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ThinkPad E14 Gen 4 / AMD Ryzen 7 5825U / 300 nits 14” FHD / 512GB SSD / 16GB RAM / $1233 Shipped (2 days) @ Lenovo


$45 more than last time but has upgraded 8-core CPU and Windows Pro. This is local stock with fixed specs and ready for dispatch in 2 business days (confirmed by Lenovo). Apply eCoupon TA-5825U at checkout for discount. Call Lenovo's telesales number on 1300 557 073 with questions (until 5pm daily). Ends 11:59pm AEST 22/05/22, unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Also earn $128 Lenovo Rewards Dollars for future spend.

  • AMD Ryzen 7 5825U 8-core CPU
  • 14" FHD IPS (1920 x 1080) 300nits
  • 512GB SSD M.2 PCIe
  • 16GB DDR4 SODIMM 3200MHz
  • Windows 10 Pro 64 (W11 Pro 64 upgrade)
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • 324mm x 220.7mm x 17.9mm (1.64kg)

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  • Thanks @tightarse sounds like a good deal - passing it to my sis

    • Make sure she doesn’t get nits.

  • +1

    I'll buy it the second they put a 50+wh battery

  • +1

    can i upgrade to 1TB ssd?

  • Great Deal TA, thanks :)

    • +5

      Same specs


      14” (TA’s)

      AMD Ryzen™ 7 5825U (8C / 16T, 2.0 / 4.5GHz, 4MB L2 / 16MB L3)
      IR & 1080p with Privacy Shutter

      the 15”

      AMD Ryzen™ 7 5700U (8C / 16T, 1.8 / 4.3GHz, 4MB L2 / 8MB L3)
      720p with Privacy Shutter

      • +3

        Not to mention the 5500U and 5700U are Zen2, the 56xxU and 58xxU are Zen3 chips.

        • +3

          The 5825U is a 8Core / 16 thread so yes it uses SMT (Simultaneous Mutli Threading or HyperThreading on intel).

          The processor also has NX bit


          • +4

            @FabMan: AMD are listing it as "AMD Enhanced Virus Protection (NX bit)" now which suggests it incorporates the functionality of NX bit but in a new solution.

            In either case that verus.com link has incorrect information in regard to both NX and SMT.

            Leafwalker if you read this don't be disheartened by your first comment, take it as a learning exercise. Always try and go to the original source to fact check, in this case the AMD specification page is the best place to check.

  • +1

    How good are the amd ryzen processors compared to the intel cores? Need to buy laptop for work but haven't been keeping up with the trends. Last time i checked a few years ago, amd was still not that good.

    • +1

      They are good, on par or better in a lot of cases like core count or efficiency (VS Intel).

      • So, the price difference is mostly a "brand" thing. I was looking at the thinkpads for work, at a max of $2000 but most are AMD so was a little bit worried

        • +7

          Understandable, AMD has had the unreliable label in the past for good reasons, the 3000 series laptop chips were pretty ordinary VS Intel but 4000 closed the gap and the 5000 took the lead in core and efficiency, the 6000 is very efficient per watt but the 12th gen intels are slightly ahead in performance they can be a bit more power hungry though. I think work wise either 12th gen Intel 5000 or 6000 AMD are all great.

          • +1

            @scud70: Then you so much for the explanation. That really helps. Doing a quick Google search provided me with information overload, do ended up worst

            • +3

              @gonzule: If you are looking at better battery life, AMD CPUs since the 4000 series are more efficient and have better performance per watt. Ryzen 5000 and 6000 series CPU have increased efficiency even further.
              In general AMD Ryzen integrated graphics is also a lot better than Intel. There are plenty of videos on YouTube demonstrating it's capabilities.
              Intel 12 gen do provide a good performance bump in bursts, with their P cores, but at the expense of performance per watt and battery life. They need a TDP of 50w or higher to be competitive, whilst AMD Ryzen performs well at 15w to 50w TDP and is better for smaller form factor laptops.

