29% off RRP Samsung Frame TV 2022 Model: 85" $3749, 75" $2474, 65" $1799, 55" $1499 Delivered @ Samsung EPP Store


New Samsung Frame TV 2022 range 29% off RRP.

Prices after discount: 85"- $3749, 75"- $2474, 65"- $1799, 55"- $1499.

Not a big fan of QLED but if you are putting the TV in a bright spot they are really good.

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    Looks like only for Telstra employees

    • I just found that with an education account you can get 19% off though!

    • Yes, it's not all EPP Store, possibly only for Telstra employees. I'm seeing a 15% discount for TVs, not 29%.

    • No, it’s for anyone who’s employer has an EPP store with Samsung. A list was posted a few days ago.


      I signed up to my employers EPP and get 30% off a TV.

      • That is incorrect, the discount varies. The government EPP store is 16-19% and there's two comments above you saying 15 and 19%.

  • Yes you need to be an employee of Telstra

  • Don't forget the $50 newsletter coupon, these work on EPP.

  • +1

    People have been waiting months for their orders from Samsung EPP…

  • Is the picture and refresh rate on 85" good for normal (non-techy and not gamers)?

    • Yes it’s alright however sometimes when there is a dark scene it looks a bit greyish.. but any modern tv is good for day to day use

  • +1

    Dealing with Samsung is a nightmare and don't expect your TV for at least a few months.

  • Thanks OP. Excellent offer. I need this Frame TV only in Oct.. Wait wait.

  • No local dimming unfortunately

    • local dimming can be annoying no?

  • do the 50" and 43" have HDMI 2.1/120hz yet, or are they still being annoying with that?

    • https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/samsung/the-frame-2022-qle...

      looks like that's a big fat no. Getting really annoying for those that want a small screen in the office. Would love to have it as a frame, but gonna have to go elsewhere.

      • That's a showstopper for me. You'd think they'd market a lifestyle TV differently to their other TVs.

        • yeah it's a bizarre choice. No one is going to upgrade from their earlier small frame screens to this just for matt. People would definitely upgrade for 120hz on a smaller screen though

  • whats the main diff apart from matt finish between 2021 & 2022 ?
    I just purchased 65 inch,2021 three weeks ago waiting for delivery

    • The TV screen surface is matte (2022) rather than semi-gloss (2021). Thickness has reduced by a couple of mm for 2022 ?
      Screen technology appears to be the same. Audio is also same, and no Dolby Atmos for the Frame series.

    • Watching reviews apparently the Matt is game-changing. Looks like a painting, not a TV.

  • Got the 2021 for $300 less last month that was ordered 2 months ago…. Guess I will be regretting for nest of my life I guess

    • similar to you I got it earlier this year, I’m pretty happy with it, a new TV doesn’t make your current one suddenly worse

      • that's amazing to know, Thank you :)

  • This 65" 2022 TV frame $1799 or 65x90J Sony 2021 model for $1650?

  • +3

    I'm still waiting for my Q950A soundbar I purchased back in January! JANUARY!! I have since emailed the Ecommerce Manager at Samsung directly after exhausting all other avenues, I didn't expect a response but I got one and she personally assured me her team will investigate. If you are having issues like me then try this messenger link for "VIP" support - http://m.me/SamsungAustralia (don't hold your breath).

    • +1

      I am still waiting for my Fridge, the order was placed in Jan but yesterday I got an apology call from Samsung and they also offered me a $350 voucher once the delivery is complete. Delivery is now booked for this Friday so let's see if they honor the $350 voucher.

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    This is not just for the Telstra store, but any company that has a Samsung EPP store. I just bought a 65 inch through my employers Samsung EPP page. Thanks @Sulpu

    • Not all EPP stores, see above.

  • Anyone want to give me access to their store account? …Plz

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