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[Refurb] Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF, Intel Core i3-4130 3.40Ghz, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD $109 + Delivery ($0 MEL C&C) @ FuseTech AU


Alright so I have a batch of Optiplex 9020 , i3 models which are ultra cheap. Can make great basic Desktop/ Office Home PCs. Also have a few i5s which can be adding instead if you wanted a i5 - Optiplex 9020 variant. Other upgrade options are available as normal.

We had a massive amount of Orders in the last two weeks which took us by surprise, so we've added better operational systems in place to get these PCs out faster to you guys! We have another batch of HP Micro PCs which are set too put up on Oz bargain Friday so keep an eye out!

If you have any queries just shoot me a DM on Oz bargain or message through to our Facebook page.


Make & Model - Dell Optiplex 3020

Form Factor - SFF

Processor - Intel Core i3 4130 3.40Ghz

Ram - 8Gb

Hard Drive - 128gb SSD

Hard Drive Type - SSD

I/o Ports - 2 external USB 3.0 ports (rear) and 6 external USB 2.0 ports (2 front, 4 rear); 1 Serial port (optional); 1 PS/2 (optional); 1 RJ-45; 1 VGA; 1 DisplayPort 1.2; 1 Mic-in & 1 Headphone out (front); 1 Mic-in/Line-in & 1 Line-out(rear)

Display - Nil

Optical Drive - Nil

Connectivity - Ethernet

Operating System - Windows 10

Condition - Refurbished Grade A

Whats Included - PC + Power Cable/ Adapter

12 Months warranty

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  • +1

    No HDMI port?

    • +2

      Nah it doesn't, it has Two DP and a VGA port

    • +1

      DisplayPort and VGA

    • +7

      Just use a DP to HDMI cable if your monitor is HDMI-only.

      No whinging about dual-core peoples, at this price! Cheaper than a Raspberry Pi, not that you can find one.
      For anyone on a tight budget for a general-purpose web & office PC, this will definitely do the job.

      • Just use a DP to HDMI cable if your monitor is HDMI-only.

        But also learn up about the difference between "passive" and "active" cables first. Passive cables are cheaper, but can't achieve [email protected], and some devices (like some KVMs) won't work with a passive cable.

        • +14

          I figured anyone buying a $109 PC is unlikely to be using a 4K monitor :)
          HDMI-only probably means a cheap 1080p .

          • @bargaino: For many people, I think you're right. But this is a good "second" PC.

            I do CAD, and a small PC like the one in this deal uses far less power than my main PC if I want to keep a server running 24/7. And a KVM takes a lot less desk space than adding a second monitor+mouse+keyboard.

            The KVM lets me instantly check something on the internet, through my server PC, rather than starting up my CAD PC.

          • +2

            @bargaino: Yep, next will be a question if the power supply on this $109 PC can support a 3090 graphics card ;-)

      • +1

        Much faster than a Raspberry Pi, too!

      • I have Optiplex 9020 and using a DP to HDMI cable. For some reason, the sound on the monitor does not work. Not sure it is the cable problem or not.

        • I doubt it could be the cable. Audio is digital, over the same wires as picture, I believe.

        • Look in device manager for an audio device.

          • @soda-pop: Realtek high definition audio. Nothing else.

            • @slackme: That would be for the speaker/headphone jack. There should be something like a "display audio" device.

              • @soda-pop: Intel HD graphics control panel says, the active displays do not have audio capability. The monitor does have speakers.
                Tried uninstall/reinstall Intel HD graphic driver. No success. Went to Intel drive site, Intel HD 4600 does not have Windows 10 in the list, which could be the reason. It is not essential for me so just leave it. Thanks for your help.

    • +7

      Two things are causing HDMI to be phased out:

      • There is a royalty fee required to have a HDMI port. No royalty fee for Displayport, so manufacturers save money.
      • Displayport can achieve higher resolutions at higher frame rates.
      • Manufactures generally don't put HDMI on a business computer because it's not required in that case. Probably because it's too costly for the business to ditch DP which they've been using for a long time. So the demand for HDMI for business is not there. It's why you still find DP on a computer monitor as well as HDMI.

        HDMI is generally a home environment thing which is very popular because the consumer has adopted HDMI. HDMI 2.1a can still do [email protected] which is just as good as DP 1.4. So i very much doubt that HDMI is going to disappear any time soon.

        • HDMI 2.1a can still do [email protected] which is just as good as DP 1.4

          You are comparing an older version of DP with the latest version of HDMI. DP 1.4 was 2016, there have been two updates since then.

          Current standards:
          DP 2.0 came out in 2019, can achieve 77Gbps data rate.
          HDMI 2.1a came out in 2020, can achieve 48Gbps data rate.

          Even though HDMI 2.1a came out later, it still didn't beat DP 2.0 for speed.

