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PureVPN: 27-Month 10-Device Subscription for US$45.86 (~A$65)


Celebrate the 15th anniversary deal with PureVPN, where you can get a 2-year VPN subscription + 3 months Free for $45.86 with promo code anniversary15 for a limited time.

Get 84% off this service for $45.86, charged for the first 27 months. That's only $1.69/month! This plan includes 10 devices, 6500+ servers in 78+ countries, access to restricted content, enterprise-grade security, 24/7 customer support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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    Should stack with 85% cashback from ShopBack but it could also be worth waiting for a better cashback deal, 95% and greater does come around for some VPNs

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      Marketing never mentioned cash back. ShopBack specifically mentions to not use unmentioned coupons.

  • I've been with PureVPN for coming up to 10 years (2X 5 year plans) and have been very happy with the service, features, speed etc.
    I only ever had one issue and surprisingly it was when I went overseas and I wanted to access some Australian sites, PureVPN noticed some "unusual
    activity" and suspended my account until I contacted them, which took 24 hours and I was back up and surfing. Other than this frustrating experience,
    I highly recommend this service. I've never noticed any down time. I use it about 2 or 3 times a week and share it with my family members.

  • Where is it located ? And what is the data logging policy ?

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      From https://restoreprivacy.com/vpn/comparison/nordvpn-vs-purevpn...

      PureVPN is a product of GZ Systems Limited, a Hong Kong company. However, during our research, we discovered that a company called Gaditek, based in Karachi, Pakistan lists PureVPN as one of its brands.

      That isn’t necessarily anything to worry about. An important thing to know is that PureVPN’s legal jurisdiction is in Hong Kong. And this is something to worry about, given the political unrest and increasing influence of China on Hong Kong’s internal policies. While your data is probably safe for now, the future is far less certain.
      PureVPN logs user data for the FBI

      No discussion of PureVPN would be complete without discussing the logging case. A few years back, PureVPN was caught logging user data and handing it over to the FBI. Since this happened, it seems PureVPN has been in a downward spiral, losing both trust and users.

      It is difficult to trust a company with data security after it has been caught logging users for state agencies. Consequently, we no longer recommend PureVPN to our readers.

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