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[Pre Order] PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console + Extra Controller Bundle $695 ($200 Deposit Req.) @ EB Games (C&C Only)


Available June 9th.

Strictly 1 Per Customer.

Happy to grab a digital with the new PS+ tiers offering plenty in the future.

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  • +10

    F**k, EB are such dirty cunnies. I'd rather deal with a reseller

    • What's stopping you…..oh wait!!

    • +5

      agree i rather pay $300 more from gumtree


      • +2

        Only $300? I’d much prefer to pay $500 more, just to make sure the seller isn’t undercutting themselves too much!

    • Hi, I am having a bundle of Disc edition and 1 extra controller. Please reply if you are interested.

      • Great! Let's meet up at your place, be alone and don't tell anyone what you're doing.

      • make sure you sell it for 1000 or more don't let people get it easy. :D

  • +4

    Digital. Ewwwwwww.

    • +1

      Yep, in 15 years this will be in landfill, unless it gets hacked.

      • Quite likely, given ps4 was hacked when ps5 was released.

        • Actually it was hacked a few years ago.
          I'm still rocking firmware 5.05 lol

      • +1

        In 15yrs?!? Damn, just around the corner!

      • pretty sure people will strip all the metals from it before that happens lol.

        • Doubt it, I went for a walk last week and saw a white Xbox 360 sitting at the top of a trash bin on the side of the road.

    • -3

      So can you tell me what the point of paying more for a disc version is when you don’t play physical games, watch DVD’s etc?

      Seems pretty futile to me.

      • When Russia nukes Japan those verification servers will disappear and you'll have an expensive paperweight.

        • +1

          Haha!! If that happens I’m sure that will be the last of our worries.

      • +3

        Not buying physical games in Australia either results in your paying a 30% premium (digital games are $99.99 vs $69-79 for physical), or waiting 12+ months to get them on sale.

        • +1

          I rarely buy new games and as I mentioned, with the new PS+ tiers there will be plenty of games to get me by if for some reason I am hanging out for a new game. Or I can just use my US account and buy new games cheaper.

          Digital is not a deal breaker for me, especially when I’m getting the console for $500 after trade-ins.

          • +1

            @ItsJonesy777: Wise move by Sony IMO.
            It will ease demand for disc.

          • @ItsJonesy777: How do you pay for when you buy from us account, it does not accept Australian credit cards

      • PS5's with a disc drive cannot play DVD's or CD's, only Blu-Ray discs as they removed the laser(s) for CD playing and DVD playing. Sony choosing to remove playing CD and DVDs seem odd since Sony still sell music CDs and DVD movies, and it also prevents backwards compatibility with PS1 or PS2 discs.

        • -1

          I’m aware, was just making my point…I don’t use any discs, at all.

        • +1

          PS4/PS4 Pro Doesn't play CD's, havent actually tried a DVD on it

        • +1

          Not sure where you are getting your info from. It does still play DVDs.
          They removed support for CDs back on the PS4, and haven't added it back.

          • +1

            @damontyler: I read (on a forum) that they only kept the blue laser, so I guess that I got that wrong. Cheers.

        • +1

          It does play DVDs, not CDs

      • +2

        Disk version of PS5/XBoxX are a preferred choice of 70% buyers because:
        1) Can play and exchange PS5 games with friends and communities after playing the physical disk games for free.
        2) Disk games occupied less memory space and save the memory to download free games from PS Plus subscription.
        3) Disk game console have better resale $$$ value and demand.
        4) Physical Disk Games can re-sell for $$$ but digital games is 100% write-off.
        5) Can play DVD movies/drama/documentaries/VR Movies/3-D Movies on PS5 Console
        6) Disk games are usually cheaper (on sales after 6 months release) at retailers esp HN, JB, BW, Target, Amazon, eBay etc.
        Just sharing my humble opinions ……

        • -1

          I don't disagree with any of those. I currently have a disc version but haven't actually bought (and kept past 2wks) a disc game since launch as most of the games I play are F2P or have been part of PS+ and now with the new PS+ tiers I would say there is almost zero chance of my buying physical again. I will be using the digital console and our daughter the disc version so if absolutely needed, we can swap consoles but I can't see it happening.

          At the end of the day, $150 more on a feature I won't use is wasted money and that amount pays for another year of PS+ Deluxe.

          • @ItsJonesy777: for 154 bucks I am expecting the entires PS1, PS2 and ps3 library of games at my disposal on ps5 anything less than that makes this a rip off, even Gamepass offers more titles I hate to say but that is one thing Microsoft got right over Sony.

            • @kungfuman: Pay $80 a year for PS Plus, so the difference is $70 a year for the upgrade to those games. I don't think it seems a lot considering new PS5 games are selling for $110 each.

        • re: 2) disc and digital both take up the exact same amount of HDD SSD space. Games don't play off the disc anymore, it copies the entire game over and then just acts as the license key.

    • +1

      Honestly, I was laughing inside at all the parents in EB last month buying digital consoles when our preorders had all arrived.

      Forcing their kids to use their credit cards later to only buy digital games because the parents couldn't spend $200 more for a disc drive.

      • And imagine the disappointment when grandma buys you a new PS5 game for Christmas and you can't do anything with it.

    • It will be highly sought after next month when the new PS+ launches.

  • not available

    • +2

      It was posted an hour ago.

  • +1

    Buy discs from Cashies and you'll save the extra money you spent on a physical edition pretty quickly.

  • +1

    I almost thought it was cheap till I saw the two words that makes this crap and that is "DIGITAL EDITION"

  • I have placed an order for the digital version but I think I will cancel it since I want the disc version.
    I will wait for the next disc version from EB games but the issue is, I dont want them to flag my account as someone who has previously bought and then cancel my order.

  • +1

    Digital is better for those of us who have two. I play with my kids. I only need to buy a digital game once, where I would otherwise need to buy two discs.

    • I thought we can only sign into one PS5 at once?

      • Set one as your home console and then any other user can play all your games. The other will be limited to the account that purchased the game. I think it called game sharing. Works great with teenagers

  • Just got a call from EB, PS5 is in store ready for pick up.

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