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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G 128GB $747 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ to Metro) @ Officeworks


Another day another discount. S21 Fe $747 at Officeworks.

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  • Is this phone dual sim?

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      No eSIM capability yet. If you want Dual SIM, get S21

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    I have the s20 FE for $550 from some ozb student deal about 7 or 8months ago and v happy with it! Isn't this the inferior CPU tho compared to snapdragons equivalent?

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      Yeh I've been shafted with the Exynos in my Note 20, my old Note8 felt snappier especially the camera

    • The Exynos 2100 is the only good Exynos chip. The previous versions were clearly inferior, but the 2100 is on par with it's SD counterpart. So no, the chip isn't the issue.

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        Exynos 2100 is actually better than the SD equivalent. It wont be burning hot as well as having AV1 hardware support.

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        Every year I keep hearing Exynos x is finally on par with Snapdragon. It's not. I have an Exynos S21 and it's just terrible with video recording, always skips frames, especially when panning. A bit of load and the phone gets hot straight away, going into CPU throttling which slows things down very noticeably. No video recording issues with either of Snapdragon-based Pixels I have in the family.

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          You can't compare different chips on different devices, though, since the software plays such a huge part. I don't have the issues you mentioned with my S21+.

      • Exynos used to be superior back in S6 era.
        It went downhill afterwards.
        It’s mess right now and the only reason why I haven’t bought a galaxy even with all those great promotions for S21.
        I care more about image processing than performance.
        Snap is better in that regards.

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      exynos 2100, just picked it up yesterday. It did feel slow until I went and updated. Reading all the reviews and community posts on forums it does seem like the March update this year really helped the chip pick up the slack. Running benchmarks to compare to youtuber scores/reviews of the s22 and other s21 snapdragons it falls behind on most things but not an extreme amount. Most importantly it seems that under load the exynos is quite alot more power efficient lasting longer than an the 888 on the same platform.

      But yeah the phone's been perfect after I updated it 2hrs after booting it up.

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    I would say S21 FE is a flop.

    I wanted to switch from S21+ to S21 FE (slightly smaller, funky colour, free buds2) but it was so much slower that I went back to S21+ and got rid of FE.

  • S20 fe is a much better phone

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    Matching Amazon. Wish they didn't so quickly so we could get the pricematch.

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      Obviously that's the exact reason they do it…

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    Love how they always go $2 under, so that nobody will go cheaper and afford them the 5% price match quarantine.

  • I'm getting awful battery life with the S20 FE. About 3 hours to use 80 percent of the battery. The phone is less than 2 months old.

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      thats a different phone. this is s21fe.

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        Just an example of what a dud Samsung is. Had the same problem with one of their tablets.

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          I had a Samsung fridge, and it kept going strong for 10 years.

          • @mdavant: So what. An Engel will keep going for 30+ years.

            • @davelarz: I put the Engel in the Samsung to keep the Engel cool.

              Samsung still going.

              No issues with battery life at all.

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      I'm not

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      you got an unlucky / bad unit, my wife and my S20 FE 5G (Snap dragon) gave us over 24 hours away from charger with around 7 hours screen on time. Nowadays i only charge it to 85% full and still have 30% at bed time with over 3 hours plus screen time (18 hours away from charger).

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        Maybe I take it back to Officeworks.

  • how this compare to Oppo Find X2 Pro?

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    I hv S20 FE my wife S21 FE
    S20 FE camera is better which is shocking
    S21 FE is lighter and more natural screen ratio

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      The S20FE has a killer camera for the price point. I also love the number of updates that Samsung produces (this was a shock to me coming from Oppo)

    • I thought they both have the same camera?

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        Different processor. Snapdragon on S20 FE has a way better image processing system than Exynos. This can result in day and night difference in terms of sharpness and noise when shooting photos, even though it’s a year older.

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    Canon have great cameras!

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    699 on Samsung partner store if you have it.

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    Harvey's is $800 but with $200 gift voucher - bought one yesterday.

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    Can anyone have a look at the link and confirm whether HN is giving away $200 gift card with the phone without any t&c.
    If it is, the price is 798- 200= 598$.

    • Yes HN gives $200 giftcard upon purchase. You can only use it at your next purchase though.

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