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Microsoft Office 365: Free Subscription Extension for 2 Months for Keeping Automatic Renewal @ Microsoft


Note: May Depend on End Date of Subscription.

Note: If you are on the HUP discount, although the message says you'll be charged $129 after the extension, as confirmed here, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/12154348/redir the rate reverts to your HUP discount after the extension, if you are presented with the extension offer.

I was just about to turn off automatic renewal on my Microsoft Office 365 account so that I could downgrade to Personal, stack a few subscriptions, and then upgrade back to Family (as described here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11702863/redir) and got a pop-up offering to extend my subscription by two months if I left Auto-Renew on. I accepted the offer, and my subscription end date was extended by two months as offered. I believe I can now turn off auto-renew without bringing the end date back but I'm just going to extend my to-do reminder to do this by two months as well.

This looks like a great way to grab a couple of extra months on your subscription on top of the extra month that they give you for turning on auto-renewal when you sign up in the first place.

Edit: I should probably point out, I'm within 10 days of the renewal date, so that might be part of the algorithm that determines whether or not you get an offer of an extra two months. May Depend on End Date of Subscription

The URL / link for the deal requires you to have signed in to your Microsoft account, and is listed in the deal body for reference as well: https://account.microsoft.com/services/microsoft365/cancel?c...

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  • It didn't work for me :/

    • That's no good. No offer, or no extension?

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        nothing, it just turned it off :/

        • +8

          Try turning it on and off again.

          • +1

            @m9: Gotta work, it’s Microsoft.

          • @m9: Thanks Moss, I will give that a go…hahaha

  • Worked for me! Thanks for posting!

  • Sweet, worked for my family plan. Mine was due to expire 16th July.

  • Any deals on business plans?

  • Nothing :/

  • Nothing :/

  • Thanks OP! I'm currently on the Family HUP 30% off $129 = $90.30/year recurring. My subscription ends on 23rd which is perfect timing for this post. There's an option to extend for two months for me too.. However, when I clicked the button, it said it will be extended until 23/7 but after that I will be billed for $129. Does it mean I'm losing the 30% discount?

    • +1

      Not an expert, couldn't say for sure, but I'd guess that the message is probably generic rather than tailored, but it would be worth putting in a support ticket before your renewal date. Update - see comment below https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/12154348/redir it reverts to correct rate.

    • +2

      I'm also on HUP, I just extended mine with the same offer and despite it saying $129, once clicking through I am still at my HUP rate of $90.30

      • Thanks guys.. I did wonder if it is a generic message.

        When I clicked the button it gives me this:

        Extend for two months
        Two months will be added to your Microsoft 365 Family subscription at no additional cost.
        Starting 7/23/2022, we’ll charge you AU$129.00 every year.

        Corza, does yours say $90.30 when clicking the button?

        • No, mine said $129. Once I clicked through I got an email saying it'll charge $129 from +2months of my original renewal date, but when you check in your subscription on the MS account, it displays charging $90.30 on X date.

          • @corza: Thanks for confirming!! I just did and still get $90.30! extended to mid July now :)

  • Any good annual deals? I paid ~$65 last year

    • +2

      Save On IT has it for $69 which is pretty good: https://www.saveonit.com.au/product/microsoft-office-365-per...

      • Wow is this legit? The HUD is about $90, so not sure why this is lower by $20.

        • That's personal, family is $98. I assumed that the person who paid $65 was referring to personal. Lots of resellers have it a fair bit cheaper than Microsoft, which is why Microsoft wants you to turn on automatic payment - they get to keep the higher margin, instead of just the wholesale price. If you can't get the HUD discount, you can get it through a reseller for not much more.

        • Yes, Legit. Been using them for years. Even with this on, you'll still save more at saveonit.

          • @Zaxxon: Cool I'll jump on. It's just one account for me so definitely worth it!

      • -1

        Thanks @BJReplay , yes, just personal will do… Although the one I had was for 6 users, so not sure if that was personal or family.

  • Just as a bit of a warning on this deal, my account is due for renewal early June for A$90.30.

    When I click to extend by two months for free, it says "Starting 8/3/2022, we’ll charge you AU$129.00 every year."

    So not sure what's going on here but it seems cheaper for me to not get two months free, and allow the renewal to take place earlier instead.

  • So I cancelled my plan, I got a message saying enable recurring billing for 129 and get 1 month free, so I did that and now on the page it says I will be billed 90 every year.

    I have a family plan.

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    Just buy office 2019 off eBay or a key store. Perpetual license for about $10

    • -1

      Does it come with 1tb of onedrive storage?

    • +1

      That doesn't get you

      • upgrades
      • 1TB storage (for personal)
      • 6TB storage (for family)
      • free calls (skype minutes)
      • Onedrive online backups
      • and will be revoked if the likely stolen MSDN / bulk license key is detected by Microsoft
      • upgrades <—— 2019 still gets bug fixes etc, really there is little difference here
        1TB storage (for personal) <———-I use G-Drive
        6TB storage (for family) <——- See last comment
        free calls (skype minutes) <———- The 90's called and want your Skype minutes. Who uses this? There are dozens of free apps
        Onedrive online backups <———- Onedrive isn't a backup tool (There is a difference between backup and sync)
        and will be revoked if the likely stolen MSDN / bulk license key is detected by Microsoft <—— Nope, doesn't occur

        • 2TB of G-Drive storage costs $124 a year, doesn't it with Google 1? Or can you get it cheaper? That's the offer that keeps on popping up on my Gmail that is approaching its free storage limit.

          Skype lets you call land lines and mobiles for free in around 60 countries - I actually find it really useful occasionally for calling accommodation providers who aren't contacts so who aren't on whatsapp.

          Yes, I understand the difference between backup, sync, and so on, but I wasn't writing an essay, just bullet points. Given the anti-ransom-ware features - which I have actually seen work, it is a useful feature which is why I mentioned it.

          • @BJReplay: I'm only using a smaller amount and have a lot of free G-Drive space from pixel phones etc when they had free backup of photos.

            TBH - I'm considering moving the whole lot to Proton to consolidate VPN etc, the only problem is that sooner or later I am sure they'll have a duck duck go moment where they sell data.

            If you have a family of 4-5 then yes, 365 isn't a bad plan.

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