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Lenovo Tab P11 (11" 2K, Android 11, 6GB/128GB, SD662, Widevine L1) US$176.59 (~A$252.20) Delivered @ Memall Store AliExpress


The last two deals on this popular Lenovo tablet went out of stock and now another AliExpress store have it instock for a little bit less. In the same listing you can grab the 4GB/64GB version for US$155.69 (~A$222.35).

Featuring Android 10 (Android 11 via OTA), 11" 2K 2000x1200 IPS 400nits display, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage (expandable), Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 CPU with Adreno 610 GPU, Widevine L1 DRM for Amazon/Netflix HD, 7700mAh battery with QC 3.0 fast charging, 4 speakers with Dolby Atmos, 8MP front camera, 13MP rear camera, WiFi 5, BT 5.1, GPS, Pogo Pins for keyboard case, USB-C and PC mode.

For reviews I recommend checking out ETA Prime as it shows general usage, video playback, gaming and emulation.

  • Apply the coupon 5CPR17 or 5MAY17 at checkout

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate, GST inclusive and stacks with cashback.

Netflix and Widevine L1 Issues

The tablet has Widevine L1 DRM for Netflix HD and you need to follow these instructions to make the preinstalled app work. There is a chance that Netflix will still block this tablet like they have for the some of the other Chinese Xiaoxin models resulting in SD playback.

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    Saw this with pen for $348 on clearance at JBHIFI. Not sure if it is worth it compared to this for "convenience" and warranty.

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      Considering it's $449 online that's a really good instore offer. You'll get 4GB RAM with 128GB storage instead of 64GB, a Lenovo Precision Pen 2 and there's no Widevine L1 issues with that one for Netflix HD.

    • +1

      I am in the same boat with the warranty would want something local btw how did you get that price $348 got any photos so I can price match Thanks

      • Can u get a pricematch on a clearance item?

    • Is this deal specific to a single store or is it across all JB Hi-Fi stores? Cannot see anything on their website.

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    Ordered from memall on aliexpress P11 Pro 2021 model, paid up front.
    1. Your address wrong (same address used on aliexpress for last 7yrs all arrived safely)
    2. Cancel order please, re order correct address price up by $50 no Dhl shipping now 38au extra.
    3. Oh DHL cannot collect for 2 weeks too busy, amazing 8 other packages sent by DHL same city.
    4. If you cancel order refund maybe month if you choose refund " Seller out of stock "

    Took 3 weeks to get my money back, I'd avoid this shop like the plague as to what ops connection is to memall no idea but wasn't helpful in any of my messages.

    Bought from lenovo official store aliexpress 15 bux more shipped next day.

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      I'd avoid this shop like the plague as to what ops connection is to memall no idea but wasn't helpful in any of my messages.

      Honest question. What did you expect me to do about it? I don't work for AliExpress and I don't work for any AliExpress stores.

      What's likely happened is that you chose DHL and the cost for the seller to ship the order to your address via DHL was too expensive. AliExpress sellers can't just "cancel" your order. You must go into the order details and request a cancellation and then they can accept it.

      • +3

        Nope DHL was an extra $45 well n truly covered its weight. (Paid exactly that for mi 5 tablet n keyboard case b4) Didn't expect you to do much but your constantly posting aliexpress deals where memall is the aliexpress seller, I would assume negative feedback on them you would probably want to know what was behind their poor service before posting another deal from them. As to your relationship with them or not I don't know.

        Has anyone from previous deals posted by you have positive feedback about them ? That negates my experience maybe people have received tablets, haven't seen anything in the threads.

        And aliexpress sellers can cancel orders had it happen before, in the long run I cancelled but seller wouldn't accept any reason except " I don't want product anymore " so I had to go through PayPal dispute.

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      It's against the OzBargain community guidelines to downvote a Clear post

    • +1

      I feel for you and it sucks when this happens but for Clear credit it's not his fault. He just helping the community by posting these deals to which I did bought a tablet and I wouldn't known if he did not posted that deal.

      • It's like chasing after the kid who puts Aldi catalogues into your letterbox because you had a bad experience instore. It's not his fault.

        • Not blaming clear at all, but he should be aware if ozbargainer has bad experience with seller he posts about. Otherwise others might get burned..

          • +2

            @Wayne7497: It was how you worded your original comment about how I wasn't helpful. Simply because there was nothing I could do..

    • bought the exact same thing and mine came in 10 days and I'm using my p11 pro as we speak. sorry to hear. didn't buy off lenovo store I don't think. I got the p11 pro non 2021 edition

    • Thanks for taking the time and effort to write about your experience. When it comes to Aliexpress sellers, I appreciate all the info I can get

    • Yeah I made an effort to buy from the official stores.

      I ordered two tablets and both turned up no problems, very happy.
      One of the suppliers did contact me to ask that I include my surname on the shipping details as they were concerned it might be rejected by customs.

      I admit I was holding my breath to see if it would turn up.
      Not sure if I just got luck (twice) but I'd definitely buy from them again.

      • It's important to note that anyone can put "Official Store" in their name on AliExpress, like they have with 'Lenovo Official Store'. It's not Lenovo themselves but a reseller. I know someone who used to work for them about 3 years ago and they had quite a lot of other stores with Official in the name.

        • Either way they shipped immediately, they have 98% positive feedback. And I've bought from them before and they warrantied a 8 month old tablet no problems.

          • @Wayne7497: I'm not saying they're bad. Just people need to stop thinking every store is official for when something goes wrong.

  • Even you get widevine L1. It still doesn't work on Prime Video. There are some chinese stuff which i couldn't get of, are annoying as hell

  • Love my Tab P11 Pro with oled screen. Amazing value, plays 4K HEVC movies with ease etc. highly recommend that over this normal tablet unless you won’t watch movies or download stuff etc.

    Feel like the 662 CPU would’ve struggled with some of the files i torrent etc

    • As an owner of a P11, the 662 will as it doesn't have X265 Acceleration

      • I see! Good to know. I bought the normal p11 and was worried.. so I upgraded (also due to OLED screen). Thank goodness!!!

        Can you test 4K HEVC torrents or similar and let me know if just how bad it buffers? No one on YouTube seems to test this :)

        • The buffering isn't an issue, the lack of hardware acceleration means it just doesn't have the ability to play back 4k HEVC (Or even 1080P HEVC) at more than a stuttery mess. H264 is fine though.

          • @witheredcouch: I see. My bad misinterpreted it. Thank god I got the OLED one then, I nearly bought the normal p11…

  • Just a thought, if i was to purchase this from JBHIFI for example AUS version,can a P11 use a simcard?

  • @Clear - so on paper only differences I can see between this and the Xioaxin P11 Plus (not Pro) is the CPU and additional rear camera?

    Worth the extra ~$100 for the upgrade for a basic user running multiple browsing tabs, watching Youtube, who won't likely be running games?

  • Well Lenovo aliexpress store came through ordered May 16th delivered today via Australia Post (free aliexpress post) extremely well packaged.

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