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[VIC] 12pm to 2pm Free Electricity Everyday with Free Lunch Energy Plan @ Globird Energy


Binge between midday - 2pm to save
Save the planet - make use of excess solar in the grid during daylight hours
Set the timer on your appliances & maximise use of the FREE period

AusNet rate is a fair bit higher than the others : 21.57c CitiPower, 22.11c Powercore & United, 22.99c Jemena, 29.15c AusNet

Terms and Conditions

Available to Victorian residential homes with an eligible smart meter. An energy usage rate of $0.00 is charged between noon and 2pm each day, energy usage rates are charged at other times of the day, see energy fact sheet or basic plan information document for rates and charges. For clear advice on the right plan for you call 133456.

The FREE LUNCH energy plan has fixed time periods for peak and off-peak regardless of your tariff type. The off-peak period is from 12:00 Noon to 2:00 PM regardless of your meter tariff type. If you are on a flat rate, you will be billed at two rates. $0.00 per kWh for energy used from 12-2pm and billed at the quoted usage rate for all other times.

If you meter is already on a TOU (Time Of Use) tariff also known as (Peak / Off-Peak), please be mindful that the time periods for Peak and for Off-Peak will change to the times explained above. This means the off-peak time is shorter. Contact us on 133456 to discuss the best energy plan for you.

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  • +5

    so basically a discount of 2/24=8.33% of the current rate, YMMV depend on your usage pattern.

    • +26

      100% saving if i only use appliances between 12pm and 2pm

      • +5

        You don't have a fridge?

        • +30

          Beggars can't be choosers.

        • +13

          Wash clothes, run dishwasher, charge an electric car and all the powerbanks etc at that time.

          • +81

            @Pricebeat: Open any adobe application

          • +4

            @Pricebeat: Any reasonably sized powerbank probably costs cents for a full charge, you're not gonna be saving much.

          • +6

            @Pricebeat: 4.8 kW hot water system, boost two hours.
            1.21 GW time jump x 1 delorean

          • +5

            @Pricebeat: Don’t forget Pyrolysis oven cycle

          • @Pricebeat: How many powerbanks do you own that will actually make a dent on your hourly usage?
            If you charge them too fast, you risk wearing out the battery capacity quickly due to heat generation.

        • +1

          Surely I make enough ice to last a day in 2 hours, right? Jks

      • +2

        Use 3-phase charger to top up the battery so you can spread it out over the remaining 22 hours.

      • +1

        Just run the heater at full blast between that time. Sure your house might feel like a sauna for next few hours but well worth the savings.

      • +1

        Useful if you have timers/smart hom4 and a relatively efficient home and don't work from home.

        Set your heater or aircon to heat well above/below the comfortable level you want in your house. Switch off at 2pm and you come home to a home that's hopefully at a good temperature.

        Nearly like a temperature battery.

  • Forever?

    • +3

      Forever and ever?

      • +6


    • Until their weird energy spot price bid expires I suppose

  • +6

    Pretty useless for anyone with solar too
    Still coming into winter it might be handy for those that dont have solar and use their dryer a lot

    • +7

      Solar is probably a big part of why they are even offering this. Either get people to use more power during peak solar hours, or remotely disconnect some of the solar panels from the grid for a few hours instead.

    • +5

      Not useless for solar users. Just use the bulk of your electricity at 12-2pm when there's clouds ;)

      • Even during cloudy days you still get some solar production, enough to eat into the merits of this deal

  • +34

    That's the sound of a million Ozbargainer's housewives all turning on their massage guns at once.

    • +20

      "massage guns"

    • +8

      I'll have to let my wife know how lucky she is that she's not on "massage gun" restrictions for free electricity hours only. We high rollers.

    • Let me know if they all get together and make a movie. Sounds like a great group activity ;)

  • +6

    Could this be paired with a big battery that charges only between 12pm-2pm.

    • +6

      If the charger is on your side of the energy meter, sure! Charge your tesla and power wall at midday each day

    • +18

      the typical max of a residential breaker supply is 63A so at that level you'd be able to draw around 15kW. So in these two hours you'd be able to draw 30kWh equating to around $6 in energy calculated at 20c/kwh.

      Seeing as how you'd have to oversize everything to capture the full 15kW, it's going to take a very long time to pay it off :D not recommended

      • +2

        Most inverters are rated at 5kW per phase so it's possible on a 3 phase supply.

        Unfortunately I only have a single phase supply so could only import 10kWh over the 2 hours.

      • the typical max of a residential breaker supply is 63A so at that level you'd be able to draw around 15kW.

        Time to request 3-phase! :)

      • The amount of trouble that OzBargainers go through to get 5% cashback for a $10 product, I imagine $6 each and every day would be pretty beneficial. Almost $2k after a year

        • +2

          I don't disagree with your statement here but my comment above is related to if someone were to specifically try to maximise this offer. If you didn't already have high powered devices producing desired work, then presumably you would have to spend money on electrical equipment in order to maximise this offer.

          Even if the promotion managed to last for a year, and you "made" 2k back, given the risk of the promotion ending in addition to the higher general rate, you're unlikely to be making bank if you even pay off whatever device you purchased to draw 15kW consistently.

          Its a different story if you already have powerwalls, electric vehicles etc, these don't require further expenditure in order to make use of the offer, but you're also unlikely to be using the full amount for 2 hours every single day

    • +1

      I got a big battery and a tesla with a 3 phase charger. I could squeeze 48 kW in them 2 hours providing the misses is home. Plus two btc miners. I'd be better off with my 17c plan by about $4 per day

  • +5

    This would be awesome if you have battery storage or an EV. Charge you your power wall and then have it power everything during peak hours.

