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Philips Hue E27 White Ambience LED Smart Bulb Starter Kit White Ambience $99.50 + Delivery @ Shopping Square


2 x White Ambience Hue bulbs
1 x Hue Bridge
1 x Hue Dimmer Switch

Warm White $69.95 + Delivery

2 x Warm White Hue bulbs
1 x Hue Bridge

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  • Pretty sure this was under $50 at my local Bunnings. Had to do a double take to look whether I was reading it right. Was very tempted but figured I really only wanted the bulbs and remote and cheap Tuya bulbs are good enough for me. Hue bulbs do seem to perform well with ZHA on Home Assistant though and create a stable network.

    • Is it me or has no one actually come up with a nice little battery operated google assistant compatible remote? Sometimes I just want to hit a switch to activate a preset or on/off

      • Second that.

      • Need to wait for Matter devices. Or get a home automation hub

      • Amazon echo has things like that.

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      It was $30-35 at my local Bunnings about two weeks ago. The 3-bulb colour kit was $120.

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      Hue bulbs do seem to perform well with ZHA on Home Assistant though

      Much better to use a Hue hub with your Zigbee lights (Hue, Ikea, etc) and get Home Assistant to talk to that.
      So set up rooms etc in the Hue app, or Hue Essentials, and get google/alexa control. You can still use HA as well.
      I use ZHA for other things such as door and motion sensors.

      • I use the Hue bridge and it works perfectly. I'm moving away from Tuya - hate relying on the cloud and localtuya is a PITA to set up. I've just ordered a bunch of replacement ZigBee bulbs from Ali.

    • My local Bunnings seem to randomly deep discount their Hue kits every once in a while - you'd think it was because they were going to stop stocking them, but the kits keep showing up again.

      Not that I'm complaining, I've gotten quite a few cheap/free bulbs from them (since you can just sell the bridge).

    • Yep it was. ZigBee will always be better then wifi bulbs especially once you go over 30 bulbs. Which is pretty easy to do

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    Thanks OP,

    Are these the newer gen that can operate via Bluetooth & Threads, or the gen 1 that requires the Hue hub/bridge?

    • It's bluetooth

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    I don't think these are a bargain, at least for the setup you end up with.

    I bought a couple of the bayonet connector Hue White Ambient bulbs for $15 each shipped via Amazon Prime maybe a month back. If you just want dimming they'll talk to your phone over Low Energy Bluetooth, or you can turn them on and off via a regular power switch (they remember your preferred brightness). If you want something smarter you'd be better off springing for a zigbee adapter and a PC/Raspberry Pi running Home Assistant, or maybe see if they'll talk directly to Alexa etc.

    • No idea why you'd buy these if you didn't have a hub. Might as well go for Tuya bulbs

      • Generally agree although they are brighter than most of the Tuyas. Plus at least some Tuyas become only controllable from the app and won't work properly from the switch at all.

  • What can you do with the hue system that you can't with normal WiFi bulbs? Besides the advantage of ZigBee not having interference with network wi-fi?

    • Binding remotes to bulbs without having any hub or internet.
      ZigBee bulbs also act as mesh network routers/repeaters to repeat ZigBee signals making it easier to spread out ZigBee sensors across your house. E.g. temperature, door, humidity, VOC, ,smoke, etc. Sensors

      But if you don't plan on ever getting those things it's a waste of money mostly.

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      Probably nothing. But they are ridiculously reliable. I haven't had anything disconnect in probably five years or so. I've had one globe fail.

      It's not that ZigBee doesn't interfere with wifi because it absolutely can, but the advantage is that
      They become more reliable the more devices you have. Wifi becomes less reliable. I have 30-40 ZigBee bulbs and I think it would be a nightmare with wifi.

      If you cut power to a wifi bulb it takes a minute before it reconnects, ZigBee is controllable right away.

      Hue is compatible with everything else Smart Home wise and it's so pervasive anything new that comes out will almost definitely also be compatible.

      • Hue is compatible with other Zigbee light bulbs, but nothing else, not switches, sensors.
        And if you are an Apple person, Hue does not expose non-Hue bulbs to Homekit. But that is Apple's fault.

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