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Air Canada: Return Flights to Los Angeles/Portland/Seattle/Las Vegas/San Francisco - SYD fr $1017, MEL fr $1065 @ flightfinderau


Destination: Los Angeles/Portland/Seattle/Las Vegas/San Francisco
Airline: Air Canada
Valid Departure Dates: September to November 2022 (plenty of availability)
Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out

Sydney to Los Angeles Flights from $1017 Return.

31/Oct - 21/Nov $1017
13/Oct - 31/Oct $1017
27/Oct - 14/Nov $1017
10/Oct - 31/Oct $1017
24/Oct - 14/Nov $1017
31/Oct - 22/Nov $1017
21/Jul - 08/Aug $1026
25/Jul - 23/Aug $1026
25/Jul - 08/Aug $1026
17/Oct - 07/Nov $1026

Melbourne to Los Angeles Flights from $1065 Return.

02/Nov - 22/Nov $1065
09/Nov - 29/Nov $1065
16/Nov - 13/Dec $1065
02/Nov - 21/Nov $1065
12/Oct - 31/Oct $1065
26/Oct - 14/Nov $1065
11/Oct - 31/Oct $1065
05/Oct - 31/Oct $1065
04/Oct - 31/Oct $1065
08/Nov - 28/Nov $1065

Sydney to Portland Flights from $1077 Return.

13/Oct - 31/Oct $1077
24/Oct - 14/Nov $1077
10/Oct - 31/Oct $1086
27/Oct - 14/Nov $1086
31/Oct - 21/Nov $1086
31/Oct - 22/Nov $1086
04/Aug - 18/Aug $1098
25/Jul - 23/Aug $1098
17/Oct - 07/Nov $1122
21/Jul - 08/Aug $1122

Melbourne to Portland Flights from $1118 Return.

02/Nov - 22/Nov $1118
04/Oct - 31/Oct $1118
01/Nov - 21/Nov $1134
16/Nov - 13/Dec $1134
26/Oct - 14/Nov $1134
02/Nov - 21/Nov $1134
12/Oct - 31/Oct $1134
11/Oct - 31/Oct $1134
12/Oct - 02/Nov $1134
09/Nov - 28/Nov $1134

Sydney to Seattle Flights from $1163 Return.

13/Oct - 31/Oct $1163
17/Oct - 07/Nov $1163
27/Oct - 14/Nov $1173
31/Oct - 21/Nov $1173
10/Oct - 31/Oct $1173
31/Oct - 22/Nov $1173
25/Jul - 23/Aug $1182
21/Jul - 08/Aug $1182
24/Oct - 14/Nov $1182
25/Jul - 08/Aug $1182

Melbourne to Seattle Flights from $1229 Return.

02/Nov - 22/Nov $1229
01/Nov - 21/Nov $1229
12/Oct - 31/Oct $1229
16/Nov - 13/Dec $1236
09/Nov - 28/Nov $1236
02/Nov - 21/Nov $1236
26/Oct - 14/Nov $1236
11/Oct - 31/Oct $1236
04/Oct - 31/Oct $1236
12/Oct - 02/Nov $1236

Sydney to Las Vegas Flights from $1150 Return.

27/Oct - 14/Nov $1150
24/Oct - 14/Nov $1150
31/Oct - 21/Nov $1160
13/Oct - 31/Oct $1160
10/Oct - 31/Oct $1160
31/Oct - 22/Nov $1173
25/Jul - 23/Aug $1173
25/Jul - 08/Aug $1227
21/Jul - 08/Aug $1227
17/Oct - 07/Nov $1227

Melbourne to Las Vegas Flights from $1217 Return.

02/Nov - 22/Nov $1217
02/Nov - 21/Nov $1217
01/Nov - 21/Nov $1217
16/Nov - 13/Dec $1227
26/Oct - 14/Nov $1227
12/Oct - 31/Oct $1227
11/Oct - 31/Oct $1227
04/Oct - 31/Oct $1227
09/Nov - 28/Nov $1249
12/Oct - 02/Nov $1249

Sydney to San Francisco Flights from $1262 Return.

31/Oct - 21/Nov $1262
13/Oct - 31/Oct $1262
31/Oct - 22/Nov $1275
27/Oct - 14/Nov $1275
24/Oct - 14/Nov $1275
31/Oct - 23/Nov $1275
17/Oct - 07/Nov $1275
25/Jul - 23/Aug $1275
10/Oct - 31/Oct $1283
21/Jul - 08/Aug $1283

Melbourne to San Francisco Flights from $1321 Return.

