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Fluke 117 True RMS Multimeter $300 Delivered @ Laserman


The well-known Fluke 117 True RMS Multimeter, rarely available at that price.

EEVblog review & teardown (Thanks Dave!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3k9nVg03Wi4

Edit: If you also need the clamp meter then this is a combo deal which is currently eligible for some redemptions:

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    link says that this is a 117.

    https://laserman.com.au/products/fluke-fluke-177-esfp-true-r... is the correct link and is actually $429

    • That one looks like its got CATIV rating additional to CATIII. I'm not sure why the model numbers are the same. There's also different numbers of ports on each one

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        model numbers are different. The OP's link shows 117 but the title says 177.

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          So itโ€™s not a fluke that itโ€™s listed at that price?

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          My bad, got my fingers tangled, all edited. Thanks for letting me know!

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      Master Chief has entered the chat.

      • so what does cooking got do with mutlimeter. Do use measure resistance of meat to tell when it cooked ?

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          Read my comment again. Especially the "chief" part.

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    • That's a good price for a 177

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      was gonna grab this but $25 shipping kills it

      whys the free shipping at $549. lmao

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    The 117 is very basic the 177 is a great meter while still basic a much better meter a basic trade quantity electricans multimeter.

    I would not touch the 117 you may was well grab a meter form supercheap.

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      The 117 is more than adequate for your average domestic electrician.

    • I would not touch the 117 you may was well grab a meter form supercheap.

      No way I'd use a meter from Supercheap on mains. Unfused inputs, leads made as cheaply as possible, dangerous for use with mains. Fluke multimeters are designed for safety, to a much higher degree than cheap Supercheap meters.

      But I agree with you that most Fluke multimeters are overpriced for what they are.

      • Anyone that's a lecky does not want a 117 or at least knows what there doing.

        My assumption is that the 117 would be for someone using it on there car or some electronics.
        Would I use one of sca better meters to measure mains voltage sure why not. I wouldn't trust it to be accurate but as fair as a unskilled user on here would go it will do the job.

        I have numerous fluke multimeters including the 117/119 (inbuilt voltage promixty detection) and 175/177. But you simply can't beat the 189 but now works going to 289 which i hate.

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    I still have, and use, the Fluke multimeter that was issued to me as a first year apprentice electrician in 1983. An incredible and reliable tool.

    • +1

      Likewise, Fluke 75 bought in 1986 still works fine. Dropped it about 1998, was able to purchase a genuine replacement case. Probably not available now, but 3D printing is now an option.

  • +3

    Good little meter. I've got a $2k 789 Processmeter in my toolbox but prefer my 117 when I don't need the advanced functions of the 789.

    Nice and compact, fits in the hand well and robust/durable.

  • +2

    All I want is a multimeter with frickin lasers on it. Can't you do that, Laserman?

    Na Na Na Na Na, Laserman

  • Best wife of a sparky ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฟ

  • How much better is this than a Klein Tools MM400?

      • The selector knob is designed so you can turn it with your thumb, for one-handed mode changes.
      • True RMS measurements.
      • The bargraph on Fluke multimeters is one of the best features. On most (all?) Fluke multimeters, it updates at about 30 times a second, so for fast-varying signals you can get an idea of the voltage. Most multimeters won't settle for this type of measurement, you'll have no idea of the voltage.
  • +1

    Proud owner of 2x Fluke 189 for 10+ years here, love them! Would never "upgrade" to the gimmicky 289.

  • Was going to get EEVblog BM235 Multimeter.
    Is this one better? (I know, better brand, but what about functionality wise?)

    • +5

      Fluke 117 is targeted at electricians. BM235 is more of an electronics multimeter. BM235 has uA and mA ranges for measuring low currents which the Fluke 117 does not have. OTOH Fluke 117 has Non Contact Voltage (Voltalert) which the BM235 lacks.

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      I have the BM235 and it's really good. Build quality is solid and comes with decent probes. I paid $130 for mine back in 2019 and I think it's very good value for the price. I personally wouldn't spend an extra $170 on the fluke 117.

  • Let my NSW Contractors licence lapse last week, I'll miss upgrading my meters, as there's nothing like a good Fluke meter with true RMS
    Especially if it comes with case and alligator clips

    Also the wireless model looks awesome

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    I just watched the whole 20 min review video from the description because that guy is damn brilliant! I like it!

    • +1

      He's the best!

  • +3

    Not sure about those prices. Seems like they are jacked up distributor prices.
    i.e. Full price at another authorised resellers, TriplePoint / Mektronics etc and its $3xx. Add trade and $300 is normal price.

    ** I had a look at the LinkIQ and its listed as 3.4k for JUST the basic kit. Else where 3.4k gets you the entire diagnostic trace kit

  • Off topic: Can anyone recommend a quality, small, lightweight meter for measuring control-level DC voltages (i.e., 0 - 24 V DC) and ideally current?

    • +1

      I have this one, it's pretty good, and it's quite small. Dimensions listed on page are accurate:

      Battery for this multimeter is 2xAAA batteries, I have mine running from AAA eneloops.

      Note price is in USD, and shipping is free if your order exceeds US$20. Add a cheap USB cable to your order and you'll get free shipping. Total price is just under AU$30 delivered if you have a good credit card that doesn't sting you for overseas purchases. Shipping typically 3-4 weeks (from China).

      • Great. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

        • +1

          Check ebay and AliExpress too, it may be available cheaper there. There are also clones available, e.g. "Zotac" brand.

    • +1

      Dave mentioned above was selling Sanwa PM300. So I assume it's got his tick of approval. :)
      Out of stock there but you can find it from other places.

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