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SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers $1461 (Was $1949) Delivered @ WestCoast HiFi


SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf Loudspeaker
Real black oak veneer and piano gloss black finish options
Dual gold-plated 5-way binding posts
1.7” wide-flared rear-firing port
8 ohms.
Sensitivity: 87 dB (2.83V @ 1 meter full-space, 300-3kHz)
Recommended amplifier power: 20-150 watts.

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  • +2

    At the price I was expecting something active. Guess svs like everything else gotten real expensive.

    • High end speakers are mostly passive. I can only think of a few active speakers in this price range, and they are basically the most expensive you will find. Passive will go way more expensive than this.

      This price is OK in that it is basically RRP in the US. Australia gets absolutely gouged on speaker prices. I'd probably go the Wharfedale Evo 4.2s over these, but I would definitely love a pair of the SVS Ultras.

      • Well, SVS started out in active subs so thats what they are known for.

        As for high-end active, KEF LS50 Meta and now LS60 Meta are hitting A$9,999.

        • KEF LS50s are nice, but they basically aren't worth the money because they get outclassed so easily by a decent dac / amp / passive speaker setup. The KEF LS50 'Meta' are for people with more dollars the sense.

          SVS make amazing passive bookshelf speakers.

          • +1

            @Budju: Guess I would consider emotiva then for actives but I'm still happy with my old BWs on emotiva amps and Yamaha DACs

            • @reactor-au: I feel like active speakers make most sense around that $400-800 price range where you can get something really decent and don't need to worry about the dac or amp. Thinking mostly about JBL and Yamaha. Once you're willing to spend in the $2000+ range you're better off going for the dac / amp, unless you're set on something with a really small form factor.

              A good pair of BWs will last you a decade, easy.

  • These are fantastic speakers, and am looking for a pair of SVS Ultra Towers to match.

    However, weren't these a further 25% just last week?

    • They where the same price as of Thursday last week. The price is 25% off which is $1461

      • How do these compare to the Klipsch Rp 600ms?

        • Klipsch RP600 run a horn tweeter which is extremely bright. Klipsch are great if you want high impact but when it comes to comparing the SVS ultra and Klipsch RP600 I would go the SVS every day of the week.

          The SVS are the perfect balance for either music or movie and are a lot more forgiving.

  • +2

    Shame these are 600USD (almost 900AUD at current exchange rate) on SVS website. Australia mark-up seems pretty steep even on this deal.

    • That figure doesn't include tax, although a random California address only puts this at an additional USD52 (AUD942 shipped).

    • SVS does retail high here. I like Wharfedale for this reason. The EVO 4.2s are probably a better buy for us here.

  • No value here. Spend a couple of hundred on some Edifiers (OzB favourites for a reason) and with the $1K you save, spend it on an SVS subwoofer…those babies are worth it!

    • +6

      Edifiers not even in the same ballpark as these lol

      • +1

        But everyone knows the only part of a hifi setup that matters is a big f***off subwoofer.

    • He is right. With kids shouting at the background, they don't sound much different to me

      • +1

        It’s when the kids goto sleep that you get to appreciate these beauties

    • Not even in the same ballpark mate. Comparing a Kia Rio to an AM Vantage

      • Depends on the use case. For hifi music, sure. Good idea to spend money on speakers that reproduce mid range with high accuracy. But for home theatre/gaming…money is definitely better spent on the subwoofer. Speaking from experience…have owned everything from $120 Edifiers to $20k B&W floorstanders.

    • Edifiers are really bad compared to these.

  • This is powered Dynaudio or Genelec money.

    • for this price? link please

  • I wonder if I should get this or a top of the range Samsung Sounderbar and surround sound system.

    • Probably not a fair comparison unless you've already got an amp and source/DAC lying around.. Darko recently posted a comparison (admittedly for a Sonos soundbar) and basically concluded that he vastly preferred a real hi-fi system if you plan to use it for music much: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BoH8K3hlVI

      .. He's a bit divisive about his presentation style, but I like how he is normally very transparent about how he is just comparing the two systems in his room and doesn't make too many sweeping generalisations.

    • an independent system will always sound better, but you need the amp, sub and at least 2 speakers to get the most out of it.

      Soundbars exist for their simplicity

    • lol man a samsung soundbar system would sound like balls compared to this, but it would also be a lot cheaper. I feel like if those are the two options you're considering, then these are a bit too high end for you.

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