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X-BULL Electric Winch 12V 3000LBS Synthetic Rope Wireless Remote ATV UTV 4WD $152.01 Delivered @ X-BULL Catch



Pure copper motors have the characteristics of high magnetic inductive melting point, high temperature resistance, strong power, safe work and high efficiency.

2.Winch Solenoid relay
Small or mismatched relays can cause a burning phenomenon. So we need to use a suitable relay for different winches, not necessarily an overload protector if your winch has a perfect relay. The X-BULL relay is truly insulation, durable and stable, avoiding winch damage due to insufficient.

3.Three-Stage Planetary
The real 3-Stage Planetary enables differential, deceleration(growth), reversal, and more. The combined use of multiple groups of planetary wheel systems can achieve a very large speed ratio, which can achieve coaxial deceleration(growth).

4.All-Steel Shell
The all-steel shell can protect the winch well, and the black frosted spray paint will not rust.

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    This is to pull smaller ATVs or bikes, not to be confused with 4WD bullbar winches which need to pull ~ 12,000 lbs +

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      or smart cars

      • just pick it up

  • For crossovers step up one or 2 models but do not pick the metal ropes. Some pulleys and lots of good snatch straps, gloves and glasses and let the fun begin.
    The more weight you carry the heavier recovery gear you need to a catch 22 situation!

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    I joined OzBargain just to post how bad this deal is.

    Kogan sell the exact same model for $131 with free delivery, not affiliated with Kogan or anyone it's literally the first google shopping search result for this make/model. Not a good deal by any means. OP do your homework.

    • I'm inclined to believe crafty scrapper, who I guess took time out of a scrapheap challenge to let us know.

    • 10% off. Not really worth an ozbargainers scrolling time.

  • Hi there,

    For kogan’s deal, $131 is for steel not synthetic. 2 different type of electronic winch. For this type, we double checked and make sure that it is cheapest one in the market for now^^


  • At least the black frosted spray paint will not rust

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