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Intel Core i5-12500 LGA1700 CPU + Gigabyte B660M GAMING AC DDR4 LGA1700 WiFi mATX MoBo Combo $399.60 Delivered + Surcharge @ SE

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    Any PC expert here can recommend a combo that will go well with the NR200 mini itx case?

    • There are no cheap ITX B660 boards. The only one SE has is $375.

      • Thank you! Will keep an eye EOFY sale or click frenzy

    • NR200P will accept micro ATX motherboards up to 230mm tall. I've got an ASRock A520M/AC in mine.

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    Why did I buy an 11400 in November again?

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      Because you did not HODL!!

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      Me too brother…had a good uni break though because of it.

    • 11400 is close enough to a 12400 anyway, you won't notice the difference (as long as you unlock the power limit)

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    Those $400 bundles look tempting but $140 more gets you a 12600kf and Z690m Aorus Elite Is that worth it to have overclocking ability? I'm guessing that mobo is bottom tier Z690 though

    • I don't see this as bottom end Z690. But maybe my standards are lower.

    • Not for the overclocking ability but more because you're going up a tier of CPU, it's basically the difference between a 5600X and 5800X. Plus the motherboard isn't garbage like this low end B660.

  • Any bundles with a normal ATX motherboard? (that's not gigabyte!)

    • Is gigabyte a no go for 1700?

      • their ddr4 boards have allegedly been very unstable and their RMA support leaves a lot to be desired.

      • gigabyte Motherboard not good for quality based on my own experience..

        either it has some defect that needs workaround
        it becomes faulty/dies earlier than most other motherboard brands.

      • Not sure about the 1700 specifically but I've been having issues with my gigabyte motherboard for my main PC a since I got it (Aorus X570 Elite Wifi) and that's a much higher end board.

        Tbh I've had issues with gigabyte for years. Was hoping that they'd resolved it but still nope

  • Shipping doesn't seem free. Am I missing something?

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