Free Trial Box + $11.95 Express Post (Free Shipping over $150) @ The Fit Dad Lifestyle


10 single serve packs across their energy, recovery and hydration range. Valued at $24.95.

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The Fit Dad Lifestyle
The Fit Dad Lifestyle


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    Cheers OP. Will give them a go 👌

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    Free Fit Dad

    A DILF for the MILF?

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    Tbh this looks like a marketing scam.

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      Shameless marketing promotion? Absolutely.
      A marketing scam? Only if they don't deliver the product.

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    This is not good, classic data grab under the guise of something free which is not. $11.95

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    It couldn't be a scam "Jake from Sydney has just purchased" everytime I visit the website. I'm holding off till I get my free tea samples ordered 2 years ago.

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    "Energy" is 190mg caffeine per serve. I've always wondered - I enjoy a coffee in the morning (about 80-90mg caffeine) so it baffles me how a preworkout could be consumed in the vicinity of having the coffee (equating to like 3x coffees in the morning). How do people do it without developing some crazy heart condition or be on edge all the time. AND what happens the caffeine wears off, let alone sleep implications of had later in the day.

    I haven't tried it so don't know how I would react but keen to see if there is a way to do it (maybe just don't have coffee when you know you'll take preworkout?)

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      Caffeine hits us all differently.
      I love a coffee before bed 😂

      • Don’t be too convinced.
        Studies show that even seasoned coffee drinkers loose REM sleep at night.

        Could be the vicious caffeine cycle too.

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      Someone gave me one of these uber caffeine products before. Went to work later and I literally couldn't type fast enough all day, errors everywhere… It was awfully just awful and took ages for it to wear off..

    • Another supplement gimmic tbh.

      Don’t get me wrong..
      Having a caffeine hit before a workout can do wonders, but that much caffeine…

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    $11.95 for 66g? Why not just buy a pre-workout?

  • scam

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