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Dyson Car Cleaning Kit $49 ($39 with Perks Voucher) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Looking for car cleaning kit, found this nicely stacks with the Perks voucher.

Next cheapest i found is in GoodGuys for $94 in https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/dyson-barrel-car-cleaning-kit...

Stack with the $10 JB Hi-Fi voucher : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/698451

Key features
Flexi Crevice Tool extends and flexes to clean awkward gaps
Stubborn Dirt Brush cleans dried-in and stubborn dirt
Car turbine head to help clean pet hair and dirt

(sorry, not sure on the compatibility) - I have the adaptor so it did not bother me.

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    Be careful they may not be compatible with Dyson V7-V15 as they may have different socket.

    • Good point, updated with the description!

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        You've linked the wrong compatibility detail's. I don't think it fits in V7

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          Yep! sorry! I am not sure, but i have an adaptor already so worked well for me. (removed the link)

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            @sk7: Does this include an adaptor or have you not received it yet?

            • @bargainshooter: I am yet to pickup.. would be picking up only this weekend :( .

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      This is not compatible with any vacuums v7 or other cordfree units.

      It's made for older Dyson ball corded (barrel) vacuums.

      IMO JB should absolutely revise the listing on their site as this doubtless causes confusion needlessly

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    Any current owner feedback? I don't want waste money.

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      I have it for the V11. The car turbine is awesome, the flexi tool has good reach but suction is average and the other fitting is barely used. Mind you I didn't know this was a car cleaning kit so been using it in the house mostly!!

      • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      • How can you use this car turbine with Dyson V1? I suppose its socket is not compatible with the V11.

        Did you use any adaptor with power transfer?

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    Is it compatible with Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Barrel Vacuum, the corded one?

    • The Cinetic Big Ball and newer vacs use the red button quick release attachment so no.

      Photos of this model 908909-09 kit online looks like it's to suit the older DC series barrel vacs that use the grey button attachment, which I believe is shared with the DC58/V6 (correct me if I'm wrong). Stick vacs released after the V6 use a different attachment system and won't work either.

      The universal adapter included is to fit the even older Dyson vacs that don't use a button for attachments.

      • That's not what Dyson support said:

        Thank you for waiting, the Car Cleaning Kit (908909-09) will be compatible with the Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor, however, you will need to use the adaptor that will come in the box with the barrel vacuum.

        Of course - if yours is some other Big Ball, then I can't guarantee it. I'm going to buy it anyway and I guess return if it doesn't fit.

        • Didn't come with an adaptor, so it's not compatible. Now to contact JB hi-fi and Dyson to sort out

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    Does anyone know if this is compatible with the Dyson v6?

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      Based on looks, I think it’s the same one I bought for my old V6.
      Given that it’s not the new red style either…
      Not a guarantee, but very likely

    • There is a universal adaptor in the package according to the video https://youtu.be/IhStbBdAeuo.

      • But that video was uploaded 11 years ago before the newer models came out(?)

      • I purchased it last night after seeing this ad.
        Just picked up and found that its not compatible with my V8
        No adapter included in the box.
        I read the ad before the compatibility was updated on this post. πŸ™„
        Now what should I do?
        PS: I have ripped the box so badly, that Jb will not accept returns. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

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    Flexible crevice tools can be had for <$10 from bunnings, ali express, kmart etc.

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    Id never looked at this way until just now.
    Its just physical DLC! Boycott DLC!

    • What is DLC?

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    Just ordered the hair screw tool for $49 pp, wanted something for the v8 to-do vouchers and cushions.. hmm. Compatibility is important for this stuff.

    This kit looks to be better value but not the same, would have to look into it. Got a feeling it's an older one as the all the connectors for mine have red Click buttons (see this link from the Dyson site). Otherwise plenty of those cheap generic kits around, probably not recommended to maintain warranty


    Just got the stick vac for quick going overs for the apartment, don't think I will go overboard with attachments when I still got an old big vacuum in the cupboard.

  • timely post. i broke my v6's crevice attachment trying to vacuum up tiny bits of broken glass from my car

    • So one fits V6? I have a V6 and thinking of getting this. I've read some comments on Amazon saying it does.

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    Not your fault op, but i don't get why manufacturers / retailers won't mention compatible products for the accessories they are selling.

    • Yeah hard to know and too many different models, most still sold/current too.

  • Suitable for all models except DC01, DC02, DC03, DC18, DC24 and Dyson handheld range.

    • But I am unable to attach it to my V8. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

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        You could buy an adaptor from AliExpress or eBay for the non-motorised attachments.

        As an example only:-


        Definitely even cheaper on other sites like AliExpress.

      • As the car turbine tool is air driven rather than motorised, you would not get optimal power and pickup performance even if it did fit.

        cord-free units are designed to use the motorised (powered) heads for optimal pickup when more ground in, and the non powered tools for more surface-level cleaning

    • "Suitable for all models except DC01, DC02, DC03, DC18, DC24 and Dyson handheld range."

      The way that is written is a bit ambiguous. I read it to mean it is not suitable for the Dyson handheld range, but you could interpret it the other way

  • Will this fit a v8 absolute?

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      See sedi's comment above, seems not suitable for v8

      • No it doesn't fit Any Handheld dyson.
        Its frustratingly ambiguous as written on the box. I am quite pissed that I now have to buy an additional attachment.

        • Thanks, yeah I concluded that myself and looks like an older kit, the v8 has The Red clicking buttons. Seems to be requirements for the right Powered accessories too l, which may include warranty etc

          • @G-rig: The compatibility should have been clearly explained on Jb's website. Compatibility is a common issue with dyson products

            • @sedi: Agree, it wasn't. Or on any other quick searches I did.. didn't really need it anyway, just ironic after buying an attachment from their site including shipping. Didn't know many retailers sold attachments.

  • is there an adaptor kit to fit the dyson V8?

  • Received mine this morning. I can confirm that this is the grey button version, which will fit a V6 and older stick vacs. There's no adaptor in the box, and speaking of box, mine was quite clearly a returned item because the box was torn and taped back up. I guess someone with a red button vac bought this by mistake. As mentioned by the rep above, the turbine tool is passively air powered so it only spins when MAX is activated on my old stick vac.

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