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Hot & Spicy Fill Up Box $4.95 (Until 4pm Daily) @ KFC


Hot & Spicy is back Australia wide for a limited time!

They even made it available in their popular $4.95 fill-up boxes which are available in-store or via the app until 4pm daily. Comes with:

  • 1 Piece Hot & Spicy
  • 1 Wicked Wing
  • 1 Regular Chips
  • 1 Regular Potato & Gravy
  • 1 Dinner Roll

There are also two more new boxes that include Hot & Spicy. The Hot & Spicy Zinger Burger Box $12.45 and Hot & Spicy 3 Piece Box $11.95

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  • Hero's come back !!!!

    • Not all Hero's wear capes!

  • +5

    So basically for us in QLD the promo is our regular menu.

    • Well H&S yes, the fill up box no

    • Same in WA

      • It's not all year round here though? Or am I missing something obvious?

        • +1

          "Hot and spicy" is year round in WA and QLD, just not this $4.95 fill up

          • @whitelie: I am in WA and never saw the $4.95 deal year around

            • @utsc: I was referring to this

              Hot & Spicy is back Australia wide for a limited time!

              Most other states don't have H&S as a permanent menu item

    • +7

      Everytime a hot n spicy deal comes up someone always has to bring up hot n spicy is all year round in qld lol

      • Like QLD is the only place hot and spicy exists all year round. lol

      • Everytime a hot n spicy deal comes up someone always has to bring up hot n spicy isn’t all year round everywhere else lol

  • +6

    Why can't they just do hs all year round everywhere….

    • +4

      Lindfield in Sydney does.

      • +3

        There's quite a few. From memory Chatswood at the train station, Lindfield, Artarmon, Broadway, Dulwich Hill, and a couple in the city.

      • Too bad the closest is like 30 mins away… while there are like 5 others within 30 mins that don't have it year round… sad.

    • +1

      I assumed because its not as popular as people think it is? Also, I imagine there's potential for a lot of waste having two sets of chicken pieces where one outsells the other by a decent margin at a certain time.

  • How long does these promos usually last for

    Cheap as chips went up 20.95 to 24.95 what a jokeee

    • Still 20.95 for me in NSW

      • Same still 20.95 in SA

      • Same

    • $20.95 for me, melb.

    • +3

      Still $20.95 in NSW. They charge $24.95 if you choose delivery

    • Promos run on a four week cycle

      • This is pick and for W.A :(, all other states stayed the same wierd, just doubled checked its still 24.95

        • I'm in WA and shows as $20.95 for me…what area/store are you looking at? Or did you pick delivery as said above?

          • @whitelie: im choosing pick up, its for baldivis, however it has gone back down to 20.95 when the store opened which is weird.

  • +14

    The one time I allow cannibalism.

    Stuff is literally crack

    • +4

      username checks out

  • +3

    Bring back the mashies!


      • +5

        bring back the mcRib

        • Or Southern Fried Chicken Pieces (with Bones).

    • +1

      Bring back hot rods and popcorn chicken shake flavors!

  • +3

    4 pieces H&S add-on is now $9.95 compared to $6.95 4 pieces original add-on

    • Is it now? NOOOOOOO! Fumin'.

      • +4

        You can still edit $6.95 4 pieces original add-on

    • Still showing $6.95 to me in Tas

  • Finally

  • on my fondest memories growing up was the all you can eat KFC near Epping, Vic!

    • No way! Never knew one existed.
      I like the idea of something like this, but the reality is, I know the cost would be much higher than what I could eat haha. I'd imagine it would be at least $30pp, and that's way more than I'd be able to eat if I spent that much on a meal

      • There was one in Penrith NSW for a long time, it only cost around $15 from memory, although it was a while ago! My friends and I definitely got our moneys worth out of it, and not just eating the chicken either!

  • +1

    Seems Hot and Spicy 3 piece box is $11.95 and zinger box is $12.45 in NSW.
    Or maybe it is just my local stores? Can anyone else confirm?

  • Not available in cheap as chips? :(

    Edit: OMG IT IS

    i’ve been waiting for years! My slut era is here!

  • Has KFC brought back the Hot & Spicy pieces?
    Since when?
    I love these more than anything.

    • +2

      Will be around for about four weeks, subject to stock which is a very real concern

  • +2

    Still waiting for the Boneless Hot & Spicy to come back…

  • Why no fillets?!

