Bauhn 32" HD TV with DVD Combo and 12V Car Adaptor $229 @ ALDI


Aldi is selling 32 inch HD TV with DVD Combo and 12V Car Adaptor On Saturday 21th of May.

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    sounds like a challenge to install a 32 inch head unit in the car

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    That is one hell of a screen for a GPS system.

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    Beat the Tesla

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    Even Aldi knows we have a homeless problem situation going on right now.

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    Good for a caravan i guess?

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      My guess too, especially when their promo email subject is "Caravanning on sale Sat 21 May"

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      A projector would make more sense for a caravan, no? For movies at night.
      Surely even a 32" is too big for inside on a wet day. Stay home if you want to watch TV :(

      • What if the caravan is your home?

        • In Sydney, I assume? :)

          • @bargaino: There are homeless all over the country. It's definitely bad in Sydney, but it's bad in a lot of other places too.

          • @bargaino: Greetings from the Hobart homeless.

  • Resolution: 1366 x 768
    Full high definition


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      HD if you close 1 eye

      • +1

        Why? 720p is the HD designation.

        I think you're thinking of FHD.

  • Now how to mount this to the back of the seats in my commodore to keep the rug rats quiet. Flip down display maybe? Now that's got me curious.

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      Looks like a pipe and mount bracket for the TV. Just have to find a place to attach the pipe to each side.

      It's so bogan-rific.

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        That's gold…. and in my commodore I think it will win the bogan of the year award at summernats lol. Weekend project is sorted now.

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          And the screen will just look like a minecraft game with block like information

  • The HD tv that came with our 1 year old camper has awful picture quality. It's a Camec/RV media. The colour and contrast are like something from 15 years ago. It looks a bit better when fed by a Chromecast with Google tv.

    Anyone recommend a good full hd 12v tv 24-32"?

    • While you take a gamble with their warranty service, the Kogan TV's are actually pretty amazing for the price.

      They're not made for cars, so dont ship with a cigarette plug; but so long as they use a 12v external transformer (most of their small tvs) any decent auto electrician can wire it up

  • It's a thought. The caravan TVs from caravan dealers are such a rip off. Who wants a tv fattened by a DVD player these days?

  • People still use DVD’s?

    • +1

      your mother

      • For her 'home' movies I bet.

      • +1

        Oh my God. You want to talk about mothers? You wanna talk about mothers! It's mother time, okay!
        Your mother's so dumb she went to Dr Dre for a Pap smear! "Something's wrong, Dr Dre! My coochie's doing a beatbox!".

        • +1

          Upvote for the attempted diss (I think that's what that was)

    • Not everyone has a big enough screen in their motorhome to warrant bluray.

      Not to mention, lots of movies didnt get a bluray release.

      • -1

        People still use BluRay?

        • Maybe they used their JB perks for the bluray BOGOF

        • What do you mean 'still'?
          What other solution is there for high quality content?
          Or even 'ultra' high quality, like UHD and 3D content?

          • @MasterScythe: HDD, SSD, USB stick, SD card

            • @timwog: Interesting.
              Where can I buy movies on SD card or USB stick? are JB doing them?
              Do they use any DRM?
              Do some TV's (this deal, for example) struggle with that?

              Last time I tried my TV's player, it was struggling decoding 2k content unless I transcoded; clearly not a solution when you're caravaning.
              I can't pack my entire server/network rack into the van, lol.

              • @MasterScythe: The movies I watch are all torrent downloads. Admittedly it's hard to find very cheap TVs that can play from HDD, but I'm sure they exist. I know my dumb 42" Hisense bought 6 years ago had no trouble.

                Admittedly, to save space, all my downloaded movies are 720p. So playing 1080i, BR quality, would be a problem?

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                  @timwog: Ah OK, so there isn't a solution beyond bluray for quality video.

                  I live very frugally, I believe in repair. So, when my TV went bad, I bought a broken projector for like $100 and spent a few weeks replacing PCB components.
                  Works perfectly now.

                  So my only 'TV' in the main viewing area, is currently a 150" Projector. 720p at 150" wouldn't be a fun time. Not to mention, as this post is all about portable TV's, as I said, moving my rack into a caravan would be a hell of a job. Petabyte USB sticks aren't a thing yet.

          • @MasterScythe: Sorry, I just stream everything. I’ve been coerced in to a life where I no longer own anything including my life. Everything is subscription based. LAAS - Life As A Service?

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              @pOint01: I assumed that, hence why I asked what you used for quality video.

              Netflix and Disney are horrible at anything 150"+ (prime isn't as bad); admittedly, that's not a 12v portable TV anymore, thats the cinema room, but the compression artefacts are HORRIBLE.

              Not to mention I watched things like Stargate SG1 growing up, and love to re-watch it, and the quality loss on streaming, compared to DVD, is just shocking. Entire background happenings in near-black night scenes have been 'deleted' by compression.

              I have access to netflix, but unless I'm watching something in bed on a 65" or so, the compression errors are distracting.

              Not to mention, if you DO go caravaning (like in this deal) I hate the idea of having to pre-download my movies, when a 500 disc folder just gives me instant browsable access to the most watched of my collection.

              I buy a movie, it gets backed up to uncompressed ISO, the disc goes in my folder, the case goes into storage. It works well. I can stream the ISO from my server if I wish, or I can watch the discs on the road.

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