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Dyson V7 Motorhead Origin Vacuum Cleaner $367.08 Delivered @ Dyson eBay


All deals from the official Dyson Australia eBay store front.

With such deals, Dyson will suck you right in.

SNSMAY coupon post — expires 23/5/2022
PLSMAYY7 eBay Plus coupon post — expires 24/5/2022

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  • Semi off topic but has anyone else experienced extremely bad luck with Dyson batteries? My v7 motorhead battery essentially died in two years, and my V6 also died in two years before that. Both just outside of warranty.

    Am I doing something wrong with how I am charging the Dyson's or am I just really unlucky and got relatively defective batteries or something?

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      Our v8 battery barely lasts 1 room now too - they have garbage battery life tbh.

      Looking for an alternative that actually lasts…

    • I have had extremely good service from Dyson's customer care, when I had some issues with one of the accessories. I would be reaching out to them with my complaints (even outside of warranty).

    • I had the same problem. I purchased a replacement battery from Ebay. It was about a third of the price from Dyson. And it was a bigger battery that claims to last twice as long. I can look up details if you want. Swap out of batteries is pretty easy. Let me know if you want more details - happy to share experience.

      • hey mate i might take you up on that if you don't mind. how long have you been using it? presumably it hasn't blown up yet? :D

        • This is what I bought - $39.99 incl delivery.

          9000mAh For Dyson V7 Battery SV11 V7 Animal V7 Motorhead V7 Absolute Sony Cell
          ✅100% Positive Feedback✅5 Years Warranty✅Upgraded✅

          This one aparently has twice the longevity of the original battery. If you search for a Dyson V7 Battery on Ebay there seem to be 2 types. 4500mAh and the 9000mAh. The price is usually a bit more for the bigger capacity.

          I haven't been using it long, but swap out was easy and it does seem to last longer. At this price, I'm not really fussed if it only lasts a couple of years.

    • Give dyson a call - they are excellent with warranty etc and a good chance they will send you a new one.

      • yeah I just called them and the support person said that 2-3 years on a battery is very normal for a once a week usage pattern for these cordless vacuums.

        that really reset my expectations on these products. maybe i should go back to corded if I am expected to shell out for a battery every two years on cordless.

        • I wonder if anyone here has had any experience with adapters that allow use of tool batteries in a dyson?

          E.g. If already have/use Makita 18v 5ah batteries for tools, you could get an adapter to allow use of those batteries in the dyson vac = better battery life for both run time and battery longevity. My experience with makita batteries has been that they have good longevity. Whereas my dyson battery failed at around the 2 year mark.

          Downside would be cost of the adapter initially, cost of battery and charger unless already owned, as well as potentially less safety features? e.g. lose surge protection and heat monitoring although the batteries themselves might have their own circuitry for this

  • Li Ion don't like full discharge I believe. My V6 battery lasted about 3-4 years I think. I got a generic from eBay for $20 and will see how that goes. I got one of those stands that you keep the vacuum on (same as the wall mount, but I don't have a suitable wall) which makes it much easier to keep it on charge.

    • Be wary of the ultra cheap generic eBay versions. I bought one for a V7 a couple of years ago and it blew up after about the third recharge (lots of smoke etc.). Contacted Dyson and they sent me a genuine replacement for $89.

      • Yeah I have a moral dilemma paying that much for a battery pack.

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      I had exact same experiences! I got both V6 & V8. initially I would be running power mode all the way and drain the entire battery. My battery died within 13 month.
      I called Dyson directly and they sent replacement batteries for free (even when it's NOT part of warranty). I tried not to drain my batteries with the replacement ones and got over 4 years out of the Dyson batteries.

      • This is a good tip, thanks!

  • V10 Animal was under $700 for quite a few times from a quick search FYI. Maybe the inflation has hit and it will never gonna happen?

  • Any thoughts on a sensible replacement for an old DC45 Dyson? Mixture of hardwood floors and low pile carpet however will mainly be used for secondary cleanups as will look to replace our Roomba with the new Roborock S7 MaxV. Instinctively was thinking the V10 Absolute+ but as we will most likely let the robot do the hard work not sure if that is overkill and if I'm better off with one of the cheaper models?

  • paid my v6 5 years ago for 269$, and this is a deal?

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      You will find, that over time, prices go up, and prices go down for certain goods. This is called inflation.

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    Just received my V10
    Lemmy just say, love my Motorhead.
    Thought it might be Overkill but just another perfect day to vaccum

  • V7 Motorhead is now listed as $599

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