    • +1

      Different cut of chook. KFC already has supply issues as is, don't need two new products!

  • +3

    Just a reminder that, as always, you can order the fill up box via the app after 4pm (assuming that's still the case this time around).

    • Oh does it actually work? Please share your experience.

      • Yea it still shows in the app and can be ordered; have done it myself many times previously.

      • Yes it does work. The only thing that didnt work after a certain time was the 6 pieces for $6.95 before 6pm deal awhile ago. It gave you a heads up on the app it had to be collected before 6pm. Dont know if they would cancel your order or what if you dont collect before 6pm, never tried.

    • Where is it located in the app? I can't find it :(

      • New section in the menu called "Hot Right Now".

        • That's where I thought, it's not in there at my store :(
          Only has 3 things listed in there for me

  • Is it just me or did they change the recipe? Last time this came around it didn't quite have the same Zing to it

    • +1

      It's hot n spicy, not a zinger. No zings guaranteed.

  • The return of the king

  • YES!

    Dinner/Lunch sorted!

    • +1


  • is hot and spicy spicier than wicked wings?

    • +2

      I would say they are about equal…

      • then what's the point/difference?

        • Instead of eating wings.. you can eat a drumstick or any other parts which you might prefer

          • @hippyhippy: i found sometimes they give me wicked drummies; but not the big breasty piece in this spicy case

            • @capslock janitor: you should ask them for specifi peices u want… usually they give me what i want which is usually just drumsticks and thighs..

  • Side note, The Colonel just did a price hike for most of the regular menu items and app exclusive items… Inflation to blame :(

    (profanity) me, I was worried for a minute, but had to go look. It's okay folks. The burgers and shit (all I look/ed at) are normal still, Zinger 6, DT 5, Stacker 9…weirdly the triple has gone up a dollar but oh well, could probs get away with just ordering a stacker with an extra piece (unless that's gone up). Also the Fam Burger Deal is still 21.95 for 4 burgs, a 1.25, and two large sides. Don't forget your receipt, snag another large chips and 1.25 with it.

    • Must have been an app glitch or something where the inflated prices for delivery were also showing on the pick up menu. Thank god I just checked and it seems all the prices are back to normal. Everything was inflated apart from the $1 frozen drinks. I'll remove it from the OP

  • +2

    The five piece fill up box for $11.90 is a good deal.

    If it wasn’t for the crispier batter you could easily mistake it for being original chicken. It really has lost that zing over the years unfortunately.

    • how do i access this 5 piece deal or are you referring to the 3 piece box and the 2 other piece being sides

      • +2

        To get the 5 piece deal you have to order a Hot and spicy Fill up box for $4.95 and add the 4 pieces of Hot and spicy chicken for $6.95 that is sometimes offered as an add on in the app or ask at the store counter.

        • thank you i saw the other post and that works out perfect

  • No good in QLD?
    Not on the app

  • +4

    I have no idea why they don't just have this as a permanent thing in the menu. Insanely good.

    • agreed!
      why do KFC town hall/central SYDNEY always have hot & spicy chicken?

    • I'm from WA and I had no idea it wasn't a permanent fixture on the menu elsewhere.

  • +2

    Which party in the federal election will help us get this on the permanent menu nationwide?

    • +1

      Well judging by the size of Clive Palmer…

  • i remember the last time i ordered hot n spicy the pieces were almost the same size as a wicked wing. Might as well get wicked wings

    • You got screwed.
      Either they gave you all actual wings or something was seriously wrong with the store where you purchased.
      The H&S breading gives a much thicker coating to the Original Recipe pieces - if it's been done properly.
      I've never seen a Thigh, Breast or Rib piece the size of a wicked wing lol. I have seen small drumstick and wing pieces though.

  • This is better than any New Year's eve celebration.

    Best time of the year

    • eww dinner roll

      • Dinner roll but for lunch before 4pm only

  • Hats off to KFC for not increasing the price

    Wait, the size is getting smaller and smaller after each promotion.

  • +2

    Had Hot & Spicy for the first time and it was neither hot nor spicy 😢😢

  • +1

    Guys only want one thing and its (redacted) disgusting
    Year round Hot and Spicy

  • its not worth it. the size is tiny of the chicken pieces- worth $3-4 at most this meal.

    • Just tried one, yeah it’s a like a snack size, $4 max

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