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Stryd Running Power $305.15 (Outright) or $226.64 (+ $14.99/Month Membership for 6 Months) Delivered @ Stryd Australia


Normally Stryd is only on sale during Black Friday, here's 15% off the device.
Still too much for me, but there may be someone else who might be interested.

If you buy it outright ($359) and get 15% off, and opt for 6 months free trial membership it works out to be $305.15 for the 6 months.

If you buy it ($249 and get 15% off), and pay $14.99 per month for 6 months, it works out to be $226.62 (+$14.99 * 6) = $301.59 for 6 months

Membership gives access to their training plan.

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  • How low is it blackfriday? Been eyeing it.

    Even at $300 is overpriced for what it does.

    • Historically it does a '2 for …' discounted price rather than a cheap single price, can't remember how much, but it wasn't heaps.

  • +1

    Found this for $12 on eBay

  • WTF?
    Over $300
    Maybe $50, but $300 far out!

  • I’m holding out for tue upcoming Forerunner 955 which should have in-built running power estimates

    • +1

      That sounds good! At the moment I'm using HRM-RUN with the Garmin Combo Power app, but having footpod pace instead of GPS pace is another benefit of Stryd. But still, I don't even want to pay $300 for the Stryd footpod, but thought maybe someone else who was on the lookout for one might want it!

    • I dont think watch estimates are gonna be great for instantaneous power/effort estimate because its largely based on GPS speed.

      The main advantage of this would be better realtime estimate of your speed and therefore power/effort.

      I really want to try this but cant see a great advantage over just tracking pace except for very short intervals (e.g 200s/400s).

      What were you thinking of using power estimates for?

      • Watch power estimates would be fairly useless

        I'm not really a runner but bought a stryd for my wife a while back
        I used it recently to pace a long trail run
        Its much better than hr or splits but not on bike power meter levels in terms of accuracy

    • +1

      So the 955 is out, and you still need the RD-pod, or HRM-tri/HRM-run/HRM-pro.
      It's just that you don't need the CIQ running power field added for it to record running power, it's a built-in field.

  • +1

    I wonder if the Ethiopian Olympians needed these to train

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