ZEE 5 (Bollywood Video on Demand) 12-Month Subscription $49.99 (50% off)


This deal is back

looks like new content has been added RRR(20th may), kashmir files etc

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  • What kind of movies we talking about ?

    • -3

      Every movie ever created.

  • its not 50% off. Full price is 69.99. So its $20 less than the normal price.

  • I'm a student so using VPN and paying indian price is much cheaper. Do the same if you're a bachelor sort of person and barely watch TV

    • Can u elaborate further on how to do this for non tech person….which VPN you use and then do you buy indian tv packages in rupees and watch them….how to configure this over the home internet connection…..as you see i have non tech background :-)

  • I'd recommend getting sonyliv over this using a vpn to india. $10 or so for 6 months which gets you most of the live cricket, soccer and decent VOD.

    • What vpn do u use for sonyliv

      • I don't currently use it but 4 months ago I was using surfshark and it worked absolutely fine. i had the sonlyliv app on my shield tunneled through vpn.

        • +1

          SonyLiv doesn't work for me using VPN

          • @ScoMosas: Reach out to surfshark support, they're pretty good at providing solutions in my experience.

  • This is the most shit app I have ever used. In 2022 this app can only do videos at 720p max. Videos never play maximum time you have to struggle to watch one movie or episode properly. Not even worth 1$ for whole year. Content is good no complaints in that regard. I hope they can provide better experience till then please avoid at any cost.

  • Anybody using this app on tv using vpn? How is the experience? Thanks

  • bought for $10 for a year last time and i use VPN just to start a movie or series, then disconnect vpn and cast on my TV, works fine

  • Let me know if anyone has share slots in this batch

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