    In summer, I’d run the AC hard between this time, get everything cold and set the temp higher to save on the running cost. Same with running a pool pump or other energy hungry appliances.

    • +3

      This deal will be gone by summer. :D

      • @somewhat Anonymous - My bad. Should’ve read.

  • +22

    Crank the Bitcoin rigs for 2hrs a day 😅

    • legit question, can you actually earn anything over 2 hours?

  • 22.99c kWh is a so so rate for Jemena.

    The bumped rate above 20kwh a day will burn you if you have electric hot water and have been using a splitty for heat.

  • +1

    How do we check we are on TOU?

  • +2

    I'm a customer and haven't heard anything on this. Is it a new customer thing only? or do i need to sign up for this offer seperately?

    • You probably need to move to this plan.

      I have realised for Globird you need to check your plan every few years, they often have better rates (with the same product name). You need just need to call them to switch from e.g. GloSave 2020 plan to GloSave 2022 plan.

  • +1

    Fun fact, CitiPower, Powercor & United Energy are all the same company. Strange that each 3 names has a different rate when it's essentially the same company.

    • +4

      Illusion of choice

    • +6

      ELI5 - They are owned by the same company, however are three different network areas

      Their revenues each year - and what they can charge - are determined by the Australian Energy Regulator based on their assets and allowable rates of return

      Ownership by one entity, or 3 for that matter - itself doesn't change what the regulator approves

      There's a (relatively) consumer friendly explanation here - https://www.aer.gov.au/system/files/AER%20-%20Consumer%20gui...

    • It's how it works though. Joyce mane, Harvey normal, Domayne.

      Telstra and boost. Suncorp and Apia (or whatever the over 55s insurance is). It's does work lol

  • +8

    Charge your eneloops and power your house outside 12-2pm

    • +1

      Finally a time to put all those eneloops to use.

      My time has come.

      • U R ELON

  • +3

    Woohoo new time to use the kettle, do the laundry, etc.

    I am a little confused at the bigger picture though. I thought in general solar uptake was far outweighed by energy usage overall even during the day rather than available battery storage was a bottleneck.

    • +1

      The wholesale rate often drops into the negative during the middle of the day, so by convincing all their customers to suck down more juice for "free" during those hours could actually make them more money… If my understanding is correct.

      • +1

        "…could actually make them more money"

        Answer is… it depends

        Even though the wholesale can be negative during this period, they would still need to pay for the network costs (main one amongst other costs) to transport the energy to your house

        Negative wholesale would subsidise these costs, but may not necessarily outweigh them

        • The price doesn't go negative far enough or often for this idea to be feasible, even without the network fees added in. We had it happen frequently during one of the lockdowns but I haven't seen it since. Floor negative price is $1kWh which is still pretty good.

          Know I'm staying the obvious but they're just making their money off the other times of day, it all averaging out. The free time is also when it is the cheapest so they could even be saving money there as if you put your washing machine on a timer for 1pm instead of 6pm you're saving them money as they will actually loose money during peak times when the market price goes well over what you pay for it, max price they pay is $15/kWh, when I see peak costing most people under 50c/kWh. Not that it peaks all that often either. Even if trying to exploit it, most people aren't likely to buy heaps of cheap bunnings heaters in the middle of summer only to put them outside and see how much power you can consume.

  • +1

    Pool pump!

  • +17

    For my location in Melbourne I'm currently paying 21/22.9c per kWh Inc GST. The offered rate of this deal is an extortionate 29/35.2c for the 22 hours outside the free 2 hours. No deal here unless you are able to pack the majority of your energy use in those 2 hours.

    • +1

      Thanks for heads up, definitely won't look into this deal with that information now.

      • Melbourne 3000?
        Otherwise 'Melbourne' could mean 1 of 5 different Distribution Zones, and pricing structures.

    • Yep the whole thing is an illusion from Globird. I was with them for years then they massively jacked up their prices last year by nearly 30%.

      They’ve gone from some of the most competitive to now very average if not expensive.

  • +2

    Mine the bitcoin

  • What exactly we need to do here to get this offer? Switch to GloBird first?

  • Why not charge all batteries and use later?

    • +1

      No one's stopping you.

  • +2

    Good time to build a home Tesla 120kw supercharger to used during the free hours 🤣

  • +2

    Do I have to do anything if I am already a globird customer?

    • Might have to ring them to switch to this plan, is my guess.

      • Yeh it's a new plan called FREE LUNCH

  • +16

    It's not a deal.
    I am already their customer
    The Daily Charge of this "free lunch plan" is 14.2% high than my current plan
    And the peak rate is 29% higher than mine.
    2 hours free isn't help to justify.

    • +2

      They also charge $132 for meter configuration to set up feed in tariff. So I transferred to another provider and paid $16 something.

    • +1

      Agreed. My daily supply is $0.58 and my $/KW is $0.17

      • Who with?

        • $0.495 and $0.1771 for me 😀

        • Globird!

      • that's good deal, which provider?

  • My rates were pretty good and am with globird for gas already.

    60c daily charge
    19c usage for first 20kw per day then 27c per kWh after.
    I have solar though. Not sure if that changes anything.
    United distribution. Vic.

    • What’s their FIT? 6c?

  • Does it automatically apply to existing customer? Do I have to have solar panels?

    • Looks like it's a new plan called FREE LUNCH, so you'd have to change plans

  • Been with Globird for gas and electricity for 3 years, great rates, just check their website every now and then to make sure you're on the best one.

    Also they have a good referral program ($50) which I have referred many customers on ozB for.

  • +2

    Can someone put into the title in bold.


    Wasting time looking at this.

    • Agreed! Thought it automatically qualifies anyone with globird from the title…. 😵‍💫

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