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[HACK] 4x Pieces of Hot & Spicy (Expired) /Original Recipe Chicken or 5x Tenders with 2 Dipping Sauce for $6.95 @ KFC via App


This deal still works and will even work for Hot & Spicy pieces that were just added to the KFC menu Australia wide for a limited time.

Update: Hot & Spicy (Australia wide) is now over. Hack still works for 4 pieces or original recipe or 5 original tenders with 2 dipping sauces.

Credit to drezy for the following:

  1. Open KFC App, press Order Now and choose your store.
  2. Select Colonel's Offers
  3. Add a Cheap as Chips Meal Deal to cart
  4. Press cart button at top right corner and it should show "You May Also Like" where you can now choose various ADD ONs, in this case we want to select "4 Pieces Original Recipe ADD ON and/or the 5 Tenders ADD ON", then add it to order.
  5. Once back in the cart, press the 3 dots menu on the Cheap as Chips to remove it. You should now be left with the ADD ONs in cart.
  6. Checkout, pick up and enjoy!

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    Is there still a secret menu? If i pull down i see the colonel but i can get it to give me the secret menu

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      Still there for me, are you holding down for a bit?

      • Yeah tried so many times, probably my device.

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          you holding your finger on the colonel for ~15 seconds?

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            @sjj89: Oh wow. I finally got it working by following your comment. Have you always had to hold it down for so long?

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              @tomsco: nah used to be like 2 seconds

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                @Poor Ass: agreed it used to be 2 seconds and when that didn't work, i thought they stopped it but yep have to do it for 15 seconds or so geez lol

                i checked and nothing fancy (in todays secret menu for me anyway)

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                  @prankster: Yeah really only novelty items like something with triple patties

                • @prankster: You get daily secret menus? Meself in SA its the same menu for 3 months.

                  • @dbmitch: sorry its not really daily secret menu's, when i thought it was working and i checked it, they probably only changed 1 item every 3-6 months i reckon. shame you'd think they would have something good like 3 wings for $2

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              @tomsco: Since I’ve looked at it yeah. I find it also causes a tiny vibrate every 5 or so seconds to indicate you’re on the right path

            • @tomsco: It's one second per secret herb and spice.

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            @sjj89: …that's what she said. ;P

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      yes still works for me

      • i tried 15+ seconds on Colonel face,
        but still no secret menu

        Running KFC 21.7.3 (210704)

        • I had issues with it too. All I did now was scroll down, hold it for about a second and press the colonels face while still holding down then it came up.

          • @Monstalova: I just tried that, and I still couldn't get his 'face' to load the menu, hah

    • I just assumed they'd removed it too. Thanks for asking and sjj89 for the solution

    • It's so secret that I got an app message telling me how to access it …


      • I got that app message as well and had no idea what it means until now…

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    I have been doing this hack for few years now. The best legal hack in the world

    • Red and White Hat

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    Thanks op, don't think kfc will ever take it down, no need to whine here.

    I guess it's a good marketing strategy, we love to eat forbidden fruit don't we. More you keep a secret, more they're sold

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      exactly… 4 peices for 7 is a reasonable deal

    • +4

      Kentucky Forbidden Chicken

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    Hooray! Hot & Spicy is back!!!
    Also, even though this is technically a hack, KFC must be happy with it (increased sales) as it's been available to exploit for ages and has never been closed.

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    No worries brandogs :) thx for the credit! yes best hack ever!

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      I think over the counter you need to buy the combo and then add it on.

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      It's not possible in person as you have to order a full meal to then be offered the "ADD ON" which then you cant just delete the first meal and be left with the discounted "ADD ONs"

      • Well I've ordered it a few times over the counter without any problems just ask for the $6.95 4 piece by pointing at the add on. May be I've got lucky then

      • -1

        It's an ''add on" in the same way "sides" are meant to be ordered beside a main. It's a bit retarded ordering a bunch of sides without a main but no one is going to stop you.

        If they wanted to stop people, they very easily could.

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    Might give 10 wings for $12 a try. Hope they have finally solved the wing shortage😂

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    That’s the deal in itself! Thank you

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    Pretty sure KFC is still doing alright charging $7 for 4 pieces of chicken

  • anybody figure out how to get a receipt when ordering online? I want to get the free survey chips and drink.

    • Just ask for a receipt at the counter or drive through pay window?

    • +1

      Don't need receipt, just need store number (which you can call and ask for store number) and the order number + time (order history in app)

      Those are the only requirements the online survey asks for

      Hope this helped

      • +2

        And you'll have no paper receipt to hand over, so a huge number of stores will say no prize.

        • +2

          Oh my bad, I've yet to be asked to handover the receipt only ever to see the 6 or so numbers spit out at the end of the survey. Which a photo on my phone seems to suffice must be treated differently depending on which KFC you go to my apologies!

