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40% off Guatemala Ayarza Single Origin 500g $14.99, 1kg $26.40 + $6.99 Delivery, Delayed Dispatch Available @ Lime Blue Coffee


Hey Oz Bargain Community,

I'm excited to announce that we've just launched a new, wonderfully delicious Single Origin, Guatemala Ayarza. For those of you traveling on our FBC Surprise Mystery Flight, this is a different Guatemala SO to your second stop. For this one we set the goal of finding a SO that was somewhere in between our beloved Brazil São Paulo Single and Peru Single Origins. This Guatemala Ayarza is beautifully sweet, with a soothing gentle kick to it (I know that's an oxymoran description, think of it like the motion of the swish and flick of the wand in that Harry Potter movie haha), chocolate on show, then praline pecan with a slightly fruity finish. Below you'll more details about this deal to get this Single Origin launch party starts :)

Here's the deal highlights:

We're offering you a 40% discount off our newly launched Guatemala Ayarza Single Origin, only $14.99 per 500g usually $24.99 per 500g, and $26.40 per 1kg usually $43.98 per 1kg, see link below, for orders placed until 23/5/2022. You can pick from the available green circle dispatch dates on the cart page https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/361387/95873/scheduled... There's two available scheduled dispatch dates per week until the end of July currently available to reserve. Dispatch can happen for you as near as Tuesday and as far as the last Friday in July. Once a given dispatch date is at full capacity the green circle will be removed and date will turn red, first in best dressed :)

Some helpful info:

  • You're welcome to place multiple orders scheduled for dispatch at various dates (delayed dispatch) to make the most of this deal
  • One dispatch per order
  • If you select 500g as a quantity please ensure you also select 500g as the packaging option. If 500g is selected as a quantity with 1kg as the packaging selection the product will show as "unavailable"
  • Complimentary gift notes can be written in the "special instructions for seller" box on the cart page."
  • The discount price will show up after the "cart" stage of the ordering process AKA once you start entering in your delivery details
  • The largest bag size we use is 1kg and it has a zip (it's resealable), for example if you order 4kg with 1kg packaging you will receive 4 x 1kg bags, you will not receive a single huge 4kg bag. 500g bag packing is also available for orders larger than 500g this is an extra $3.60 per kg including the discount (normally $6 extra per kg) to cover the extra bag/s, label/s and time it takes to pack
  • Flat Rate Shipping $6.99 No Delivery Company Preference, $7.99 Shipit-Courier's Please, $8.99 Australia Post, $12.99 Express Post, Live Quote Shipping at the checkout for Same Day Delivery as Dispatch in VIC in the highlighted map areas https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/361387/95314/same_day_...
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  • Nice one guys, placed an order! Question… can i place a 2nd order for another delivery date further into the future?

  • +2

    Thank you so much for your order, it really does mean so much to the team!

    WOW, what a wonderful question to kick off the comments. You're most welcome to place as many orders as you'd like via this deal, across any of the available scheduled dispatch dates between now and the end of July :)

    • Awesome, thank you!

    • Hey rep, how is this one compared with Brazing Pearberry in bitterness level? Appreciate reply

      • +1

        Hey @sidor,

        Nice question, little bit of a curve ball to answer directly, I'll do my best to provide a helpful answer.

        All coffee has varying levels of bitterness and we strive to always balance the flavour of our coffees through the unique roast profiles we create. When it comes to flavour balance it doesn't necessarily mean the flavour is neutral, a coffee may showcase sweetness, acidity or …and still be balanced in flavour. As such, it's a tad tricky to directly compare the flavour balance of this SO to our Brazil Peaberry due to the drastically different bean structures (density, bean surface area, natural vs. washed process…). If you've had any of the following SO's with us this SO will be on par with them in terms of overall flavour balance: Peru, Brazil São Paulo, or Colombia. A more specific comparison would be that this SO is on par in terms of bitterness, saltiness and umami with all 3 of those SO's just mentioned. In terms of sweetness it's on par with our Brazil São Paulo. In terms of fruity and choc balance it's on par with our Peru. In terms of acidity it's on par with our Colombia. I have my fingers crossed my answer is helpful :)

  • for orders placed until 23/6/2022

    Just checking that this is not a typo? As the expiry date on the deal was set as 23 May not 23 June.

    • Shucks, looks like two coffees wasn't enough for me this morning and I need a third!

      Nice pick up thanks @moocher I've corrected the date now so it says 23/5/2022 in the details :)

      • Thanks for fixing that up. I think it also says 23/6/2022 in the customer email which arrived after I typed my question

        • :)

          Looks like I'm spending the day in typo central today, just sent out a correction. Thanks heaps again @moocher you're all over it today, much appreciated!!!

