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50% off Coffee and Merch + Delivery ($0 to VIC/ $0 with $50 Order) @ Inglewood Coffee Roasters


Inglewood suddenly have flash sale for 72hrs.

50% off coffee and merch

free delivery within VIC


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Inglewood Coffee Roasters
Inglewood Coffee Roasters


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    "Yeah, Inglewood, Inglewood always up to no good"

    • Member when Inglewood use to be a top deal

      I member

  • No love for outside VIC? (For shipping)

    • Yeah I don't get it. Postage is the same to Sydney as other suburbs in Vic.

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        Meh, just order over $50 and get free shipping anyway

    • They deliver it themselves. Not via postage service.

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        I'm only 2 suburbs away and they have always shipped with xpresstoyou.

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    Doh! Have been waiting for this and just bought some other ones. Any chance for delayed shipping? :)

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      Yeah curious about delayed shipping too — seems to be a more common thing roasters are offering now.
      Should be a positive thing to allow them to secure more orders during limited promotional periods like these!

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    Damn, hoping for another big discount sidewise/brewing equipment!

    (There is 20% off brewing equipment, btw - should add that to the post. Not as great as past deals, but still might be useful to someone!)

  • 50% off Inglewood coffee seems like an OK deal.

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      Its their normal price. The most I've paid has been 40% off

    • Airjo is setting a good benchmark though, $30/kg is still pretty high on the OzB scale ;)

    • Their RRP has changed, 50% off about a year ago gives a better deal.

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    Did their price increase?

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      Inflated a bit from $25/kg to $30 in the past.

  • Which one is better: Sunset Blvd Blend or Roosevelt Blend?

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      Sunset Blvd is excellent.

    • I prefer SB. I found RB a little sour. I mostly drink milk based espressos.

    • Flat white drinkers here. We've had both. Prefer Roosevelt.

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      They’re both good but I prefer Roosevelt, I drink milk based coffees and find the Roosevelt blend to cut better against the milk compared to SB

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      Agree with Roosevelt being more suited for milk based drinks

  • Do you offer pick up?

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    Set those alarms because we are launching a 72 HOUR FLASH SALE online from midnight tonight 🎉


    ​Sale will go live 12:00am tonight 22/05/22 and end 11:59pm Tuesday 24/05/22.

  • Sunset Blvd or Roosevelt ?

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    ayy looks like its increased to $30/kg

    • jacked discount price like feebay?

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        They sent an email a couple of weeks ago explaining price increases. Seems unrelated to a 50% off sale. Still pretty amazing pricing even at 30/kg

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          I think $30 a kilo is about what you’d expect to pay for cheap coffee at the moment. Given the price increases in coffee beans internationally, the days when cheap coffee used to be somewhere around $20-25 a kilo will be few and far between

  • Is their Nespresso pods any good?

    • Not from my experience, lor, nespresso, etc much better

      • Thanks mate

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    I'll take 50% off a linea mini…

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    Thanks OP picked up rhino milk jug and prana chai to sample.

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    You can test it @ Bentwood Fitzroy Cafe 237 Napier St, Fitzroy VIC 3065
    I prefer their sunset blvd blend
    Delivery times can be long, especially with these drops, I don’t think they offer click and collect but that would be nice
    Hope this helps fellow home baristas :)

  • Sunset Blvd per kg increased from $25 to $30, flat rate shipping to a non VIC addr=$5.5
    comparing with previous free shipping deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/651747), the total increase is $10.5
    I would probably say no this time.

    • Mate, that was 8 months ago…

      Per cup, if you’re buying beans, the price has gone up like 1 cent.

      If you want to wait another 8 months because a price increase from 30 cents to 31 cents is too much for you, then go ahead.

      And this is while keeping in mind that inflation is current all around us and supply chain/international shipping issues are quite real.

      A little perspective please.

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        I agree with Inflation to some texent, but 42% increase is not merely 1 cent increase per cup for me

    • Sicilia beans are still $21 (for 1kg mild medium) plus $8 shipping. No price rise yet.

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        Most of their beans have no source information (sometimes continent, rarely country…), and no details about processing method (wet/natural) either, so they're more inline with that tier of roasters

  • whats the Ethiopian Guji like?

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    Thanks silverbluephoenix, this came just in time :-)

  • Website down - Ozbargained?

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    Reminder that there delivery has been very patchy, +20 days in the past. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/651747?page=2#comment

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      This. When I queried them about it last time they said that they aim to have it picked up within 1 WEEK of ordering. Less than ideal.

  • Is VST basket worth the money? Should i just go with Presado or Pullman basket?

    • I find my vst basket very unforgiving. When everything goes right, I feel I get a better extraction, but it is more prone to edge channeling and seems much more sensitive to subtle grind variation. I rarely use it anymore.

  • Anybody tried the Nespresso pod versions?

    • Yes, at 55c a pod (if you buy 60 pods for $33) is worth a try. No coffee connoisseur here but personally found this to better than most of the Nespresso series and comparable to Urban Brew strength 12.

  • How long for them to pack an order and ship?

    • Shipped after 9 days, arrived in a total of 16 days to VIC during last sale and didn't come with roast date.

  • Ordered mine on Monday, arrived on Wednesday (VIC) free express delivery.
    Ordered 250g they sent 500g.

  • I ordered on Sunday, ordered was processed Tuesday and picked up by courier on Tuesday. It has been displaying "In Depot" since then on the couriers website… I've just contacted them and they've replied to say it's been "flagged as a must travel priority on Monday for you" with apologies…

    just ran out of coffee today too - bad timing…

  • Ordered Sunday. Tracking number provided Tuesday. Arrived today.

  • Ordered on the 24th, and no updates since. I bought the Roosevelt Blend too so nothing unusual… hopefully it will arrive soon?

    • This is the problem I found with Inglewood recently. By the time your coffee arrives I no longer consider it fresh.

  • Just received my 1kg beans today. Roast date is 23 May. The bag did not seal properly. Very disappointed with Inglewood.

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