          • +2

            @MrPariah: Interesting. I need to leave my area more, lol. Staff at the KFC nearby have one of those ancient receipt holders… a weighted base with a metal spike they stab paper receipts down onto. I guess someone enters the codes later.

    • +2

      brandogs is correct. I just ask for a receipt at the pickup window. Usually they can't find it though. So I just say "Can I have the receipt… or anyone's receipt… it's just for the survey" and I'm always given one.

    • -1

      Problem is even if you have a receipt, it won't be any good for online orders the next time

      • Problem is even if you have a receipt, it won't be any good for online orders the next time

        Was this in reply to me? If yes you still get the free can of drink and regular chips with an online order. Place the online order. Once at the speaker they ask what you want. You quote the online order number. They confirm your name. Then they tell you to "Drive through to window 1, window 2, etc. Instead of driving off you say, "I also have the free chip & drink survey receipt." They say ok, add it to the order, and again tell you to drive to window 1/2/etc.

        • Wasn't for you but I like your reply, so that means it should work at the counter too as its the same thing as Drive thru no?

          • @Candeal: Yeeesss… with the understanding I tend to get more problems at the counter. I've always assumed it's because when there's any kind of discussion, any staff who aren't busy tend to gather around and chime in their 2 cents. That's when the person who's more convinced they're right wins.

            We shouldn't have to fight for a receipt or things as advertised, but it still happens. A couple of weeks ago I had this experience with a new kid:

            KFC: "Have a nice night."
            Me: "Thanks. Oh is the receipt in there?"
            KFC : "You can't get a receipt with online orders it goes to your email."
            Me: "Yeah I know about the email one but Head Office told me a receipt at point of sale is required if needed like for tax purposes… or to do the survey."
            KFC: "Err… Sorry I can't find yours and don't know how to get it up on the register…"
            Me: "Yeah anyone's receipt will do, even out of the bin, I'm easy."
            KFC: "You just want it for the survey or something, yeah?"
            Me: "Yeah."
            KFC: "Ok here's one."

            They hear "KFC Head Office" and must think either, "Oh he must be right after all - here's a receipt" or, "Meh I'm not paid enough - here's a receipt now nick off." I don't really care which it is, lol.

            I know they can probably hear each other over the intercom, but maybe I get less problems at the drive thru because they're "alone"!? Also most times I've been inside there hasn't been a need to ask because there are abandoned receipts on the counter. So I just grab a couple in case they don't give me mine to avoid "discussions."

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    Nice! Just try this but add 2 x 4 pieces. Then deleted the Cheap As Chips. Proceed to check out and got -$6 discount so total $7.90 for 8x pieces of hot & spicy 😄

    • Check your emails, you were likely targeted and received a discount to lure you back to the KFC app.

      Similar to the one I got in the past which was $5 off $10 spend

    • -1

      U can't add 2 x 4 pieces, once you add the 1st 4 pieces, that option gets taken away.

      • +1

        I did so and picked them up earlier for dinner.

        Just tried it again and still works. Still let me add 2. Changed to 4 hot & spicy, delete Cheap as Chips, go back to cart and change quantity. I can add as many as I want.

      • +1

        Yes you can, click the green plus button. There is no limit to how many 4 piece add ons you can have in one order

  • Isolation is almost over and this is the first thing I'll get.

    • +2

      Means we get less tablet deals… be spending time licking fingers. :P

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    Build your own bucket via app has cheaper cost (4 pcs $6.95 = $1.74)

    Qty Price Each
    12 16.45 1.37
    9 13.45 1.49
    6 10.45 1.74
    3 7.95 2.65

    • +6

      Fair point if you are buying that much, but it's not the best option if 4 will do the trick.

    • +8

      Only problem is you have to order a minimum of 3x.

      So in order to save money per piece you'd have to order at least 21 pieces of chicken (2x 6 piece and 1x 9 piece)

  • Hot and spicy you say <3

  • they fixed create your own bucket. its more expensive now.

  • +1

    Thanks op.

    Loved hot and spicy. Just bought the hack to re-live my youth. A little disappointed. Not as crunchy or spicy as I remember it. Though it was good to give it a go.

    • +2

      Cold and sloppy doesn't have the same ring ey.

    • +1

      yeah things were always good back in the days, not as stressy, food/travelling were cheaper, house prices weren't 1 million dollars in sydney

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    Just voicing out similar frustration that H&S isnt available all year long despite the original itself tasting, well, too salty and nowhere near as crunchy as the H&S.

    I remember reaching out to KFC facebook page or twitter and requesting for it to be made available all year long and they said to reach out to the individual franchisee as some stores are owned by Yum! brands and others by Collins Foods?

    I think the stores owned by Collins Foods are the ones that usually had H&S running all year long.

    This has been discussed here apparently.

    • +1

      no comments in that thread since 2019 lol

      anyway town hall and central KFC sydney always has hot & spicy- damm those rich people that live near those KFC lol

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