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Braun Series 5 50-B1000S Electric Shaver Wet & Dry, Rechargeable $79 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Seems a good price for this shaver.

Electric shaver with 3 Flexible Blades that adapts to facial contours for a close shave made easy
The EasyClean system delivers a fast and easy cleaning without removing the shaver head
Li-Ion Battery for up to 3 weeks of shaving; 5 minutes quick charge for one full shave
100 waterproof electric razor for Wet Dry us
Compatible with EasyClick to upgrade your shaver

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    What are peoples thoughts of these? I have a Phillips oneblade which is convenient but rubbish at getting a close shave. I know none of these will be like a razor but are these any good for day to day use?

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      Woman at shavershop said the closest shave is always gonna be single blade.

      I have Phillips arc5 which I bought on sale, 2 years agom now blades and foils will cost more than I paid originally.

      Before that had Braun 9000, even worse shave.

      Always need to finish with a disposable Gillette

      • Phillips arc5? Are you sure it's not Panasonic?

    • +1

      Oneblade is the closest shave I've ever gotten from an electric.

      Blades last forever though, and you can get multipacks here on ozbargain quite cheaply. Cheaper than disposable.

      Remember you can do a wet shave with a OneBlade, so you can use gel and a brush to help the closeness.

      Actual razer will always be closest though

      • Oneblade close shave is alright but if you want to do anything else it really struggles

        • No disagreements there - I use the 3mm and 5 mm guides, but it does miss a few hairs with each pass.

          Still, I'm happier than I was with beard trimmers for the same thing, as the naked one never nicks the skin.

          I wonder if there's a better alternative?

    • +3

      These are 💩💩💩
      Don’t buy. I bough this very same one and it irritated my face. Instead opt for the this Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s WetandDry Electric Shaver for Men / Rechargeable Electric Razor, Blue https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0115I2DRI/
      Older version but it doesn’t irritate at all.

        • +10

          The neg vote is allowed according to Ozb rules?

          "Issue with product (For example:)
          It does not work the way it should"

  • +3

    Any good below the waistline? Asking for a friend.

    • +3

      Does a reasonable job on the legs

    • +1

      The only thing worse than a muffin top is a hairy muffin top

    • +9


      Do not. I repeat. DO NOT get the bead trimmer near your nut sack skin.

      • +1

        If one is trimming beads, perhaps one is not fully developed?

      • +1

        Can you please share your experiences? Asking for a friend..

        • +13

          Ok. I’ll share my cautionary tale; My wrinkly nutsack was looking a little “beard like” and I figured I’d have a hack at it with the trimmer before razoring. Much quicker than declogging curly nut hair from my mach3 over and over.

          Big mistake.

          Turns out the wrinkly bits are the perfect size to fit neatly between the trimmer blades.

    • Wouldn’t unless you want your 🎾🎾 to be on 🔥🔥🔥

      • -5

        Why did you neg?

        You are not allowed to neg because you dont like the product. Where have you seen it cheaper?

        I used to neg deals because items had this old microUSB port and everyone said this wasn't allowed.

        • He didn't neg because of a silly reason like you used to mate, he negged because he doesn't think it's a good enough product to count it as a deal, and suggested an alternative he thinks is better.

  • +6

    Problem with these and the Philips is blade replacement costs nearly the same as the initial unit.
    A bit like inkjet printers.

    Also they're a bit slow, so I went back to shaving cream and blades.

    • Agree. That's why I purchased this rather and a $50 blade replacement on my other unit. It's becoming a throw away item like printers & their respective refill

    • -1

      Indeed. Real (cis) men Shave with something beautiful such as this. Besides, replacement blades are cheap as chips. Everything else is just concocted by marketing to make more money and is usually inferior.

    • And they become inefficient after 3-4 months. :-(

  • +5

    Have one and will not recommend it. Waste of space and money.

    • +1

      Any further comments?

      • -3

        Yes, super-zero has now saved space and money

      • +5

        Doesn’t cut well for me in one go and if you go over multiple times it will cause skin irritation and still leave patches.
        It does not work on neck at all if direction of beard growth is not in one direction. I had to switch back disposable Gillette blades.

      • I'll make a comment. Bought a Braun about 5 years ago. For around $130, that was a big mistake. Every time I shaved it felt like it was tugging rather than cutting. Never happened with the Panasonic that was 6 years older. So decided to go back to my old Panasonic. Ever since then I always buy a Panasonic. Even their $90 unit is always a pleasure to use.

