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19% off Samsung Lifestyle TV's: QN95B NEO QLED 55" $2886.62, 65" $3761.62, 75" $4,811.62 (OOS) @ Samsung Education


A bunch of deals on Samsung Lifestyle TVs. I saw another one for Telstra employees, but I made an Education account with my .edu email and found these savings! Good luck fellow educators (and wealthy students)

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  • Any QN95B deals?

    • Also how about QN85B ?

      • 55" QN85B Neo QLED 4K Smart TV (2022)

    • 55" QN95B Neo QLED 4K Smart TV (2022)
      4.25 stars

      • Thanks!

        • Prices are further less on the EPP site than edu

          • @hellboi:

            less on the EPP site than edu

            Yes and further Samsung family and friends.

  • +2

    I bought a fridge and washer 3 months ago from ANZ portal and haven't arrived even after almost 100 days. Just cancelled my order last week, after calling the customer care for about 30 times. They are useless.
    My friend work for Samsung and It's same with all products.
    If you buy from Samsung u might end up frustrated but I am sure that you won't get it on time.
    Stay away from buying straight from Samsung.

    • I've bought a number of things directly from Samsung through both their main online store and the education store and I've never had an issue. Do you know the reason for the delay?

      • I bought TV with Samsung before without issues. But at the moment it's chaos in their warehouse. That's the reason for dealy.

    • I am having the same issue with my order…. Still waiting for my earbud from my s22 order, been waiting for it since March.

      • We got an email yesterday that Samsung was having major logistical issues across multiple products, with no ETA of when it’ll be fixed

        I waited nearly 4 months for my preordered s22, and then another month longer for the buds to arrive

        Never again, Samsung

        • I don't think it's limited to Samsung, it's a world wide chain supply issue,.

    • Yea. I ordered a dryer in March. It was pending for 40+ days. I just cancelled my order cause that's just ridiculous for a product to be delayed for more than 2 months…

    • Had the same trouble, have log a ticket with consumer affairs to follow up for me. Get money back is hard.

  • Should I wait till next month for EOFY sale?

  • these deals are about what the store has been for the past few months for the 2021 models

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