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VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam $259.25 Delivered @ VIOFO via Amazon AU


Not the lowest an extra $7 from the last deal from Amazon.

Lightning deal 10% claimed.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I understand this is 4k but is the video quality far better than a129 plus duo? I heard this 4k camera gets really hot and uses a lot of space on memory card.

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      I have the a119v3. The "really hot" depends on the resolution and encoding used. Eg. You can put the camera into h265 encoding but it gets really hot. In h264 mode it's normal, h265 is automatically enabled at the highest resolutions

    • You can reduce the bitrate and resolution.

      This is going to be the same issues as they have with the cameras these when using higher resolution recording the chips get hot.

      • Do you know of we can reduce the resolution from 4k @30hz to 2k @60hz on this camera? Thanks

      • Just looking at a youtube review where they have mentioned that if rear camera is connected, we can't use 2k @ 60fps. Is that right? 2k @60fps is important for me and I want to use it with rear camera as well. Can you please advise

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    Edit: i'm dumb

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    Hey guys, I've had V119s and V119 v2, both died via the infamous 1/3 scrambled screen issue (18-24 months). Any experience with these dying? FYI bought a Garmin 57 from JB and it's app support / quality is good (so far) within 1.5 years.

    • Mine had no issues the A119s. Used it since December 2019 till just now.

      Only reason I replaced it was it started to have issues taking the SD card out and buttons weren’t clicking and this is due to the plastic warping due to our summers. So recommend if parking on a hot day to detach it from the mount. The camera still worked but was hard to use due to the buttons not pressing down etc.

      So far the A129Pro that I got from the last deal has worked well. No issues.

  • Whats the best value dashcam with the same sort of screenless footprint as the blackvues? Keep seeing these pop up but would much prefer something with a smaller footprint, preferably front and back set.

    • Daapi maybe.
      Viofo make a tube cam style thing too but no idea on the quality

      • I am running a A139 2CH on my car, 2k 60 fps and 1080 60fps rear.

        Quality is good, Amazon only has a listing for the 3ch version of the A139 but I got my 2ch package off ebay.

  • Can I reduce the resolution to 1440p? Would this fix the issue with it getting hot? I was originally looked at the A129 Plus Duo but I read that the buffered parking mode has been disabled on that model.

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      Yep, the common process is to get this version, set it to 2k (1440p) at 60 FPS and use it's buffering parking mode as it doesn't suffer the same problems as the Plus Duo. I have the Plus Duo is one car and the Pro Duo in another, both running at 2k 60 FPS.

      • That’s what I wanted to know. Thanks.

      • And if you could only have one. Given to you for free (read : ignore pricing) which of the 2 would you get?

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          Probs the Pro Duo for the parking mode

          • @CoreNex: Thank you.

            • @seamonkey: Great. Already bough A129 Plus Duo bu requested a return on that one and ordered this one instead purely because of the parking mode. As other users have confirmed, heating issues can be resolved by reducing the resolution.

          • @CoreNex: Do you face any heating issue on Pro/4k model?

            • @ashftc: Not that I can see but I haven't had it for that long. Bought it in Dec but NSW weather has been nothing but rain so the temps haven't reached usual summer levels for me to test

  • awesome, thanks! Got one
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  • 90% claimed.

  • Got one

  • 100% claimed. missed out :(

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      Still showing 75% claimed. Try again maybe.

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        hm thats odd - opened in incognito and it was 80%

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    In the spirit of OzB, got one.
    Was actually looking for Blackvue for past few days. But at this price, pulled the trigger.
    Not sure if I am gonna regret my decision.

    Also, if anyone interested, the parking mode kit can be had for about $28 bucks here.

    VIOFO A129 ,A119V3 Dash Cam 3 Wire Acc HK3 Hardwire Kit for Parking Mode https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07KZGM9LS

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      With the Blackvue you are paying $500 through to $670 when on special. So quality expectations will be higher.

      Look at it from the other perspective. Having a dash cam protects you from situation that rely on human memory and emotions.

      My Dashcam has saved me an insurance excess of $500.00 for a bumper kiss… no damage on my vehicle and none on the other vehicle. Still got a claim through saying that I caused the other damage that was pre-existing. One incident and it paid for itself.

    • As a Blackvue owner, I got this also for the other vehicle, both on par, but the blackvues encoding is kinda shit.

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    If you folks want to see some 'real life' 4K footage (albeit youtube compressed), I had this dashcam in my F150 raptor before moving back to Australia. We did a 6-month road trip with it: https://youtu.be/5Bv9OJ7svjg

    I was very happy with it. Initially it chewed through SD cards but the sandisk endurance cards worked well in the end.