  • +1

    how do lenovo compare to Asus? like thinkpads to vivopros and gaming Asus laptops?

    • looking for a 1TB SSD laptop.. with 16GB ram or 32 ram.

      • Buy ASUS if you can, ASUS laptops are generally great, from personal retail experience Lenovo laptops are the most problematic and annoying to deal with (especially regarding their service centre).

        • -1

          really thankyou. i know asus is far superior

        • Lenovo is Chinese owned company, bought from IBM. I'm using Lenovo Ideapad ultrabook for nearly 10 years, it's still running great. Beside it doesn't have enough ram (8GB ram) for a up-to-date tasks with Chrome, and its driver support is crappy, they're generally great. I dropped it many times, soup-pouring, and it's still working!.

          • @ntt: Can’t speak about older Lenovo ideapads but the modern ones are generally trash. I’m seeing them with keyboard failures, motherboard failures, the odd battery issue, etc.

  • +2

    just a heads up.. bought a lenovo from a recent sale, fan sounded like a jet turbine. Lenovo sent out a rep, said they weren't sure what the problem was BUT they wanted to replace parts. Parts were on back order for 3months minimum they said, so i got a refund instead

    • +1

      Not suprised at all if it was an Ideapad

      • Hapened to me, had to install a special software to keep the fan on check, as recommended by some online forums

  • +1

    Quite like the jb / good guys laptop book 4 a lot more than this.

  • codes got a bit boring

    I want the return of THINKARSE

  • This or the surface laptop 4 deal for portable office use? The lenovo has better specifications for the price but doesn't have touch screen and battery seems a bit small

  • good for linux?

  • Anyone actually got one? Keen to know real world battery life

  • Hi TA, any deal on a thinkpad where your code brings it to just $2000? Need a new laptop for work so trying to maximize the use of the money they are providing for this

  • Previously cashreward was 15% for Lenovo. Coming back anytime soon for this deal?

  • Is this laptop business quality? (Ie sturdy build, not cheap plastic)

    • Has PRO OS and onsite premier support seems like business NB

  • Such a great deal TA

  • Would have been great if they came with non-soldered memory

  • Hi TA, just wondering if Xiaoxin Pro 14 with AMD 6800/6900U/H/HS will come out anytime soon?

    Had a Xiaoxin Pro with 4800U and I liked it., but need a new laptop for niece, but can't find any Ultra portable laptop with 6000 AMD CPUs.

    • There's a bunch of Lenovo stuff with 6000 series stuff rolling out now (most of it announced this week) - I'd imagine it will be rolled out across the range soon enough.

      I think the H series chips are coming out first with U series products to follow shortly after.

  • I have a 2yo AMD E14 (4000 series Ryzen 7). It's a fantastic laptop for the price. I will upgrade it to the new T14 AMD when they come out later in the year.

    • Same! I'm coming up to 2 years now and can't fault it, I use Linux and hardware, power management (suspend) "just works", battery life is fantastic. I would consider replacing it with this offer but there is really no need. Only concern might be the chassis flex and lack of rigidity/durability. You can't grab it by one corner without it creaking and fearing you'll crack the screen. But that hasn't affected me using it as a daily driver in a IT role.

  • Lenovo, the laptop brand of choice for elite OzBargaining. Cheers TA.

  • I appreciate the deal and acknowledge it's a good price for 2022, but I sure miss the days of 2018 when you could spec up an equivalent E485 for ~$1000.

    Damn inflation.

    • Most items are apprx 40% dearer, this is a good price indeed

      • Most items are apprx 40% dearer

        Yeah I think the days of tech continually getting cheaper are behind us.

        Looks like I'll be hanging onto my E485 for a while longer.

  • Would anyone comment on whether this could handle 4k x265 output. I understand that's probably a CPU dominant task given the decompression.

  • Will the cashrewards apply when using the code on this?

  • I have an old X1 Carbon gen1 which I love but sadly after 7 years the battery doesn’t last more than 5 minutes (even after replacement) and the screen is shot.

    Would this be similar form factor and style and thickness?

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