    • 💯 agree. These are 💩
      Get o e with better blades that don’t have to go over multiple times and get your face sore and irritated
      I even tried it with Williams Ellectric Shave and big no go

  • +1

    Yeah, I have a Philips cheapie one with 3 blades (circular}. Theyre ok if U aren't going for a ' official ' shave like if you just want to get by , but doesn't come close to a real blade. Its handy depending on the day or closeness or a shave you need ie it's ok for weekends haha. U have a heavy growth, also have the one blade and it broke in 4 weeks! But wan useless for a close shave was ok at getting an ok trim shave if I hadn't for 2 or 3 days

  • Panasonic shavers for ever.

    But this is still a good deal.

  • Can I shave my body with this or should I stick to the lawnmower

    • +4

      Stick to the lawn mower

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

  • +2

    I had Braun Series 5, it was OK but takes long to get a decent shave

    Upgraded to Series 7, vibration improves both closeness and shaving time, but some areas (and we're still talking about face here) were rather hard to shave well

    later on took the plunge and got OneBlade pro and for me it was a step up from Braun Series 7:
    - battery lasts much longer
    - shave is close enough much quicker
    - much more portable
    - replacement blades are cheaper
    - with the supplied attachment does a 3 minute shave that looks like "I shaved properly but it was yesterday morning" which is handy sometimes

    so no more Braun Series 5 or 7 for me.

    • +3

      Good to know. I have a Braun series 7 and I am getting tired of it, bulky cleaning station, expensive refills that are not recyclable and the cleaning station does not clean it up properly sometimes.

      Same thoughts about shaving experience.

      • I have a series 7 that is probably two years old now and works great. I just changed the foil and cutter and it has improved the shave. They say to replace every 18 months or so.

        As for the cleaning station and refills I don’t use that at all and just brush off the foil and rinse it under water once a week.

        • +1

          that's my take on it, too. had cleaning station but got rid of it. just brush off and rinse occasionally

          was getting new foil and cutter every year or so

          still, OneBlade Pro was quite a game changer. light, close enough, lasts longer

    • Might have to follow your advice - seems to be a lot of OneBlade models though… Which one works for you?

      • +2

        I just got the pro from one of Amazon price drops. I think around $60? it is a small bundle with adjustable length attachment, and a charger

        I can't find it on Amazon though, can only see new Pro version for $109

        • Thanks @shabaka

          • +1

            @lachhelix: They all use the same blade though - the body of the "pro" is slightly nicer, and has a different battery tech in it.

            Shouldn't really make much difference at the end of the day though.

            • @Droz: Yeah either or - thanks for your help. Will give it a shot.

  • I bought this couple of years ago but returned it. The flexible head didn't do it for me. It doesn't allow enough pressure to cut beards. Sticking to my 12 years old series 3 with non-flexible head.

  • +1

    Just becareful with Braun series 5, the battery will not last, I have one that dead after 11 months, shavershop replace it, within another 13 months the replacement shaver battery also dead. I have 3 Panasonic shaver all of them last more than 5 years no problem even cheap cheap xiaomi shaver last longer than Braun.

  • +1

    Used Panasonic and find that it has the closest shave compared to Philips and Braun (comparing electric shaver here). Be mindful being close shave it might irritate some sensitive skin and I also understand that the Panasonic replacement blades are the most expensive among the 3 brands.

    Saw some comments about OneBlade here, might try this one day.

  • I have a Panasonic ever since the start and that's at least a decade and counting. Before that was briefly a disposable blade. The Panasonic has always shaved with precision so I could never really get my head around how people say that their shaver doesn't shave well. Not trying to sound rude though.

    • maybe difference in skin roughness and/or hair thickness

      me the opposite, Panasonic just didn't cut it (sorry for the pun). Braun was an improvement, and Philips OneBlade is the current solution that I am happy with in terms of flexibility (close wet shave, close enough relatively quick shave, or a very quick 5pm stubble kind of shave)

      it's not ideal either, I know I could get a closer shave with a razor, but I don't want to deal with cuts or skin irritations, so OneBlade is the perfect balance for me in terms of flexibility - time - side effects

      for other people with different skin / hair properties the balance will be different

  • +2

    I read a while ago that Braun have "cheapened" out on the blades and they are now crap, after the last lot I bought, I tend to agree….. Waste of money.

    • Yes they made them look nice but are far from good. This new line was a mistake for their brand.

      • -5

        Why did you neg?

        You are not allowed to neg because you dont like the product. Where have you seen it cheaper?

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