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      Damn America is a beautiful country… pity some of the folks there take it for granted.

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        That is true - we saw some unbelievable things. But when you consider most folks only get 2 weeks vacation and its pretty expensive to travel to the good parts, you can understand why they don't see more of their own country

    • Damn it. That looks stunning. Well done.
      Which place is the first/starting point?

      • +3

        We lived on the east coast (New Jersey) and got 'stuck' due to border restrictions when we wanted to come home in June last year. We had already done a lot of travel on the east coast so we headed west while we waited to get a flight home. We spent half a day in Nashville (the city bit in the video) on our accelerated trip to texas, where it all began. Spent a few days in Dallas and then on to New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Idaho - spent a LOT of time in Montana (lots of footage of glacier national park in this video - that is the start of the video), south dakota, colorado, lots of time in Utah (where most of the video footage is from, its STUNNING! and my favourite place on earth so far), back through nevada to LA where we ended the trip (finally got a flight home in december).

        Like Australia lots of folks were traveling domestically so we didnt get around to everything we wanted to.

        Once in a lifetime trip, and although covid threw a spanner in the works, we would have never done this if we didnt get stuck there. We lived out of AirBNB's (yes, it cost a fortune). I wish I had more video footage but I couldnt keep up storing it all since you get about 8-10 hours max on a 128 GB card at full resolution.

    • Nice 😊

  • Bought one, cheers OP.

  • Got one for each car, thanks. Now how much is a reasonable price to offer to get someone to install one of these + a parking kit?

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    Have had Viofo 129 Duo plus hardware kit for three years whilst screen is small recording front and rear very clear. Has withstood all high temp environment without issues. Cost was $224 plus $60 install. Best safety extra purchased.

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      Who did you get to install it?

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        Any mechanic / autoelec / autobarn / gumtree backyard mechanic should be able to fit it for you.

  • Thanks OP got one. Any good memory cards recommendations please?

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      • Is the Sandisk Endurance any good on this particular dashcam? Would prefer the Samsung but it's maxed out at 128GB only.

        • Will see once installed

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      Endurance - Samsung or sandisk. Get the biggest you can afford and that the camera can handle. If it's twice as big, each unit of storage only gets written half as often.

      • Will Samsung Evo Plus A2 V30 256gb be decent enough?


        • I can only speak for for my own personal experience, but I've found that non endurance cards don't seem to last anywhere near as long as endurance cards. I went through several Evo cards before i switched to using endurance ones. Ymmv

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      Endurance for sure. It kills regular SD cards in no time at all.

  • This vs 70Mai A800s duo?

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      This. A800s only has G sensor parking mode recording. I personally prefer motion activated parking mode recording.

  • If you check Dashcamtalk forum you will see huge list of reliability issues of this cam. A129 Plus duo is better value and is more reliable. Regarding parking mode I prefer setting it to low bit rate recording than buffered parking mode.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Would this be excluded from cashback? I guess it would come under electronics?

    • Cash rewards tracked mine this morning

      • Just because it tracks, doesn't mean it'll be approved by Amazon.

        • +1

          It's the first step towards getting a cashback. It depends on how the item is categorised. At least at this point in time it has tracked and the tracking email didn't display "$0.00".

    • This looks legitimate

  • Got one - i also bought one " SanDisk High Endurance microSDXC Card, 256 GB "
    Do i need to buy any other hardware /wires /batteries etc along with this ? please advice


    • Fuse taps if you plan to wire it in

      • Thanks for reply - i a very new and this is first time buying this .I want this camera to be ON only while i am driving - not in parking lots etc .I do not want to connect to car battery directly while parking as it will drain that .
        Do you have a link for that so i can buy it ? doesn't this come along with the dashcam in the same box?

        Thanks again

    • You could get the hardwire kit for parking mode if you're interested in using that, otherwise no.

  • Thanks for reply - i a very new and this is first time buying this .I want this camera to be ON only while i am driving - not in parking lots etc .I do not want to connect to car battery directly while parking as it will drain that .
    Do you have a link for that so i can buy it ? doesn't this come along with the dashcam in the same box?

    Thanks again

  • Thanks OP! Just purchased. Been looking at this for a while now so pulled the trigger on it. Upgrading from the Blueskysea Mini 0906.

    Has anyone had issues with there being gaps between each file?

  • I have the plus duo installed. Can I buy this and replace the 2 cameras to use the same wiring?

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