          • @LimeBlueCoffee: No worries at all, thanks for all the deals and good coffee.

            • @moocher: Terrific to hear, much appreciated!

              I'm very happy you're enjoying our fresh coffee and that we're in your good books, we'll keep working hard to stay there :)

  • i only purchased after reading your date correction email (which is short and fits on my phone pane without scrolling), which leads me to read the origin email initially to try to spot the date mistake, but end up convincing me to try this single origin. serendipity much?

    • haha love it, sounds like it was meant to be :)

      Thank you so much for your serendipitous order, it's truly appreciated :)

  • Had Brazil SO, absolutely loving it for latte, how would you compare this one to it? Thanks

    • Woohoo, music to my ears, thank you so much for that fantastic compliment and your recent order with us, both really do mean so much to the team!!!

      In terms of flavour this one's I'd most simply describe this SO as a hybrid between our Brazil and Peru SO in terms of flavour and balance. As you have been enjoying our Brazil SO so much as a latte I'd be astounded if you didn't also love this Guatemala Ayarza Single Origin :)

      • Unfortunately even after all these years of drinking coffee, I can’t get my head around all the flavour descriptions (sweetness, acidity, smoothness etc) in terms of how it actually tastes.

        So would this one taste good with a Moka pot? What about French press? Some I’ve had in the past are either lacking taste (light roast, needs drank black) or too bitter (needs lots of milk). I like something in the middle I think as this brewing method has say 1cm of milk in the cup.

        Thanks for the good deals.

        • +1

          Appreciate you taking the time to reach out!

          Don't worry too much about getting hung on on the descriptors, they're there to be helpful, if you get a coffee and just think "this tastes like coffee" then that's cool too, main thing is that you enjoy it. Coffee is the same as wine, apples or …e.g. Apples taste like apples, that said there's a spectrum of different colours, tastes and textures between different types of apples; Granny Smith, Fuji, Red Delicious, Pink Lady, Jazz, Yello… In the same way that two different types of apples, both taste like apples, but also taste notably different to each other, much can be said for coffee too.

          To answer your questions yes, this Single Origin works very well for Moka Pot and Plunger. We roast this one omni/Goldilocks/medium, so I believe it should hopefully be a winner for you :)

  • Ordered! Thanks LMC

    • Amazing, your order is truly appreciated, thank you so much :)

  • Cheers Tom - slowly lining up the delayed dispatches

    • Nice to hear you're getting all your ducks (coffee) lined up in a dispatch row :)

      Thank you so much for all your orders with us thus far, they really do mean so much to us!

    • How long between dispatches do you end up doing? (i realise it depends on how fast you drink). So far i've settled on 5 weeks, but might push to 6. Of course rather not run out of coffee either.

      • YMMV depending on how much you drink. I have 3/day working at home. If it is just me, I will usually need 3 weeks between batches. Partner and myself, goes down to 2.

        I would always get earlier though so that the roast date is around almost 2 weeks old when I open it.

        When it is just me I will freeze half. Probably a good idea to do if you are drinking 5/6 week past roast date

  • +1

    After trying the SO Brazil from the last deal, I’ve just placed my second order for this Guatemalan.
    Anyone hesitating getting coffee from these guys should stop contemplating and just go for it. The beans were really tasty and what a great bargain at that price. It won’t be my last order. Thanks LBC and keep up the good work!
    Oh, and if your ordering from WA, plan ahead for slightly longer shipping times. Last one took about 10 or 11 days to get here. Aussie post is flat out thanks to deals like these ;)

  • +1

    I placed my order after contemplating it for months lol Missed a few deals along the way.

    Actually, maybe it's psychological, I wouldn't say I like to pay for shipping :D

    Order #15613 confirmed

    • Woot Woot, thank you truly for pulling the trigger to place your first order with us, it really does mean so much to the team and is an opportunity we won't take for granted!

      I know shipping isn't fun to pay and I've had the same thoughts as you before. However, then I weighed up shipping costs for online purchases vs. the value I place on time and realised what a bargain shipping is pro rata on an hourly rate e.g. $6.99 to save 30-40 minutes of your life otherwise spent going to the shops and back. Also, if it makes you feel any better all our flat rate shipping fees are subsidised by us, so on average shipping costs us more than we charge you :)

  • With your omni roast profile.
    How would ypu scale how dark the roast is?
    I tend to prefer medium roasts as not too acidic and not to burnt.

    • Great question, appreciate you reaching out to show interest!

