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Minisforum EliteMini X500-5700G: AMD Ryzen 7 5700G, Radeon Graphics US$669.00 (~A$951.65) & Free Shipping @ Minisforum


EliteMini X500 comes with AMD Ryzen™ 7 5700G processor (up to 4.6GHz), Radeon™ Graphics 8 (Graphics Frequency 2000 MHz), intel® Wi-Fi6 and BT5.1. It is palm-sized and upgrade-friendly. With Windows 11 pre-installed, it can satisfy your use in a variety of scenarios such as entertainment, games, and office.

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      I don't get it. It's a tiny ass pc. The 5700g can handle most games at low settings.
      It's all about expectation management.

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        It (Vega 8) was released Q1 2018.

        At least the Intel cpu come with their latest graphics core and have great support for OpenCL and quick sync video.

        Yes expectations, it’s not a beast but it should at least be a recent/new core and competitive.

        I own several mini PCs, and they’re neat.
        I’d prefer an offering with Intel iris, given the above comments

        • Quick Sync is Intel proprietary technology, so I'm not sure how you expect AMD hardware to support it!

          Also in regards to OpenCL, Apple developed it but have chosen to move towards their proprietary Metal API. Despite being supported by Khronos OpenCl is diminishing.

  • Can you use this with an external gpu?

  • could it fit in my pocket

  • I was literally checking YouTube for mini pc half an hour ago.

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      not like a deal, i prefer ferrari testarossa

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        good idea, same price for an 1:18 model

      • For this price I would take a Tesla Model X, nothing less.

  • this or mac mini

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      ferrari testarossa

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      This is more compact and upgradable. Mac is more power efficient and probably faster under load. Which one is more valuable to you?

      • What are you talking about mac faster under load? This has a full sized desktop x86 processor where as the Mac Mini would be using power efficient laptop style parts with a much lower TDP and less speed.

        • On paper, these should be faster because it has a higher clock speed and TDP, but the mini is massively optimised thanks to its integrated memory and SSD and the Operating System, so it does preform slightly better. The mini has better lithography (5nm vs 7nm) and we don't know the ventilation design of this compact mini pc; because if it's bad, then your CPU would quickly throttle its speed to manage the heat.

          • @Rimas: You can't really tell from something like 5nm or 7nm because that doesn't account for IPC. I'm gonna put my money on AMD who is at the bleeding edge of IPC efficiency beside intel over some fresh newb like Apple. Further, the m1 uses ARM which is nowhere near as refined as x86.

            Without any doubt, the AMD is going to be a much faster processor. If you ran a fully featured windows on the apple it would be night and day slower than the modern day competition from AMD and Intel. Its not even close, they are not in the same category of computer performance.

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    What actual config is this? Impossible to tell what the damn deal is.

    It's not your first time posting op. Be less bad.

    • Just to clarify, it can't be the barebones one, because there isn't anything to pre-install windows on…

  • that seems quite expensive…

    • They are expensive otherwise I'd own one. The thing to remember is this is a desktop grade PC, not some mini pc box with laptop hardware. It's for people who want the power of a proper desktop that want to fit it in their backpack. Pretty niche market.

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