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TCL 20 R 5G 64GB $0.95/Month on Vodafone 80GB Max Speed Data Lite Plan $40/Month for 24 Months @ Vodafone


Saw this on a YouTube AD for my local store in Victoria. seems to be a nation wide deal but i am not to sure on that. The cheapest outright purchase i could find was on Ebay from the Vodafone store for $299. Seems to be a great deal if you are already paying $40/Month on prepaid and still haven't upgraded to 5G high refresh rate like myself.

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    It's not $22.80. The cost in built into the cost of the plan itself. I don't need high speed 5G network, but prepaid plans are a lot cheaper and doesn't lock you in for 2 years.

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    $40/m for 24M, no thx.

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    The cheapest plan is $40/month, which works out at $960, $982.8 total with the phone (minimum). That being said, you can find prepaid plan options which are way cheaper then this, mostly if you go for 1 year plans, and mostly using Vodafone's network. The device may end up costing ~600 or more. Not a deal.
    EDIT: unless you need a huge amount of data and use your phone only in an area with good cover from Vodafone. Still, I have not even checked the other data plan options on Vodafone elsewhere.

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    For a phone only $299?

    • Literally this.
      Much better off going prepaid.

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    120hz is considered high refresh rate. This is mid refresh rate.

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    Take note this phone only has 2 years of Android updates. TCL 20 came out in Sept 2021, so that means android updates will stop roughly Q3 of 2023.

    • need to find out version of android it shipped with ….if it came with 11 it will go to 13, the security updates and how often are what falls to the wayside once android 14 comes out ……probably some people on android 10 and they don’t even care about security updates ……..

  • Not a good deal, 40 a month for 24 months??? and the vodafone network???

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