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50% off Australian Will - $72.50 (Normally $145) @ OneWill


Get 50% off your Will, written with Australia's most advanced online Will platform. Protect your love ones.

✅ Your Will is valid and legal in all states and territories of Australia.

✅ The OneWill solution has been built by lawyers ensuring that you can get a bespoke Will.

✅ OneWill's step-by-step process makes it simple and quick for you to create your Will.

✅ We offer unlimited updates, free for the first two years. You do not need to pay when not needed.

✅ Leave audio and video messages to ensure your wishes are fully understood, or for your loved ones

✅ Your privacy is the most important thing to us and your information is yours. We only store it for you.

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      There are free Will kits online but will kits are limited in what they can offer and what scenarios they can cater for.

      OneWill accommodates many scenarios and nuances and it generates the legal text that meets your legal needs.

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    They’re all the same, create a new account on OzB, post a ‘deal’ and never to be seen again

    Safewill’s OP last seen was on 10/5 (acc created on 9/5)

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      With your permission I plan to maintain a steady stream of offers from OneWill to the OZBargain community. 😊

      • I’ll remove my negative vote then :)
        Welcome to OzBargain and good luck!

        • Thank you.

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    "Copyright © 2022 OneWill Pty Ltd. ACN 621 580 210. All rights reserved. OneWill is an online and mobile service that provides legal forms and legal information. We are not a law firm and are not a substitute for an attorney's advice. Use of this website is subject to our Disclaimer & Privacy Policy."

    As most if not all states and territories make it an offense to provide legal services unless licensed by the relevant legal practise board, who is providing their practising certificate to this venture?

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      OneWill does have a legal partner, and the solution was build by Australian lawyers, however at the same time OneWill is a technology company that empowers you to create your own estate plans including a legal will and therefore does not offer legal advice.

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        Providing Wills:
        Attorney-General (WA) v Quill Wills Ltd (1990) 3 WAR 500;
        Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) v Murray (2002) 121 FCR

        Have you checked with your state's practice board? There may be a significant difference between offering a basic will kit form and providing a "bespoke service".

        The point of seeking legal advice when planning your estate is that a qualified lawyer can ask the right questions that the average client would not understand impacts their situation dramatically, potentially making the Will worthless and could cost the client's estate hundreds of thousands in legal dispute costs.

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        @ NimaAsadi, how you can give us a "bespoke Will" without providing legal advice? This is cleary misleading and deceptive conduct under the Australian Consumer Law.

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          The user is able to nominate their intentions by selecting relevant options. For example a Will for a married person has different wording than a Will for a non-married person, or someone with a child and without.

          Nomination of which scenario meets client needs is not recommended or pushed by the platform but rather selected by the user.

          • @NimaAsadi: I mean you are very misleading and deceptive in the sense you state "The OneWill solution has been built by lawyers ensuring that you can get a bespoke Will" and then completely deny all liability with "We are not a law firm and are not a substitute for an attorney's advice."

            ie you imply we can trust your product because it has been built by lawyers, but if the Will is contested, you will not be liable for any economic loss.

  • Pretty sure i can type up a word document, disclosing specfic assets and information then get any old justice of the peace to witness it?

    • What purpose would that serve?

      • Not paying $70?

        • +1

          Sounds like $70 would be a good investment for you.

    • Don’t need a JP to witness, any two adults (preferably impartial) can witness your will.

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    FYI if you're in Qld (not sure about other states) the Public Trustee will do a will for you for free.

    • +2

      I think the same applies to NSW, but when it comes time to execute the will (after you have karked it), there were significant costs taken out.

      There is also a good will thread on ozbargain, that I remember reading some time ago.

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        In Qld at least, you aren't required to make the public trustee your executor (you can if you want) so no fees in the actual creation or execution of the will, unless you want them to be your executor.

        • Can anyone comment if this is the same in NSW?

  • How would this compare to gatheredhere.com.au, which is free? Anyone here used either?

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    Depend on your requirement. Free one usually has simpler structure. If this then that. If that works for you then it is fine. Paid ones usually have more. If this then that. But if that is not that, then this will become that that.

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    This is ozbargain, so your beneficiaries should pay = Free will for you

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    OP’s last seen on 18/5, there goes what all these Will companies do and never be seen again

    • I'm still here ;)

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