and durability. The impact resistance of the body virtually eliminates any flexing, whilst the drive gear has been formed by Shimano's cold forging technology to provide ultimate strength. Boasting a drag power of 10kg and gear ratio…


  • Long-lasting smoothness and durability
  • 10 year warranty
  • X-Ship technology for incredible power while under load
  • Super tough cold forged Hagane Gears
  • G-Free body for comfort in your hands
  • Varispeed for tangle reduction and line lay

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  • +1

    Maybe worth getting the combo for $25 more?


    • maybe the rods not worth $25

      • +3

        I mean, I doubt that. It might not be an amazing rod, but it'll do as a backup, or if you have kids and don't want to risk losing one of your better rods.

        • thats a good point

    • yeah from the comments the rod are to weak and keep breaking

      • If I was guessing I’d say people new to graphite rods and were high sticking it. Graphite aren’t indestructible like fibreglass rods.

    • the combo does not come with 5000 series reel, probably only 4000

  • is this reel even worth it?

    • looked at reviews on youtube and people say they bulletproof and as the hagane gearing , the only reason its on clearance is the new sahara is out with jst a couple of improvement that aint worth going for the new one at $149

    • It's a nasci without the special coated seal which 'prevents' water getting inside. So yes and no. No reel is saltwater proof like Shimano claim.

      Shimano are getting really expensive. I once got nasci for $79

  • $20 more and you can pair it with a graphite rod as well which isn't too bad.

  • As an absolute beginner (in Sydney), what should I choose? Ideally it’s a relatively “compact” in size.

    • +1

      3000 size, and spool it with 10-12lb braid

    • +1

      I'm a beginner. I prefer light setup 1-3kg rod and 2500 size reel with some soft plastics, takes up minimal room in car and can go out on a whim when near a body of water, or before/after work. Can still catch bigger fish but you gotta be more careful/mindful when deciding how to get them upn

  • Can only see the 5000 on special. They may have sold out of the other sizes, a search only shows the new FJ series.

  • +1

    Ah, found the smaller sizes, wasn't trying hard enough.

    • good stuff

      • Actually I was just clicking through too quick. My local store is closed due to going under in the flood and the next closest is out of stock of the small sizes and it's click+collect with no delivery option if I've read it right.

        • im in wa so might be different i can get all of them delivered apart from the 2500 size

          • +1

            @hitman48: Yeah it must be different for you guys. Nevermind, next time. I don't need it of course but you can never have enough reels or rods can you :-)

  • For a beginner who hasn't fished since I was a kid what would be a suitable rod to pair with this for shore fishing??


    • +1

      for a beginner i wouldn't look at the 5000 reel (but pair it with at least 4-8kg rod if you are still adamant on getting it)

      would recommend the 2500 or 3000 reel and pair it up with a 2-4 or 3-5kg 6ft6 to 7ft rod with 8lb to 12lb line (I recommend getting braid for your main line)

      hope that helps

      • hi just curious. why does the reel matter on your experience level?

        • Hi, what do you mean why does the reel matter?

          matter as in difference in size of reels?

          Difference in size = bigger spool, which means more and heavier line you can spool with.

          Which makes it easier to land bigger fish.

          It all depends on what fish you are targeting. You can catch big fish with the smaller reel sizes but it's a higher risk as you'll be using lighter lines.

          Hope that makes sense.

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