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Kogan 32" Series 8 RH9220 (1366 x 768) LED Smart TV Android TV $239 + Shipping @ Matt Blatt (Kogan)


Kogan 32" LED Smart TV Android TV™ (Series 9, RH9220) available at Matt Blatt for $239

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Matt Blatt (Kogan)
Matt Blatt (Kogan)

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    not even full HD… avoid!

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    Who in their right mind would buy a HD ready TV in 2022? From kogan? For over $200?

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    Eww 720p

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    Land fill

  • $239 overpriced

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    The Aldi TV is $229 - its trump card is 12V which is good for travellers, caravanners etc…


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    WHAT?? $239 for a 32" kogan 720p tv!

    You've got to be kidding me, this is 2022 so it's at least 1080p or gtfo!

  • I paid $530 for a Kogan 55” Android TV OLED display, for $239 pfft

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      QLED? Dont think Kogan ever has an OLED TV model.

      • Mb I just checked my receipt and it’s a 4K UHD, $490 for the TV and ~$40 for delivery

        • I’m in market to buy a new tv. How is your experience with the tv?

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            @ariyan82: I’m having a slight issue with mine atm, the HDR colours don’t seem to work now with the PS5

            It just passed the 1yr warranty too sadly :/

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    Don't think this is is that great. Earlier this year I bought a 42" 1080p webos tv from ALDI for $209.40, it was a clearance item but still shows there's better deals out there.

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  • Non full hd tvs shouldn't even be made anymore…

  • Looking for a cheapish full HD 32", not sure if the Aldi one fits the bill though? Also had bad experiences with Bauhn 'brand'.

  • Not even 1080p

  • This is a poor deal.

    In mid 2019 i got a Kogan Series 8 43" 4K (LG Panel JU8000 model) for $299 plus delivery. Now that was a deal. It still works fine to this very day.

    Even right now $295 plus delivery gets you a Kogan Series 9 40" FHD TV direct from Kogan. At least it's Full HD, not 720p.


  • By the way this exact same TV is the same $239 plus delivery from Kogan. So where's the deal in the first place it's the same price. It's the standard over inflated price for an early 2010's tech TV. This might have been ok 10 years ago but not today.


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