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[Pre Order] SUNLU T3 Mini FDM 3D Printer US$149.99 (~A$215.88) Shipped (Further 10% off with Mailing List Coupon) @ Sunlu


Ship From July 25th

Advertising up to 250mm/s printing speed, just like the Ankermake, but unlike the Anker the preorder pice is USD$150 instead of USD$629. I reckon for a quarter of the price it's pretty good IF it can actually print as fast as it claims with any acceptable level of quality.
Looks like a single z-axis rod from where the power supply sits.

No reviews anywhere as just announced, so usual preorder caveats apply.
I'm thinking of getting one just for giggles. Would be my 3rd 3d printer (no, I don't need multiple 3d printers for any good reason, and yes, I have a problem:) )

From Product Page:
FDM 3D Printer: SUNLU Terminator3
Net Weight: ≤8.8kg
Certification: Yes
Printer Size: 220220250mm
Packing Size: 420450470mm
Connecting: TF card, PC (USB)Printing
Speed: 40-250mm/s
Print temperature: 0-260℃
Hot Bed Heating Temperature: 0-100℃
Power Specifications: 115V/230V AC,50/60HZ
Nozzle Specifications: One nozzle, 0.4mm (compatible: 0.4mm-0.8mm)

①【32 bit Motherboard】→ SUNLU T3 has a built-in 32-bit motherboard, which can improve DIY, higher printing accuracy, and improved printing effect.
②【Clog Detetcion】→Equipped with Intelligent clog detection module, SUNLU T3 will return to the origin and then be on standby when clogging occurs. After clogging is processed, it can resume printing.
③【250MM/S Printing Speed】→SUNLU T3 supports up to 250mm/s printing speed, which is 5 times faster than ordinary printers.
④【Silent Motherboard】→ SUNLU's upgraded printer comes with a new silent motherboard and a stable high-performance drive motor, it can effectively reduce noise, no excessive noise during printing.
⑤【Quick Installation】→ T3 is a pre-assembled printer, just fix the gantry and start printing. Disassembly is also simple, it's convenient for users to upgrade and build their own printers(open source).
⑥【Resume Printing】→ High-end detection module, real-time detection and identification of filament loading state, instantaneous response to suspend printing within 1 second after filament run-out.
⑦【High Compatibility】→ SUNLU's new version printer T3 is compatible with many kinds of FDM printing filaments in the market, including PETG, ABS, TPU, Wood Fiber, Carbon Fiber, PLA filament, etc.

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  • +1

    Good price. Looks like a standard Ender v2 style printer with small tweaks. Speed was increased in firmware but very unlikely to print at that rate without issue (except basic traveling).

    The listing mentions ABL but I don't see it in the pictures. Curious if it actually does come with it.

    If this supports Klipper it's a no brainer for a cheap bed slinger.

  • Been looking at getting into this for a while, and with the coupon I thought I couldn't go too wrong for the price. Ordered one; we'll see how it goes.

  • Not bad price wonder how it performs have a Sunlu filiment box that works fine I'm sure this will.

  • Not the same model but has good reviews here for SUNLU:

  • Ordered filament from them. Wait for a month. When I contact them.
    They told me it was out of stock and offered me the pla to replace the pla+ I ordered.
    Total waste of time.

    • +1

      FWIW I had a successful filament delivery from them. Didn't expect first class service for a budget brand though.

  • The mailing list coupon always says invalid and u cannot get the printer at $135 it seems. Did OP successfully ordered one with mailing list coupon?

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