      I'd say this one's a "medium" roast, so it should hopefully be the winning ticket for you :)

      • I ordered yesterday. I have a feeling I will enjoy this bean

        • Wonderful to hear, thank you so much, it really does mean so much to the team!

          • @LimeBlueCoffee: Dude this is a great bean.
            Smooth and strong enough to be enjoyed in a milky coffee. This is actually on of the nicest beans I have tried. Well done!

            • @maverickjohn: Woohoo that's amazing to hear, absolute music to my ears!

              Looks like you have a great gut instinct, you had a feeling you'd "enjoy" it and that's how it played out. Thank you so much for sharing your terrific feedback, your compliment is most welcomed and appreciated :)

  • Memories Blend was not to my dad's liking so I hope this one will be since I've bought 2kg of this bad boy!

    • Fingers crossed this one's a winner for you and your Dad :)

      Thank you so much for placing another fantastic order with us, it's truly appreciated!

      If you've still got some Moments left and some spare time too, then please send an email to [email protected] listing the coffee equipment you're using and how you're brewing/pulling a shot, whether following the guide on our bags or using your own system. I can't guarantee your Dad will love Moments, but with this info I may be able to help you tweak your settings, resulting in terrific extraction, sometimes the line between delicious and forget about it/no thanks can be as simple as a grind setting or dose change :)

  • Order placed, cheers LBC

    • Fantastic, we really appreciate your order, thank you so much, fingers crossed you love this delicious SO :)

  • Ordered. I love the fruity vs chocolatey ratio to describe a roast profile. Always wished there was a cool wordcloud type of plugin to demonstrate tasting notes in ecommerce applications

    • Wonderful to hear you're a fan of our unique fruity to choc ratio descriptor :)

      Thank you so much for your order, it's truly appreciated!

      Hmm your word cloud comment has made me put my thinking cap on, appreciate your sharing your thoughts :)

  • As an aside LBC I have been very impressed by your EA process decaf - it's the only decaf I have tried where I don't have to grind finer compared with my regular beans at all - very impressive and very tasty also.

    • WOW thank you so much for sharing that wonderful complimentary feedback!

      Decafs are a little bit extra tricky to nail the roast profile creation. I'm so wrapped the hard work is paying off and you've enjoyed our EA Decaf so much :)

  • Really like that you can order in the future as i have 1.5kg and i don't want a bag sitting around going stale. Will be definitely putting a order in for a future date.

    Also will say that i am highly impressed with the Peru single origin. Using a decent setup i am getting a very smooth shot that has plenty of flavour without much bitterness. Would rate this one in my top 3 i've had.

    • Fantastic, I'm so glad that our unique delayed dispatch system works a treat for you, thank you so much for your order :)

      It's absolute music to my ears to know how much our Peru SO has "highly impressed" you and it's received a podium spot in your books, really appreciate you taking the time to share such complimentary feedback!

  • cheers. ordered for mid june dispatch.

    • Thank you so much, your order really does mean so much to the team and I'm wrapped to know our unique delayed dispatch system is a winner for you!

  • Hey op, is this more like Peru or brazil? Our least fav was the peruvian. It definitely doesn't shine in filtered compared to an espresso machine. Our favs are Brazilian SO and south central. Should I get this one or should I go with Colombia this time? It's been a while…

    • Thank you so much for your orders with us and taking the time to reach out to show interest in this SO and provide feedback, it's truly appreciated!

      Both our Peru and Brazil roast profiles we created to suit Espresso and Filter style coffee. The Peru does work well from an extraction (scientific/technical) perspective for filter style coffee, optimal filter extraction results from a slightly coarser grind setting than for our Brazil SO. All that said, I do appreciate flavour preference is subjective and some SO's will be preferred over others due to personal flavour preferences.

      I'm very happy to know our Brazil SO and South Central blend have worked nicely for you. I think this Guatemalan SO is delicious, but I also feel the same about our Peru/Brazil SO and I think they all taste different. This SO is somewhere in the middle of our Peru and Brazil SO, probably a little bit closer to Brazil than Peru. I'd say if you're happy to roll the dice to try something new then give this terrific SO a shot. However, if you want to be sure you'll love it, then stick with one of the others you've already tried. Not sure if I've been helpful at all, but I hope I have :)

  • Just tasted this and, even slightly under-extracted and only 3 days post roast, still very tasty, I might be tempted to hand in my OzB card and pay full price to go again haha.

    • Woohoo for that amazing compliment, so wonderful to hear, big smile on this side of the screen :) :) :)

      Thank you so much for your order and sharing the outstanding feedback, it really does mean so much to the team!!!

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