2020 The Ethereal One Fleurieu Grenache $15.99 ($13 w/ Membership) + Delivery Only @ Dan Murphy's


The 2020 Ethereal One Fleurieu Grenache won the grenache trophy at the 2022 IWC (International Wine Challenge) in London on May 17. It is the first time in IWC history that an Australian wine has won this accolade.

Tasting note: https://www.internationalwinechallenge.com/canopy/beverage_d...

Available @ Dan Murphy's for $14.95/bottle (Member offer: $13)

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's


  • Wow, a 2002 vintage award winning wine for just $13! Sign me up!

    • 2020, not 2002 :-)

      • +1

        looks like a typo in the title. (says 2002)

      • -3


  • Regular price?

  • Not available for delivery, and not available in any stores in Melbourne's North (according to the app).

    Anyone have any luck?

  • +1

    ordered 3 bottles to pick up in brisbane. Currently 2 bottles available at Dans Brisbane Airport if someone is interested
    ………And my order cancelled, not in stock

  • Hard to find after it won the award. Got a few from bws but they were $16

  • Ordered a couple for pickup, cancelled 30 minutes later

  • Got one from BWS for $15. Plenty of stock too. Great wine for the $13-15 bracket. Juicy red, with heaps of cherry and plum. 14%, quite boozy. I like it (although I'm partial to GSM's :D)

    3.7 rating on Vivino tho

  • Picked up the last 4 bottles from my local Dan's on Friday. Nothing in surrounding stores or BWS. You would be very, very lucky to find this in stock anywhere.

  • Managed to C&C 3 bottles.

    Got the ready to pick up notice.

    Happy days.

  • +1

    Bought 3 from Newcastle West. They are definitely out there

  • bought this.. has anyone else found it .. how would i say.. crap?

    • Can you elaborate? thinking of buying some from BWS

      • +1

        Perhaps just grab one bottle first to see if its your thing first.

        I had a couple of glasses and it just didn't sit well (chalked it up to not being familiar with that variety of grape) and left it. Next day pretty bad hangover .. and only after two glasses. For me that's a thumbs down.

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