          One DP 2.0 port can provide the video data for three 10K (10240 × 4320) displays @ 60 Hz and 10 bpc (30 bit/px, HDR). This is useful for laptops, which have limited space for multiple connectors. One DP port supports up to four monitors since DP 1.3, appears to be the same for later versions. HDMI does not appear to support multiple monitors.

          Both standards can run through a USB-C port, and both standards use DSC "visually lossless" compression to achieve their highest resolution and frame rate.

          Numbers from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DisplayPort#DP_2.0_configurati...

    • Check your order carefully. The HDMI may not be the only thing missing. I ordered one in the last deal and it came without a drive tray. The SSD was held in place by two pieces of foam.

      • +6

        Hi, So they all will come with HDD caddy's! Your particular case was one of the few that did not have one for the optiplex 3020M, however we where more than happy to refund.


        • Still waiting on my money…

          • +6

            @skwashd: Hi,

            Parcel was confirmed arrived today, please allow 2-4 Business days for the funds to be cleared to your account once processed

    • +2

      Core i3 is slow but the SSD will make it run quiuckly

      • $50 i5 upgrade option.

    • Low Profile graphics card ( maybe this one ? Dell OEM AMD Radeon R7 250 2GB DDR3 https://www.newegg.com/global/au-en/p/27N-001D-001R8 ) , but it does not have a HDMI, it does have a DP,
      you can get DP - HDMI , here,


  • +4

    lol i3 🤮🤢

    on a serious note, when will the 8th gen CPU start appearing in the Refurb market? Normally companies update their workstation every 4 years, we are now in 12th gen so its getting pretty close

    • what's special about 8th?

      • Newer brah

      • +20

        it's the first significant upgrade to the 4th Gen in terms of performance. Gen 5,6,7 doesn't really increase in performance that much

        It also adds a bit more future proof as it supports windows 11 officially

        • +2

          3770 was amazing. Ahead of its time

        • future proof

          LOL @ future proof, Future proof and IT don't goes together, in future you can get a faster item in fraction of current price. Always buy it for your needs.

      • 1 more than 7

      • Intel Gen 7 also introduced hevc / h265 optimisations which is good for YouTube and other video playing… Gen 8 expanded on that and was faster in general. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Quick_Sync_Video

      • +1

        8th Gen is the min required CPU for Windows 11 (it can be bypassed via reg hack though)

      • +1

        I'd say 8th gen is an assumption based on homr's specified 4-year churn on workstations and the existing 4th gen market.

        Market Generation
        Used 4th
        In-use 8th
        Upgrade 12th

        The implication being that this will end up becoming:

        Market Generation
        Used 8th
        In-use 12th
        Upgrade 16th1

        Ergo: we have 12th gen available now, when when they upgrade and we start seeing the in-use 8th gens in the used market.

        1. 16th gen = AMD 😋 

      • +4

        8th gen is the first Intel gen for a while that sees increased core counts for the mainstream CPU lines (largely because AMD spooked them):

        CPU Line 1st-7th Gen 8th Gen
        Core i3 2C/4T 4C/4T
        Core i5 4C/4T 6C/6T
        Core i7 4C/8T 6C/12T

        Even more dramatically, mainstream mobile CPUs (U series) get bumped up from a laughable 2C across the board. Yes, even the i7 had just 2 cores:

        CPU Line 7th Gen 8th Gen
        Core i3 2C/4T 4C/4T
        Core i5 2C/4T 4C/8T
        Core i7 2C/4T 4C/8T
        • Great table, exactly what I wanted to explain on my post on why 8th Gen is so significant.

    • +2

      Companies/institutions must be throwing this out for next to nothing.

      • I'd like one too, but nah we still have too pay a decent amount for them :(

        • Obviously less than $100 though.

        • Aren't you guys like a hoarding company where you help "dispose" PC equipments for companies for free?

    • +1

      Optiplex with 8th CPU is still not cheap, I was looking for one, i7/32GB/512GB regularly go beyond $500 at auctions. The one time I was away a batch of them were sold at $400+, but I'm sure if I was there they would had bided up to $500+ again.

      With fees and shipping, it would be in the $650 to $700 range. It's somewhat risky for an individual to buy an used PC, not fully tested (potentially faulty or missing parts), out of warranty, sight unseen, and no returns.

      Okay if you are in this business, chances are you have spare parts, but for a retail buyer the cost of replacement parts can add up quickly. So it's fair game that shops need to make some money, for risks they take and services they provide. That $500+ PC at auction can quickly become $900 to $1,000 retail. Almost unreasonably expensive for a 4+ year old PC.

      • Yes exactly, 8th gen cpu now is not cheap. But I'm sure they will be once companies start offloading them when they upgrade, just like what they did with 4th Gen

  • Any optiplex micro's coming soon?
    Would be interested in a bundle with screen, mouse and keyboard.

