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Samsung 85" AU8000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV (2021) $1999 Delivered @ Samsung EPP


Was window shopping online and found this. good price if ur after 85". it has decent blacks and its 2021 model.
i had the 55" and was great except few lags when switching apps a lot.

you can also use the $50 vouchers if you the lucky once who got them.

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  • +15

    not sure i would be buying anything from the samsung EPP.. they're having massive issues for multiple products and their customer service is pretty much non-existent

    • +5

      Yep, I ordered my TV 24th march from the EPP (75" the frame 2021)
      Still waiting after like 6 calls and getting the runaround

      • +7

        I ordered a 75” frame January 13th. Got delivered today. Samsung is struggling right now…..

    • Thanks for the heads up

    • +2

      Agreed we got screwed around and had to threaten a back charge from our card or contacting fair trading to get them to refund

    • +1

      ordered a samsung s22 ultra on the 28th of march and my order is still waiting to be shipped, they made over 10 escalations and supervisors promised to contact within 24 hours multiple times and I haven't heard anything. No one tells you what the issue is and they only offer to escalate.

    • +2

      Same experience here, massive delays (almost two months for the TV between order and delivery) but got it eventually. Customer support via chat was OK, they said they would follow up and the items came the following week. Calling the phone support was a futile exercise, never managed to get through to anyone.

      So if you're in a hurry don't buy from the EPP but if you don't mind waiting a couple of months then it's ok.

    • I had an entirely different experience, ordered a 75 au8000 and got it delivered quite quickly without any hassle.

  • +2

    Most retailers have these for $2300, that's pretty cheap for an 85" - am I missing something?

    • +8

      The only thing you're missing is "You're missing out"

      • +1

        I think @pennyless is right, how long will you wait for Samsung to deliver? 2,3,4 months? For an extra $300 can get it near immediate from retailer.

      • I've been using Sony 75" for the past 5 years, been wanting to upgrade to an 85" but their models never get to this price range. Just wondering if the Samsung is an acceptable alternative?

    • +5

      Yeah, abysmal HDR peak brightness.

  • it is showing $2185 :(

    • +1

      same here… less $50 newsletter voucher

    • +1

      hmm. still shows the price i posted. I'm with ANZ EPP. not sure if its specific work places only

      • +7

        Can you give a big f u to all ANZ Indian phone reps working in the credit card assessment team? They're as bad as the tradies driving recklessly to go home at 3pm in melb

        • Namaste 🙏

    • Are you on EPP store?

    • Same i am getting 2185

  • Is the quality much different to QLED?

    • Quality is great. A bit dim. Not great for a bright room.

  • I heard that Samsung staff and family currently is doing a very good promo discount.

    • where do you heard that from

  • +5

    I am very happy with me 85" AU8000 that I bought for 2800 about a year ago. Even better with the 28degrees CC shoppers protection I have claimed about 500$ worth of price drops.

    The picture is great. Probably the only thing I'd like would be even smoother motion for things like sport/AFL.

    • Have you been able to compare it to QLED

      • In store I think the qled looked better but hard to say why and whether it applies to the media I watch

  • +6

    FYI the blacks are rubbish compared to something like a X90J. Within the family we had AU8000, Q60A and Q70A. The Q70A was better, but still replaced it with the X90J which was on another level.

    • +4

      Obviously. X90J is not a like for like comparison.
      Black uniformity is excellent according to RTINGS.

      • Uniformity doesn't mean much when the blacks aren't actually black, rather a bright glowing grey.

      • +2

        Considering the X90J doesn't even come in 85" I would agree.

    • After much extensive research (taps spectacles) and as a recent X90J owner. I concur..

  • $2184 on the Samsung education store. I'm sure a lot more people have access to the education store, maybe you can try your luck via online chat to see if you can price match the EPP price?

  • +1

    Not worth price tbh, I have the earlier version (2020), dark is rubbish, with the price range of 2k, I reckon u should go smaller and have batter panel like sony or LG

  • -1

    Big size will mean you will see every flaw in the picture quality

    • Processing / upscaling is amazing these days

  • Waiting for the 85" QN85B to go on sale!

    • +1

      85" QN85B

      75" enough for me.

      • " enough for me.

        Wish some day she could say it

  • Pretty happy with the 75" version. Only had a few months, and use for general family room movie & tv viewing, but it's great.
    Tapping under $2k for an 85" is pretty tempting.
    The 75" was <$1300, great value!

  • +1

    Price is correct for me. Change the xxxx's to your EPP code


  • I use 65" not bad for general media consumption, don't use it to game on

  • Does not have Dolby Vision from memory. If you care…

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