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LG 32UN500-W 32inch UHD Monitor $412 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Brand LG
Special feature Adaptive Sync, Tilt Adjustment, Built-In Speakers, High Dynamic Range
Colour White
Hardware interface DisplayPort, HDMI
Connectivity technology DisplayPort, Headphone Out, HDMI
About this item
Enjoy on screen content on the 32" 4K UHD Display
View vivid and realistic images with DCI-P3 90% Colour Gamut
Enjoy sharp images with HDR10 technology
Experience rapid response times with 4ms (GtG at Faster) technology
AMD FreeSync Compatible
Built-in Speakers & Narrow bezel design on 3-Sides
3 Years (Parts & Labour) Warranty

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  • That's cheap isn't it for a 4k 32inch monitor?

    • Yes, VA panel if you don't mind.

      • Aren't all panels vertically aligned?

        • yes, but with 32" if sitting close to the monitor you might want IPS which has better viewing angle vertical and horizontal so edges would be clearer…… if this was IPS it would have been ozbargained.

          • +1

            @garage sale:

            if this was IPS it would have been ozbargained.

            Don't think will see 32" 4K IPS at this price soon.

  • why monitor that supporting usb C is much more expensive?

    • +2

      the smarts to convert USB-C to video vs HDMI or display port currently costs more, if you see how much a USB-C dock for laptop and monitor costs, it's inside the monitor. So to provide a HDMI, DP and USB-C costs more than HDMI and DP.

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    Thoughts as a TV with 4k Max firestick?

    32 inch smart TVs aren't all that great, some good picture terrible smarts or vice a versa.

    Have speakers to Bluetooth to stick. Rtings gives a positive all round review.

    Any real world thoughts.

    • +1

      I would not use Bluetooth speakers to watch content from a fire tv. Would likely have latency issues.

      • $1199 -_-

      • That's 2 monitors + 2 firesticks. Might pass, looks good if you have the redies.

      • Also, Samsung Tizen and Bixby. That's a definitive pass even if it was $500 bucks.

    • I would recommend it.

      I am using the previous model (UK550B) of this monitor. I have connected my work PC and Series S to it. It's just okay as a PC monitor as the viewing angle is terrible when sitting close to such a big screen. But no issues when connected to the xbox. I sit back when playing games or watching movies. Pretty good brightness and vibrant colours.

      I have connected the AUX out from the monitor to my speaker. So that I dont have to worry switching between PC and XSS.

  • So what is the best to use it for PS5:
    Style Name:32" 4K UHD IPS, USB C, HDR10
    Style Name:32" UHD 4K VA, USB C, HDR10

    • Why do you want to use a USB C monitor for PS5? Why not an HDMI monitor.

  • -1
    • I think this is not the same model.

  • How would this monitor compare to the Dell S3221QS?

    The Dell was often less than $400 before the troubles but is now well over with discounts


    • Depends on the price. Dell doesn't require an external power brick, on paper these are soo close it comes down to personal preference.
      I've been disappointed with the sharpness of LG on many occasions and equally issues with the colour calibration on Dell.

      32" is a LARGE monitor, although it's a small curve I find a curve can help a lot. Although, something about it can trigger my OCD. I keep thinking the border is uneven.


  • Sitting in front of the Height adjust version now. It's at work so couldn't give you too much info on game or movie viewing but it does have a headphone out so you plug better speakers into it. Using the LG software you can download if you lie about which monitor you have to split the screen. I'm running two on the left and a large one on the right. I have a very narrow desk and have just enough room to put my notebook in front of it. I turn off my notebook screen when I use it as I find it distracting but have 4 x the screen space with it anyway.

    The narrow stand is good. and its plenty bright and clear. The controls are a little joystick at the bottom which is easy to use.

  • What is the refresh rate?

  • How does it compare to Lenovo L32p-30 31.5-Inch WLED Backlit IPS LCD Monitor


    • IPS suppose should be better.

      • Personally I can't use IPS at night, too much bleed, especially at night.
        If you have a laptop with USB-C, then the Lenovo will be a better experience.

  • Hey peeps what better this or the Samsung 32" 4K UHD Smart Monitor M7 for $447 from officeworks

  • +1

    I have always found 32" to be a strange size for a productivity monitor. Don't get me wrong, they look friggin amazing, but using a 32" everyday is not for everyone.

    32" is good for gaming, but this isn't a gaming monitor.
    32" is too small for 4 windows. Typically you want to sit back a bit with 32" and 4 windows are just too small.
    The wrong aspect ratio for 2 windows.
    32" is borderline too large for a single productivity window
    Too much head-movement with 2 x 32"s

    For productivity an Ultrawide may be better, but the 4k is really nice and clear.

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