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Qantas Points Discount: 20% off All Apple Products & up to 50% off Other Brands @ Qantas Store


Saw this on the Qantas app looks like there is an EOFY sale

Discount applies when using points only. If you use Points Plus Pay, a lower discount may apply.

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    … iff purchasing with Qantas Points.

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    Samsonite Cosmolite 3.0 = 104570 points, let's say at 1 cent a point $1045 LOLOL. Even more than Samsonite's site

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    QFF points value went down the drain many years ago. i stopped flying qantas because it was just a pain to redeem or even upgrade flights with points. not sure what's everyone's experience here is.

    a 20% discount in 'points price' is far less than a 10% discount imo because the value to gain the points requires you to spend far more.

    i'd stick to student discounts.

    i'll take their discounts seriously when they are at 40% or more.

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      I use the classic points, when the first hit, and get business class fares. I reckon this is the best use but you do pay a reasonable whack in fees.

    • a 20% discount in 'points price' is far less than a 10% discount imo because the value to gain the points requires you to spend far more.

      all depends on how you get your points.

  • Better off going for education pricing at apple Education store.

  • I've got 167k points lying around doing nothing for me and I'm looking at an iPhone 13 Pro 256gb. If I pay with points + pay I'll need to fork over another $708.

    Is this a decent use of points or would it be better for me to save the points for a business class flight to another country? FWIW like a pro Ozbargainer, I always fly cheapest carrier whenever there are sales on Ozbargain and always economy haha.

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      all depends on what you would consider 'value'

      from a purely dollar perspective, buying products with QFF points doesn't make sense.

      But for me, I'd rather buy something useful rather than on something transient like a bigger airplane seat and nicer snacks.

      There's no right answer except what you decide is best for you.

      I'm so zen today.

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        Thanks for your input and I'm sort of on your side in regards to buying something useful. I'm still fairly young and fit so I don't mind 16 hours squished in a smaller seat. The one day of feeling superior at the airport will probably be less useful than an iPhone that lasts 5 years.

        • Ideally, QFF points are valued at 1.8c per point. Over the rough calculations over the years I've done and the news articles I've read, redemption on the Store is about three to four times less what you would get on a flight.

          Like Andre Sampras said, it depends on what you value. I was in the same boat as you and had roughly the same points balance when COVID hit. I was so impatient, but I kept telling myself to just wait it out and not buy a Lenovo gaming laptop off the Qantas Store. Now I have 460K points, and looking from Perth here, biz class flights return in a few months time or even next year shows up as $250 in taxes flat.

          So that's normally a $3000 worth of flights for $250. That's way better value than anything you would ever get off the Store.

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            @adrianhughes1998: Let's look at it in reverse.

            If someone handed you a brand new Macbook Pro (or whatever 460k QFF gets you) on the condition you relinquish your FREE business class upgrade (ie. you travel in economy this time), would you do it? In other words, you were prepared to fly economy, but the very nice person at the counter offered you a choice of macbook pro or business class upgrade.

            I don't get the hate for buying products with QFF points. You can't resell a business class upgrade once you've used it, why isn't that factored into the value equation?

            But again, it all comes down to what each person values. I don't travel often enough to crave flight upgrades.

            • @andresampras: I never said I hated using points on the Store. I was just pointing out what they are valued at, and what your points can get you. They are better value for flights, hands down, always.

              But I'm not the OP of the question. They might not value flights as much as like what you said, a MacBook Pro. Or a PlayStation 5 or a Nintendo switch. Or a Samsung tv. 460k is worth a lot in dollar terms, I think it's 320K to do business class around the world flights for example.

              No, a business flight or an upgrade to a business flight is a one off thing, but for me personally it's worth it because economy class leg room is tight. I'm 200cm and business class makes all the difference.

              Different folks place different emphasis on perks.

              • @adrianhughes1998: sorry, the 'hate' comment wasn't directed at you….and was probably too strong a word to convey my meaning anyway.

                Yeh agreed, diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks

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          just pointing out that sometimes it's the flight timing that you want but only in higher 'grade' seats.

          so there's no hard and fast rules. generally, the points used in seats are more 'value' compared to buying stuff in their store.

          biggest issue for me is i can't find flights that i want and it's actually cheaper to go via other full service airlines.

    • The best use of points used to on international flight upgrades. I've used points previously to upgrade my cattle class flight to the US into a premium economy or business class flight with a lie flat bed seat etc. I havent done it for a few years and Qantas are pretty good at closing down anything useful so chances are it doesn't work anymore but that used to be my go-to for my Q points.

  • Experiencing first/ business class > buying items.

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