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[JB Perks] Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Air T15 $499 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Ninebot KickScooter Air T15 is the most compact, lightweight, and energy-efficient electric kickscooter ever introduced to navigate in a city environment.

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi


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  • Another code.. i wont be using it:-

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    Let's see how long before someone ask if it is legal to ride in (insert state name here).

    Here is my code: 92ZP8AQKW1R6OK

  • My code: 92RHTFPIURKUJO

  • 92LCYCRJA180ZH

    I'm sure half of OzB would already have a code emailed this morning but hey

  • Thanks OP


  • Here’s mine :)


  • 92O38ERBZO3D04

  • 92XMIV4M6WHTN6

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    Whose going to be the first a-hole that tries to resell to make a profit. It’s not a brilliant business idea. Ur just a xxxx.

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      Thus even worth reselling? Like theres little upside.

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      The real RRP is $550. They're available at multiple sites for under $600


  • If anybody needs: 92WPWOPU7OHR3N

  • 92EF2G76V52WHU

  • This one or the Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30???

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      As your only scooter? The g30.
      As a scooter you'll regularly use over multi-km journeys? The g30
      As a scooter you'll use for short trips, or for the "final few km" between train station and work? The air t15
      As a scooter for the kids? The air t15

      Source: I have both the g30L and the t15.

      • I've been waiting on a deal for the g30 max for 5 months now, there hasn't been any :(

        • This one on eBay is about $930 if you have eBay plus

          • @mingofmongo: That's the G30L, I'm after the G30 Max or the G30P MAX

            • @Toffcuz: If you only want the G30 and aren't willing to settle for the G30L then definitely avoid the Air T15, the range is nowhere near that of either model.

              I have a G30L (firmware hacked to think it's a G30LP) - power and range are both grewt. Longest I've gone is 25km on a single charge, still had 20% battery left.

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          I feel your pain.. I've been waiting for them to drop forever.

          They were $799 at JB Hifi ages ago

        • Just get the Mi Pro 2 instead - I'm glad I got it over the G300as it's much lighter and smaller wheels are perfect for city rosds. Got it hacked in about 5 minutes and doing up to 30 km/h.

          • @elektron: How does it go on bumps ?

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              @Shaquille Oatmeal: It goes over them with no issues. I love this scooter and I love the fact that I got this for under $600 instead of the G30, which was initially my first choice.

      • I understand it won't be super fast but at 95kg will this move?

  • Claim by manufacturer is 15km range (under ideal conditions).
    Some reviewers are saying they are only getting 6-7km range.

    • +7

      It really depend on your weight. I have 1 xiaomi scooter (not this model) that claimed has 35km range. When my housemate use it, she can go to work and go back home without additional charging. She is around 60kg. When I use it from full charge and visit her on her work, it only 20%-30% remain. I am 95kg.

      • Thanks, I've just started looking at escooters and this is an important factor for me (I'm a rather large man!)

  • Code 92AJNX05ZV426A

  • Just incase someone needs it - 923TATFKAEFVQB

  • My code is 92UIOK3O23LM8C. Have fun!

  • Seems like there are plenty of spare codes available - I still have one. PM me if you want one and none are available

  • Code: 92GW2VY2JKTR5U

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    Not much of an actually saving when other places are selling for $587.

    Also, it's lightweight but poor range and poor speed!

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    Whilst I’m not going to grab this deal, massive kudos to everyone sharing your codes.

    Thanks OB Community!

  • my code 92G5YVYOXAY6IV

  • If anyone still needs a code, here's mine.


  • Can someone kindly inbox me a code please. Site looks down so I'll hope to try a little later.

    • Check your DM

      • Thanks Lostinsydney. Found a code and didn't update. Many thanks, welcome to share with anyone elsem

  • half as useless as a unagi, as it half the price

  • 92PGR4XOKS57OU


  • 92HJA771H83RUP

    • Thanks TA. Used this code and $200 JB gift card. This will be my first electric scooter. Cheers

  • Can anyone please pm me a code? Thanks!

    • Nevermind. Sorted

  • 922N7F85FM48JW

    • +1

      Used. Thanks S!

  • How to get a code?

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      Your coupon code:


      • Thanks buddy!!

  • Can anyone DM me a code for this. I’ve tried most of these and they are already used. Thanks in advance

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      • Thanks I got one so all good. Thanks everyone 👍


  • I have a code if anyone needs one. DM me. First come best dressed. (CLAIMED)

  • 92TZ7TL371AHDD

  • PM if you want a code I have a few…..

  • If someone needs a code:

  • 920D8S1HH3LGYF

  • 92CJXNHGDX3O53

  • Can someone please PM me a code? :)

  • 920XX0ALKH8P66

  • +1

    my wife got one of these, its kinda annoying so we dont use it much.

    beeps are really annoying (like the 'horn')

    super weak / slow even in S mode, throttle feels unnatural, brake feels not great, superrrr bumpy on any terrain other than smooth concrete / asphalt.

    we paid over $1k for it and immediately regretted it :(

    • you would regret it at $500.. like unagi.. like a model, looks good.. cant do much else.

  • For those who need a code

  • 92B1FJ8G4PGH8T if anyone wants it

  • Do anyone know if it’s possible to buy a legal scooter from somewhere?
    I.e. maximum power output of 200 watts or less, and is not able to travel faster than 10 km/h.

    • bigw kmart, catch, kog, any of the kids ones.

  • Any more codes please


  • Spare code for anyone: 92U3P5LB6ZWK24

  • 92UV3FV3XOYJP5


  • reply if you use it

  • Thanks got one

  • If anyone has a spare code still, I'd love one.

    • Was a sent a code now. Thanks

  • We got 1. Seems OK so far.

  • Seems I am late. Please share a link if someone still got a spare code. Or is not here a way I can create a code via JB perks?

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      I'm still in the same situation of seeking a code mate. Signed up with JB but looks like we missed the boat.

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      Here is mine… 926Z4V50UDH3DH

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        Thanks a lot mate. Mrs will be happy 😊
        @Markosx hope you get a code soon

        • Thanks. Received a code now. Thanks kind Ozbargainer

  • Still fresh lol:



  • 92J5V087Q03V5H

  • 925Q70GRYS5V05

  • Here is mine


  • Here's mine

  • Hi there, can I get one more code please

  • Can anyone DM me a code for this. I’ve tried most of these and they are already used. Thanks in advance

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