02/Nov - 22/Nov $1321
01/Nov - 21/Nov $1321
11/Oct - 31/Oct $1321
02/Nov - 21/Nov $1329
12/Oct - 31/Oct $1329
26/Oct - 14/Nov $1329
04/Oct - 31/Oct $1340
16/Nov - 13/Dec $1350
09/Nov - 28/Nov $1350
08/Oct - 31/Oct $1350


  • checked in bags, meals and entertainment are included
  • please take into account any vaccine/covid test/insurance requirements when traveling

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closed Comments

  • Pretty good prices thanks.

    I’ve just booked Air Canada to Vancouver myself on velocity ff.

    Only allows 1 bag 23kg not sure if same from USA. I was hoping velocity gold would allow an extra but can’t find that it does.

    • I’ve been about to book that myself (via velocity ff), have you seen any way to upgrade though? Seems economy only.

      Annoying about the price too, Vancouver is way more expensive than any of these flights is paid in cash.

      • +1

        Economy only, sadly, have enough points for business but nothing.

        One benefit of using points right now for international velocity is you can cancel unto 1 day before for full refund (fly by Dec 31 which is our return date) and not have to worry about potentially useless flight credits - so if business did become available or we change our minds we could cancel and upgrade hopefully.

        More than cash, not sure what you mean but our flights were only 56,000 points + $100 yvr-Syd one way and that's peak school holidays.

        • How do you get so many velocity points?

        • I meant the price of the flights in this thread compared to flying just to Vancouver. Somehow it costs a few hundred bucks more not to do the extra hop to Seattle.

          Thanks for the info, I might do the same, grab them now while cheap with points and switch later if possible. I'm hoping some kind of upgrade pops up though.

          • +1

            @freefall101: Ah now I understand. Good luck with the ff booking. One tip, united is joining velocity May 24 so some options might come up for business etc.

    • I checked, 1 piece baggage Australia to USA with air Canada

      • Thanks, most partners give a bonus baggage for velocity gold but can't see anything with Air Canada.

  • Is this a specific negotiated fare and not through Air Canada? No Brisbane September dates :(

    • +1

      No deals from Brisbane that I can find atm :(

  • +2

    you're gonna be totally crazy to go to LA through vancouver

    • +1

      8 hours of wasted time

    • What if you just wanted to go to Vancouver? Could you just not get on the connecting flight? It's cheaper than booking direct.

      • Yeah but your return leg will be cancelled

        • +1

          Biggest scam in the airline industry

  • Looking for late August for 2 weeks to Montreal any deal for then?

  • +1

    Any deals for just direct to Canada? Instead of to the US

  • This is one of those crazy times where it is cheaper to fly further (Sydney - Vancouver - LA) than to just fly direct from Sydney to Vancouver.

    You can add in a stopover if you are just going to Vancouver and spend most of your time there but just want to take a side trip to LA (or one of the other US cities included)

    • How do we add Vancouver as a stop over? been trying to put it through the site as multi-city but not working.

    • It is not unusual - the flights with longer duration and more connections are often cheaper than the direct flights… you are filling seats on a plane that would otherwise be left unsold. It is better for the airline to have you in that seat at a discount price than to have no one in the seat and fly the plane half empty.

  • Wondering if someone fly to Vancouver and skips the leg to LA? Can they return ?

    • +2

      Once you miss one leg of an itinerary it will invalidate the rest of the flights - the only leg you could potentially skip is the last leg…which is kind of important in this deal!

      • +1

        Ditto. I wouldn't cancel. If anything just do a daytrip?

  • Any flights for south america?

    • +2

      None atm. South America is starting to open up again, so hopefully we see some deals soon

  • Any deals to Vancouver, preferably directly from Syd/Mel/Brisbane?

    Can we bu the Sydney-LA route but get off the plane in Vancouver?!

  • Any deals to Toronto between 01/07-20/07? Thanks, prefer to avoid any American airports.

  • Any deals for flying from Boston to Melbourne, end of July for 2 weeks?

  • Thanks mate!

    Any luck with Sydney - London for 3 weeks in August?

  • Bit of a stretch but any chance of:
    1. Melb to LA/NYC in August (oneway or return)
    2. Montreal to Melb/Syd in Dec/Jan one way?

  • I'm interested if anyone is gonna book this and then if it's possible to use Krisflyer miles to upgrade to Business? Or is this a type of economy fare that is excluded from doing this?

    • It is a discount economy class ticket. I dont think upgrades are available unfortunately

  • Anyone know why the flights to La are cheap and go through Vancouver, but if you search for direct to Vancouver it costs more? You'd think an entire flight less would be cheaper rather more expensive than adding the connecting flight to LA.

    • +1

      Logic is that people pay a premium for direct flights. So these are cheaper than flying UA direct to LAX because they’re less convenient.

  • @flightfinderau I've some family that lives on the West Coast (LAX and PHX), would there be any deals from MEL around late December / January to be in the states during Christmas? Thanks for looking into this.

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