This was posted 2 months 30 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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50% off Australian Will $80 (Normally $160 Per Individual) @ Safewill


For a limited time, get 50% off your bespoke Will, written with Australia's leading online Will platform. Protect your love ones & give the gift that matters this Mother's day.

✅Australia's #1 Rated Will Writing Platform
✅Easy & Stress-Free. Complete within minutes.
✅Reviewed by Australian Solicitors.
✅No hidden costs. AfterPay available.

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Referees get 20%. Referrers get $10 (Up to $50 Max).

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2022.

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  • +6

    Valentine's day?

  • +5

    Mothers Day? Or Valentines Day?both of which have passed!

    Hope you get someone to proof read the will, unlike this post

  • +1

    Can't get this post right. Imagine if they wrote your will

    • Scary lack of attention to detail.
      Glad they showed they are associated.

  • +2

    Lol your mum's gona be so glad you got 50% off on her will writing….

  • +1

    Copy and paste; it's great until it isn't

  • Signed up to this mob with the last 'deal'. Time to cancel.

  • +5

    Appears to be normal price & just using Ozbargain for free advertising seeing it's getting posted so often.

    Also this is really bad taste using Mothers Day & Valentines Day (which have both past already) to promote a fake discount on a Will.

  • +1

    so wrong in so many levels, this post is too early for 2023 April fools

  • +3

    Yeah. Happy mothers day mum. Love you. How you feeling today? P.s. can you fill in this will I got. Was half price.

  • +2

    But .. isn't getting a will done free at the Public Trustee?

    • That not in ozbargain style. Buy it. Pay half price and get mum to give you full price back

    • I thought they have packages too?

    • Yep! In QLD at least it’s free and though they get a bad wrap for their executor service, you don’t have to nominate them…

      Of course if you’ve got complex requirements you might be better seeing a solicitor but for the majority of wills go to the Public Trustee for free (and in Qld they’ll store it for in safe custody uyou too)

      • Free only for simple Will (taking no more than 1hr interview). More complex costs!

        Make sure you appoint an Executor to administer the Will after Death, or PT charges for every thing they can!!
        That's where people get stung with the "free" Will.
        Fees & Charges - use the fees estimator.

  • +4

    Perfect present for Mother in Law.

  • Poor effort by company and in bad taste for mothers day.

  • Are these wills completely certified? Anyone had any experience with them before?

    They seem to be rated well on Google reviews.

  • +2

    FYI this was offered completely free a year ago.

    • +2

      Funny it wasn't a rep that posted it as well. You should neg :)

  • +2

    safewillofficial - like there is anyone who would want to impersonate this mob lol

    Nothing says love ya mum like a LATE mothers day present for a WILL

  • Where did PeterApaterson go? Very suss

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