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[PC, Epic] Free - Borderlands 3 @ Epic Games (20/5 - 27/5)


First vaulted freebie from Epic games. As usual, available from 1am AEST.

Also, unlimited 25% coupons for spend over $22.99.

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    Nice. I can finally redeem those free Borderlands keys that pop up once in while

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      lol same here

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      Waaat? Those can be claimed in account without the game? I missed out so much

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    ooo Nice! Thank goodness i didnt buy it

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    Borderlands free? Thanks!

  • +3

    hows the coop

    • +60

      Well, the chickens seem to like it

    • Very fun, great game for co-op play

    • +4

      I thought I recognised you. I gave you a plate of corn muffins back in 1947 to paint my chicken coop, and you never did it!

    • Co-op Lan isn't working for me, I get an error when trying to join. I also get network error when trying to connect online. So no multi-player for me…

      • Got the game yesterday and it wouldn't work… today however, it does

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    say what you want about Epic Game store, but I've been able to enjoy many of their free games and saved decent amount of money once I stopped ranting about them… ain't got the energy to do that anymore.

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      I think people were, and still are, mad about them having exclusive access to games that had already been promised on Steam. A year is way too long. There was also the Chinese spying angle, but everyone is spying on us.

      That said, free stuff, so good? I will probably check out Fall Guys when it goes F2P, everything else I can just pirate.

      • +4

        mad about them having exclusive access to games that had already been promised on Steam. A year is way too long.

        That's pretty much what Steam did to the PC market for decades. Most of it to me just seems to be a bunch of people going "it's okay for Steam to do X but not any other company because I only want to buy exclusively from Steam for whatever reason".

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          Steam never prevented anything from appearing on GOG, or anywhere else, especially not after it had already been advertised as being available on that platform. So no, not pretty much. It's completely different. GOG doesn't do that either. Only Epic.

        • +1

          This is not correct, some of Steam exclusive game is the developer decision. Steam has never enforced that
          and Epic doing that to steal customer from Steam store.

      • +1

        I see free games I am happy.

        Besides everyone that has Tiktok already has some Chinese spying going on anyway lol

  • +3

    Thats about how good the game was..
    Borderlands 2 still got it going on.

    • +5

      the gameplay is vastly superior to BL2 tho.. I don't think many people play these games for the plot or character after the 1st playthrough.

      • watch the speedruns they're fun, the guys that do bl2 have to be on drugs or something they click so fast

        also trying different builds is what its all about

    • Been a few years since I played.

      Lots of quality of life improvements but forgettable characters and story.

  • Borderlands is on ozbargain way to often.

    • +1

      bl2 is top 5 is my list for pc games

      now to summon enough will power to install the epic launcher…. maybe in a few months…

      • +1

        2 of my installed games through Epic games won't uninstall - pain in the mikta!

        • You can just delete the install directory. There's no need to uninstall if that's not working for some reason.

  • +3

    Thanks Epic! Another free decent title!

  • +

  • Noice

  • +5

    Kind of sad to see a 25% coupon rather than a $15 off coupon, though I suppose it's better for people buying games over $60.

    • I've been holding out for a discount on the new lego star wars (which is $70) so that's a nice one to grab. A shame the new Vampire Masquerade apparently sucks, I had fond memories of the old one. But definitely would have been all over AC:Valhalla at $21 instead of $27 with 25% off.

      Considering Epic only take a 12% margin on games maybe their buying customers approach has finally hit a wall and they need to start scaling it back. It was always going to happen.

  • Sweet.

  • Epic

  • What is the community like for this game now days? Is it still active?

  • +6

    I committed to never buy Borderlands 3 due to exclusivity and now I get rewarded by getting it for free!

  • -1

    I really like Borderlands games but I found the story of this so boring. The two "influencer" villians were so annoying. Old Jack from 2 was better.

    Also how do you get the 25% off coupon? I've already got the game so I dont know how to get it added? - Or do I have to buy something to get it first.

  • +3
  • Civalry II $30 after discount and coupon

    • Fun game that one, nothing like being impaled violently with a thrown spear

      • have you played Mordhau? I swear, Chiv 2 pales compared to that

        nothing like being clobbered to death by a thrown buckler

        • Is Mordhau alive? Wanna get the game but I only see around 1000 players playing right now on steam.