    • +2

      We'll potentially do a HP micro elitedesk bundle, probably similar pricing to the Optiplex 3040 bundle

      • -1

        Might do, or will do…?

  • +13

    In case people are not aware, older Intel Core i3's are dual cores. It is not until Intel Coffee Lake (8th Gen) that Intel started to include more cores into the i3 product line-up.

    The previous Dell Optiplex deals have been for i5-4570's which are all quad cores

    • -12

      A 12th gen i3 smashes this crap.
      An i7 4th gen will still reduce fps a lot compared to 12th gen i3.

    • +1

      Exactly! Dunno why people downvoted my i3 post above. A dual core is a big no no

      • +7

        Your delivery, mostly

      • +3

        It’s the vomit
        No one likes vomit
        And the person who vomits

      • +1

        2 cores 4 threads

        can handle plenty of "office" tasks

  • +2

    This or Raspberry PI 4 B?

    • +1

      Very different platforms. One is x86 one is ARM.
      Completely depends what you want to run.

      • VPN (WireGuard) server mainly.

        • +1

          Pi will be fine and lower power than this if that’s all you want to run.

    • this, more power for vpn

      • Wireguard isnt like OpenVPN. Uses next to no resources.

    • This because you can actually get it at rrp

  • +1

    Great little machines. I use one of these as a pfSense box. And even with the tiny dual core i3 it never breaks a sweat.

    • How much power does it use ?

      Want to diy pfsense as well.

      • I havent checked it in a while but roughly 50w off the powerboard which was running the PC (no screen), unifi AP, unifi switch and a raspberry pi.

    • What did you get for second ethernet port?

      • Cheapest gigabit NIC i could get off Amazon. Its a realtek one, so was only around $20. Then i share networks out via VLANs. If you have a VLAN capable switch you can just use router-on-a-stick though with a single port.

  • +3

    my old work was going to dump a pallet of these and newer ones to the 6700, i took half the pallet and sold on facebook marketplace for $200 each with a 256ssd

  • +1

    Good for home assistant?

  • What is the best way to watch things on a smart TV without a HDMI?

    • +1

      Low Profile graphics card ( maybe this one ? Dell OEM AMD Radeon R7 250 2GB DDR3 https://www.newegg.com/global/au-en/p/27N-001D-001R8 ) , but it does not have a HDMI, it does have a DP,
      you can get DP - HDMI , here,


      • Avoid AMD cards on these machines. The drivers are a nightmare and can cause the whole system to freeze. I would recommend the Nvidia GT730 instead.

      • Thanks for that. Didn't know I would need a graphics card (I am semi computer literate when it comes to some things). Also thanks for the DP -HDMI suggestion.

        • +1

          You don't need a graphics card to watch things. A DP > HDMI cable should do.

    • Eyes only.

  • Any super cheap monitors around to pair with this? Just want another one for the kids.

  • +3

    Be careful of these old machines. Drivers are a nightmare to find for Windows10+ as Dell stopped supporting them from Win8. Also my PSU died on one and you need a custom one to fit this case. And again if you put a low profile AMD card in it (E.g. HD6450, then the drivers can cause it to freeze - again no resolution to fix it) For reference I have an Optiplex 990.

    • unless you have a reason for such old machines then you'd be better off with a 6000/7000 generation processor platform so it actually supports win10

    • +1

      Win10 runs fine. The drivers are generics from Intel etc.
      The only thing to get from Dell is a BIOS update.

    • +1

      My 9020 does support Windows 10 on Dell web site. Surprisingly the PC warranty ended last year after I bought it.

    • everything downloaded from windows update fine. dell website also has all the drivers. maybe the 990 is a problem but the 9020 i got had zero issues.

  • +6

    How many fps on crysis?

  • Anyone know where to get replacement front fans? They are known to fail and I read the machine is very picky so it might still throw an error after replacing.

    • +1

      buy two and you have one for spares :)

    • +2

      Hey! Send us through a email or message and we should have some spares we can send out to you

  • -1


    • You can with a small mod to windows. There are utilities to do it, basically just delete one dll from the install media. I'm running win 11 on a gen 4 and it runs 100% fine



        • +1

          LOUD NOISES!

  • +1

    Nice deal OP. But I'll wait for those sweet, sweet micro PCs to drop this arvo

    • +2

      I'm also keen on a micro, don't disappoint OP :)

  • +4

    "HP Micro PCs which are set too put up on Oz bargain Friday so keep an eye out!"

    Any word on these? Thanks.

    • +3

      Im running late, but its going up , stay tuned!

      • +4

        I'm not mad, just disappointed ;)

  • Any laptop deals coming up? Like the look of the Latitude 7280 :)

    • Latitude E7470 incoming! cheap price as well, that will be next week!

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