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I will skip mobvoi's watch for a few year, bought ticwatch pro 2020 last year, after using it in water a few times, now it's screen dead.
16/10/2021 - 13:18
Thanks OP, glad Amazon having price matching now and I should have waited for it before getting it from JB HIFI.
16/10/2021 - 09:42
I guess you should, cheaper than JB Hi-FI - less $4.99 delivery fee plus cash back.
16/10/2021 - 08:39
I bought this watch as well yesterday, just received an email from Sunnto after registration - a few free trials with subject 'YOUR VALUE...
15/10/2021 - 17:25
Suunto 7 Smart Sports Watch $249 + Shipping ($0 to Select Metro / Pick-up) @ JB Hi-Fi
I believe this price tag is a deal. Offical RRP is $599 https://www.suunto.com/en-au/Products/sports-watches/suunto-7/suunto-7-black-lime/...
13/10/2021 - 21:17
Glad to notice you are happy with the product on the price tag.
29/09/2021 - 17:35
The code is the one I found online and verified by a recent purchase, from my experience shopping on that site, they do not stack with...
24/09/2021 - 17:18
isn't it $99.95 on Amazon Australia? https://www.amazon.com.au/Upgraded-Cancelling-Headphones-Bluetooth-Microphone/dp/B08CZQ2QRH or they...
24/09/2021 - 17:05
The one I own has good microphone quality, the time I bought was around $120 for same unit (on the special already). " They apparently also...
24/09/2021 - 16:42
Tickasa Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones $58.44 Delivered (RRP $189.99) @ Mobvoi
Pretty decent deal, I own one and this is second to Sony WH-1000XM3. Review here...
24/09/2021 - 16:06
Thanks. Hayman Reese is 200 dollar cheaper than the genuine one. I would skip DIY on the towbar installation as you have need to cut the...
10/04/2021 - 20:26
Many thanks! Really good idea on advising using gift card, I will to refer youtube to have it DIY.
10/04/2021 - 20:21
Greeting! Hope everyone has enjoyed a nice Easter break. I am planning to add more features for my newly purchased Patrol. I would like to...
06/04/2021 - 20:42
Thanks, I will refrain from disattaching the mirror due to 1. Fine with the current finish. 2. There is camera embedded. However I will...
09/03/2021 - 16:06
Thanks. Today I applied polishing compound and it looks better. Before...
08/03/2021 - 17:34
Thanks! If polishing won't help I may just out a sticker onto it. Later on I may just replace the mirrors with a clearview towing mirrors,...
08/03/2021 - 00:10
Hi mate, Many thanks for your reply. Truly appreciate. The colour of the trim is likely piano black, please see...
07/03/2021 - 23:09
I did buy the gloss black one. In order to remove the tape line as seen in...
07/03/2021 - 21:03
Thanks. I have done the following steps this morning: 1. sand it to as smooth as I can feel 2. mask the area properly and used gloss black...
06/03/2021 - 14:10
A few months ago the mirror accidentally hit a post in underground car park, so it caused very minor scratch to the frame. We bought the...
02/03/2021 - 21:32
$10 off $50 Min Spend (New Customers) @ Anaconda
Just find from Shopback plugin, and used it already, can confirm working.
25/10/2020 - 18:00
Many thanks for the inputs. I will review this post from time to time in next a few months:)
18/10/2020 - 19:58
Thanks. Pajero Sport GLS's third row seats are the major concern for us, other than that we are happy about it, we will have a look in...
18/10/2020 - 19:50
Much appreciate, Hyundai Palisade and kia telluride won't be available this year so I may not have time to wait, thanks for the suggestion!
18/10/2020 - 19:44
Thanks. But seems the Defender is well above my budget...
18/10/2020 - 19:41
Mate thanks for the comment, really informative and honest!
18/10/2020 - 19:34
Thanks for the tips. Yesterday we did test driving on Patrol and Prado, love the version from Patrol but it's really huge, Prado is okay...
18/10/2020 - 19:33
I don't like the design of the vehicle, read the view and it's not impressive, particularly for the 3rd row seats and the legroom.
18/10/2020 - 19:27
Thanks! I tried to buy Patrol within my budget, if cannot get the deal within my budget I won't push too much, will consider a Isuzu Mux...
18/10/2020 - 19:24