          • +1

            @OneTapMan: it's the cream of the cream so to speak

            yeah nah I think for a newcomer it's not going to be a smooth experience, Chiv 2 is a better choice overall, with wider choice of battle mechanics and smoother learning curve

            Mordhau is less forgiving and the ANZ community is rather toxic.

            although I see a lot of low levels in Mordhau, too, and I started out when a lot of 200+ levels were around, and I had lots of fun, and still do

            I die a lot every time, but it's solid fun

          • @OneTapMan: however if you wanna play for fun, Mordhau is still my choice. I can't say that I am a feint / drag master, but I learned a lot since I started, and there are certain weapons that are very beginner friendly (falchion, greatsword), and you can quickly learn how to punish feinters, and oh boy suddenly the whole experience starts to get very rewarding.

            nothing like tossing an axe across the river to shut up an archer haha

            or kicking open a door just to be taken out by a bear trap on the other side

            probably the only game that makes me laugh when I die

  • I dont need it, but i want to add to my epic collection, but Im just getting spins of death when trying to order…

  • +1


  • +1

    Wow, this is up there with Subnautica and GTAV.

    If you have never played Borderlands 1 and 2 I suggest starting there which can be purchased for ~5 bucks each.

  • Finally!!!

  • +3

    Borderlands3 game is a large download - 95Gb.
    If your currency is Gigabytes Downloaded (instead of, or in replacement of) vs Dollars Spent, you might want to consider downloading the whole of Wikipedia. That is also 95Gb but personally I would like to take Wikipedia (or at least the offline version of it called kiwix) along with me when I go hiking.


    (Rather than negg'ing Borderlands I am pointing out the real cost of ownership)

    • +2

      FYI it's 107 GB

      • That is enough for me to not even be able to install it lol.

        Gaming laptop but only have 500GB of space before the OS. Battlefront II is my 100GB game that is currently installed.

    • +1

      so.. is it like each GB downloaded kills a tree somewhere in Amazon forest? I don't get it.

      • More: Spend dollars, or spend gigabytes. But yeah, each GB downloaded may kill a tree somewhere, but so could each dollar spent. I dunno, I plant trees when I can

  • +1

    Thank you for the heads up!

  • Feels bad, just purchased on Steam for $22 about a week ago (too many hours played to refund)
    Ah well, I'm enjoying it for what it is.

  • +1

    Might be helpful to others. Use this website https://egdata.app/product/ghostwire-tokyo e.g. for Ghostwire Tokyo, to check for other regions on the epic store.

    Prices not inclusive of the 25% off. Just bought using my Indian account for $22 AUD. not bad.

    • +1

      I tried Turkey, but it comes with an error about payment processing. Created an account using VPN to Turkey and tried to pay for FF7 no luck

      • +1

        Oh did you create a new account? I currently have 2 accounts (australia and Indian). Yes I know its bit of a pain to have games on 2 separate, but if the game doesnt require online play, its just a mere log off and back on.

  • +2

    me: says don't buy PC games, they will be free on Epic at least once

    also me: spends roughly $100 per year on PC games because they're cheap on ozb

    also me: who cares if the shits that were given aren't nil

    • Same boat, but I am sure I have spent a lot more than $100 per year on games I don’t have time to play.

      • +1

        I know right? and I have such a backlog of awesome AAA titles , and I still occasionally buy another one when price looks good

        like today I bought Watch Dogs Legion, came down to $15 with sale and coupon

        have I played WD2? I haven't. dammit

  • If i claimed all those keys for steam, is there a way to use them on epic as well

    • Me too also

  • +1

    Hmm, with the current 50% sale + additional 25% off coupon, can get Cyberpunk 2077 and Red Dead Redemption 2 for around $33 each.

  • +1

    100 gb download -_-

  • +1

    I love Epic because I have a huge games collection have have spent a total of $0 with them =)

  • Has anyone purchased the "Borderlands 3 Season Pass Bundle" (or single-season passes before)? are they worth it?

    Noticed the bundle (Season pass 1 & 2) are down to AU$34.96 and with 25% coupon it would be about $26.22 essentially for the base game and both DLC's…

    • Coupon doesn't apply to DLC sadly.

  • +4

    New keys -

    WSCBT-R5BB3-66KX9-F3JBT-ZW3JK - Pilot Punk Head
    KZKJB-C5BTT-RXW69-XJ33B-5JRBS - Super Mecha
    KHWTB-3CBJB-6XWFZ-6B3BB -T5CCJ - Null Value Head
    CZKTB-6BTJ3-R6KRZ-6B3TT-RX5ZH - Gray Matter head
    CS5JB-CTTBB-FFWXZ-FJ3BT-TC6R3 - Daemon head

    • Thanks dealbot, FYI the Null Value Head key says it doesn't exist.

      • +2

        Try removing the space: KHWTB-3CBJB-6XWFZ-6B3BB-T5CCJ

        • Didn't even notice the space, thank you!

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