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Virgin Velocity Flyer Card: 25000 Bonus Points with $1500 Spend Per Month For 4 Months + $129 Virgin Voucher @ Virgin Money



looks a good deal, first year annual fee $64 only.

Earn up to 100,000 bonus Velocity Points16 (25,000 Velocity Points each month you spend $1,500 or more on Eligible Transactions in the first 4 months from card approval). Plus, enjoy half the annual fee in the first year, and $129 after that.

$129 Virgin travel voucher post

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  • +1

    How much are 100000 points equivalent to ?

    • -1

      Virgin Australia Business Class from Brisbane to Tokyo for 59,500 points one-way, so almost biz return from Brisbane to Tokyo.


      • +5

        Note Virgin Australia are only flying Boeing 737s for the time being, meaning Business Class with them on this flight is more like QANTAS' Premium Economy. If you value a flat seat QANTAS points are the way to go.

        • +4

          International Velocity redemption flights would be via partner airlines. Virgin isn't flying to any international destinations anymore apart from Fiji and NZ (later this year). I find that Velocity business redemption has better availability compared to Qantas, soon to improve given that United and Qatar are soon to join the fold. The website UI is much cleaner and faster than Qantas in my experience as well.

          • @CaptainHoltisDad: Ahh I see, for some reason I thought they were expanding 737 flights to Asia, which wouldn't work anyway because of the distance. Still, worth considering and comparing Singapore Airlines/ANA with QANTAS/Japan Airlines etc. and setting a points goal mentally based on your preferred redemption.

            • @aidenh37: Goodluck booking a “preferred” business class international award seat on Qantas compared to VA/SQ.

      • That article is outdated and doesn't reflect the current routes and planes of Virgin Australia

      • +4

        There is no VA BC from Brisbane to Tokyo.

        Virgin do not fly to Japan. That route was cancelled when covid started.

    • +1

      500pts = 2.25$ if converting directly.

  • +4

    "Earn up to 100,000 bonus Velocity Points16 (25,000 Velocity Points each month you spend $1,500 or more on Eligible Transactions in the first 4 months from card approval)."

  • +1

    if converted to cash, thats 386$ ($112.5 every month - $64) spread over 4 months.

    gift card redemption would be slightly better

  • +2

    6000 spend for 100k points not worth it

    • +3

      If you’re spending that much on expenses and every day things each month, it won’t cost you anything except for the annual fee? You spend it and then pay it off in full.

    • +3

      Lol. One of the better deals going, and a perfect card to Recycle to over time

  • +2

    My experience:
    - terrible user portal and nil customer support
    - flight voucher in form of travel bank which is not usable on all flights
    - high interest rate

    • I hate travelbank so much.

  • +6

    Combine with this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/696770 for additional 40K points/Trail Gold/$300 credit

    • I think that's what I'm going to do, now that I have my 160k Qantas points from ANZ :)

  • For $1500, does it mean calendar month? I just got mine approved a few days ago. Do I need to spend $1500 by the end of this month to get 25,000 points?

    • +1

      it will be per statement period.

      • Thanks.

    • You’ll have to ask them what your statement date is, they don’t tell you anywhere (use the message function inside online banking)

  • +1

    I just wish they would scrap this per month for four months bs.. just make it one larger amount.

    • True. That is much easier.

    • +1

      The longer your card is running, the greater your chances of staying and eventually paying for it

  • +1

    combine with the velocity bonus offer?


  • Anyone found the usual "minimum 12 months since having card blah, blah"?
    I can only find New customer wording.

  • Apply by 31 may 🤔

  • everytime i fill the application, it says host error. What is the issue

    • I submitted it okay, was approved about 5 mins later.

  • I submitted this morning and it still hasn't been approved. How long it takes

  • Jeez they actually declined me after asking for all my income evidence (which was dutifully provided and even shows more than I declared).

    Do I have any recourse? I just cancelled one of my cards with the higher credit limit so I am thinking that could get me across the line, but doesn't seem like there's an appeal process.

  • Hi, anyone any idea if you need to spend the 1500 by the first statement being issued to get the first 25k bonus points?

    • +1


      • Do you know what date of the month virgin issues their statement? I received my card last week.

        • Send them a message to them in the online portal and they'll tell you.

        • I got approved on 30 May and got my first statement today with statement period 31/05/22 - 03/07/22.

  • For those who had applied, how long did it take for the card to arrive after approval? It's been almost 2 weeks and card still has not arrived..

    • About 1.5 weeks for me.

    • 8 days

  • I’ve got a few pending transactions which were spent before the statement date however they were only posted after the statement is issued. It seems I would miss out on the points. How fast were the points credited after the min spend is triggered? I might try contacting customer service and see.

    • The bonus points showed up on the next statement after the minimum spend was met.

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