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Telstra (Locked) Nokia G20 $149 + $7.90 Delivery ($138.57 Delivered with eBay Plus) @ BIG W eBay


Product Features:

6.5 inch HD+ display
48MP quad rear camera with nightmode, 8MP selfie camera
5050mAh long lasting battery
3 years manufacturers warranty
Fingerprint and face unlock

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    $129 at Coles.

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    Stopped reading at “Locked”

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      if you are with Telstra, why not?

      • yeah, buy one more for Vodafone and one more for Optus… no lock at all ~~

        • If a person wants to stick to Telstra, why buy other?

  • how much to get it unlocked?

    • your soul

    • +2

      FAQ from Telstra:

      You can unlock your Telstra Pre-Paid mobile, iPhone or mobile broadband devices so they work on another network. If your service has been active for over two years, we don’t charge an unlocking fee, but if your service has been active for less than two years, we charge:
      $80 for devices that have never been activated, or active for six months or less
      $25 for devices activated for six months to two years

      • +1

        Allegedly the 6/24 months counts from the date of delivery from the manufacturer. So if the device has already been sitting in the warehouse or shop shelf for 6 months by the time you buy it, you're only up for $25 unlock fee.

        Of course it's difficult to know the status of a particular device unless the IMEI is checked with T.

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      I think if U use Telstra for 6 months . They will unlock the phone.. So just buy some Telstra Sim and after 2-3 months just tell them that U r going overseas for few months.. mostly provider unlock phone for overseas trip.
      Or else U can also ask help from Some one who is using Telstra to unlock the phone.

  • It’s a decent phone, not great.. for the money

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    Wow this is a fantastic 'bargain'!

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      3 year manufacturer warranty , not many phones with that in this price range , was launched with android 11 so will get android 12 which is rolling out in europe already, and with the 2 update policy will get android 13, nokias version of android is very clean as part of android one …..downside is no 5g and HD+ not FHD screen, but then it’s a sub $150 phone …. other options that will get android 13 and 3 year warranty ?

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    No bargain here.

    • +1

      Thanks for your thoughtful considered comment.

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    Would this work with boost network?

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      Nope. I know for a fact.

      • That's pretty shit ,thought they'd be same as Telstra

        • True, 100%

    • I was here for same question..

  • 129 at Coles only supports 4G

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    720p on a 6.5" screen is gonna look pretty rough.

    Obviously compromise is expected at this price…

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      Not that bad. Till few years ago we had 720p laptops.

  • Alternatively, Nokia G21 is currently $169 + $7.90 delivery from Big W.

    It is with Vodafone and includes a $30 starter pack.


  • Those specs make this a great phone for the price. 👍🏽

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