10% off Boost Dual Motors Electric Standing Desk (eg 1200x750 $609.30 + Delivery) Sydney Only @ Elite Office Furniture


Hi Oz Bargain users,

We are running a quick sale to clear up stock in Sydney for the Boost Electric Desks. These units are made by Rapidline, one of the leading office furniture manufacturers in Australia. The boost has been one of our top selling products in the last 2 years for both WFH users / large corporate/ government fit outs. They have been mentioned quite a few times in Ozbargain. We've received nothing but great feedback of these units both on Ozbargain and direct reviews from clients.

Boost Electric Desk (Original)


Due to the release of the updated version Boost Plus (With corner configuration compatibility), we need to clear these stocks on hand in Sydney, Silverwater. We have around 70 units left in Black frame and 40 units left in White frames and they are backed with 10 years warranty, including on the electrical components.

Boost Plus: https://www.eliteofficefurniture.com.au/search?type=product&...

Key Benefits of this unit vs other cheaper alternative on the market.

  • The boost comes with dual motors
  • The boost comes with 10 years warranty on electrical and we will come to your site to repair/replace within 10 years if the item experience manufacturing faults
  • The boost takes 125 kg in weight
  • The overall frame only weight 31.6 and it is a really sturdy unit.

Here is the deal for Sydney clients only:

Use Coupon BOOST10OFFNSW to check out on our website, and you will receive an additional 10% off the already heavily reduced pricings. We will aim to deliver all items within 2-4 business days in Sydney. We also offer $37 flat rate ground floor delivery currently. (Whether you buy 1 or 20)

Alternatively if you are looking at purchasing the upgraded version, Boost Plus or any other items from our website. You can use code MAY22 to check out to receive additional 3% off overall cart value. With this code, we can deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth for $37 ground floor delivery.

Happy Shopping and our sales team 1300 686 666 is happy to answer any questions you have also.

Kind Regards

Elite Office Furniture

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  • Price in title… $609.30 plus shipping yeah?

  • Store name in title needed

  • OP what's the scallop for, in the top surface?

  • +1

    I bought the boost plus 1800 version from them last year.
    Really good customer service. The initial delivery date was 3 weeks away and I emailed them to reschedule to the next Monday with ease.
    No issue so far.
    The full set is almost 90kg. They are made of solid materials.

    • Hi Akira, thank you for the support and great feedback. :)

      We have these ready to go now and can dispatch 1-2 business days.

  • Have one of these for work, they do the job.
    I have the older version that doesn't have the automatic height memory, guessing from the picture this has it in built?

    • Hi there yes the memory height control is built in and included for the pricings.

  • Hi,
    Do you deliver to Canberra?


    • Hi Ram

      Our standard rate for Canberra is $157, we cannot deliver the Boost to Canberra, but for Boost Plus, we can deliver for $37 delivery rate.

      Please give our sales team a ring and they will organise that for you.

  • Are these stable when you put them at max height?

    • Hi there, all standing at max height 1200mm + will have slight wobble if you try to shake. But the boost unit is one of these sturdiest ones we've seen on the market.

      At elbow height, eg 900-1000mm, it is very sturdy.

  • Sydney ONLY in title please.

  • this or omnidesk or ikea ones ?

    • Neither, this is the Rapidline Boost Electrical Desk.

      • sorry? genuinely don't get what you mean

        • Lol they think youre asking whether they are omnidesk. My answer though, neither. I got this. Comes in 140, 160, and 180cm. Black/black, black /white, and white /white

          Full range here, they come and go out of stock

          • @Ibz: ahh how do they fare up with the likes of omnidesk or ikea ?

            • @khoed792: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/11LXiimhecg-uI2mn...

              I think this was the link going around before? It's got heaps of tabs and changed a bunch since I used it.

              I can tell you about my current desk, can't say how Ikea and omnidesk are. That's up to you to compare.

              Its got dual motors, Chinese made so not the super expensive motors that are made in some euro country. But tables with those are normally around $1000. 10 years warranty though so it doesn't really matter.

              Warehouse is in Revesby area. Company has been around for a while and they seemed decent.

              Check the max and Min height and see if they meet your requirements.

              I have the 1.8m and it's the best size/price I've found anywhere.

              Top material is a hard plastic like coating, fairly durable.

              Comfortable to use, the middle cut out and curved sides are a nice touch.

              I'm using it on carpet but I experience no wobbling when it's at Max height.

              Overall it's a good balance of quality, price, and warranty

        • My apologies, I misread the question. We don't like to speak negatively of any other brands / products but if you are welcome to visit our showroom for a private inspection of these units so you can see the difference.

          We also believe it is extremely important when comparing the cost of the unit, that clients should ask if the manufacturer will back you for 10 year warranty on the electrical component. Afterall if the electrical fails in 4-5 years and you have no warranty, then you can only use the desk as a fixed desk in an awkward position or will need to re-purchase a desk.

          • @eliteofficefurniture: Where is the showroom?

            • @fkk1: 9/71-83 Asquith St, Silverwater NSW 2128. Please give us a ring to arrange booking so we can ensure someone can attend to you and show you around.

  • too bad it's Sydney only.

    Can't deliver to Melbourne?

    • are these considered cheap?

      • Hi khoed, this is lowest price we've offered on the boost with 10 years warranty.

    • Hi howard please give our sales team a ring and they will organise a good deal for you.

  • Is there a photo of how it looks in real life?
    Little bit unsure to commit 600 dollars on something that I haven't touched or seen :p

    • Hi there, yes of course, if you can email us at [email protected] we will send you a video and photo. Or just drop by Silverwater to see it in action!

      • Thanks. Sent an email asking for photos/videos.

  • +1

    Thanks for sharing this. Have given it a purchase.

    - Well priced, especially compared to the ZenSpaceDesks Zen Pro mini
    - Smaller size tables (60mm depth very desirable)

  • I have this desk, its good. Has survived the kids so far. Remember to buy cable baskets

  • Does anyone own these desks or have any close up images of the white coloured one?

  • Hey guys can you please clarify what the exact definition is for the minimum height? Is that the top of the table top? Or the bottom of table top etc?

    • Hi there that will be measured from the top of the table to floor

  • bought one! cant wait for it to arrive

  • Waiting for my delivery, you guys mentioned delivery was suppose to be this Friday but no one called or came

    Sigh please help

    • Hi there, can you please pm your order number. We will come back to you ASAP to follow up.

      • on 20th May - 34114
        Dear Exxxx,
        Hope you are well.
        We are delighted to inform you that your order has been booked for delivery on 03-06-2022.

        Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.
        Thank you for ordering with us.

        on 2nd June
        Hi Exxxx,
        Thanks for your email

        We do not have any tracking, the driver will call you half an hour prior to coming out to advise ETA :)

        If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.

        Kind regards,
        Elite Team

        now I took a day off just to be home on the Friday yet no one called and no delivery.

        called up today and the next delivery is this coming Friday for no reason and no apologies as if it was totally fine. I have to take another day off work just to be at home waiting for an item with no tracking number and praying to god someone will call me for a delivery. I don't have the luxury of just sitting at home and waiting the whole day

        This is worst than buying from an overseas based business. At least we get a tracking number and a date of delivery . Not impressed guys

        • Hi there

          Apologies for the delay with your order. The promotion here was intended for NSW buyers only but I noticed our sale consultant has applied the discount for you for a Vic order, and we've experienced a few delays with interstate transfer / shipping time.

          It is my understanding that this is now delivered in full.

          If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

          Kind Regards


          • @eliteofficefurniture: Thanks Chris for sorting this out. Have received the table and im very happy with it.
            Satisfied customer now

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