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Ivacy VPN & Surfshark VPN 95% Cashback @ Cashrewards


Both have 30 day money back guarantee. From previous posts, use the Cashrewards mobile app for best results.

Ivacy VPN Link:

Surfshark VPN Link:

Referral Links

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • What’s the cost of these after all discounts, too confusing for me.
    Shark link says 81% off so is it then 95% cash back off that low price (95% off us$3.29 month)?

    • The cost is 100% lost privacy.

      • I thought that the whole point of a VPN was to increase privacy? Or am I mistaken?

        • Trust is everything.

          I've used lvacy VPN and it's not good. They leaked my info (brought 5 years)

          • +2

            @neednoLOVE: How do you know that they leaked your info?

            • @bashar20: While I was "connected" I wasn't, the app was faulty and was told it was my fault because I didn't shut down the app. They didn't care. And they also keep connection logs.

              • @neednoLOVE: Surfshark supposedly don't keep logs and all ram based servers so should be private and safer?

                • @SaberX: I haven't used Surfshark, they don't support Linux but it's hard to know if any VPN keeps logs until it's too late (Court case)

                  Zero logging is just a marketing term, most do have some kind of logs but not what you're using the VPN for.

          • @neednoLOVE: Where did you bring it?

    • +2

      You get 81% off the normal price then 95% Cashback from what you pay. I payed $76.69 + gst ( $87.16) and got $72.95 Cashback. So $14.21 for 2 years

      • Thanks.

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