ASUS GeForce RTX 3080 TUF Gaming OC V2 10GB Video Card - LHR $1399 + $7.99 Delivery ($0 SYD C&C/ Mvip) @ Mwave


Same price as the popular ASUS Tuf 3080 deal back in March.

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    While we're at it, there's also this for $1249 at PCByte:

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      Looks a lot like Gainward Phoenix.

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        I previously had the 3070 Gainward Phoenix. Really good temps, relatively low noise levels and nice build quality. I do believe however that it had a lower power limit than many other models, so I suspect the same applies here.

        • do they have seperate cooling plate just for the Vrams?

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    $1250 12gb, where art thou?

    • When RTX 4000 series officially announced…

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        40xx series may retail above $1500, so this is a bargain!

        • and require a new power supply

    • Same place as $70k Tesla 3 Perf

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    lol this isn't a deal. It's been the retail price for like 6 weeks

    • ikr, this was the AU launch price almost 2 years ago…. I snagged one for $1300 back then

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        All i see is the same members pumping shit deals. It's not ozbargain. It's people who already own gpu's trying to defend current pricings. I already reported the culture issue to mods long ago, but they won't ban the members who have hopped on here to do their sad micro market part in preventing price falls.

        • Lol if this is true this is funny as hell.

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            @g2420hd: It's true lol. They only upvoting because it hasn't dropped in price. Look at the comment just above from member non-lhr. We whinging trolls who complain about price.

            What he likes about this deal (enough to upvote/post it) is the fact it's a 10GB model for $1400. If it was $1000 he would've negged it and most certainly not posted it on this page. I'd say that's the gist of many members on here.

            • @Jimmy77: I find it hard to believe anyone would care so much on a purchase that's already occurred though…if I bought a card a few months ago I doubt i would even be looking at gpu deal,.

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                @g2420hd: Indeed. A lot of them don't care about the value of their gpu's but still prefer cards to be more expensive, as weird as that sounds. Fanboys, snobs, feeling of importance etc. Otherwise what else is there to like about this expensive deal?

                There's a lot of capitalist minded millennials who simply don't care about what they pay and happy to pay it. But then display annoyance when other people complain of inflation. So they don't care but do care when others want something "cheap". I've also read posts of enthusiasts displaying a heavy desire for gpu's to become a luxury item that's inaccessible to the low end. Where they're all for the low end gaming on onboard gpu's or cloud. Singles on a decent enough income. Who want high end gaming to become more exquisite and special. There's a lot of types on the for inflation side of it. Mainly miners tbh. If cards are expensive then it locks the masses out from mining and oversaturating it.

                Be assured though the people upvoting these deals aren't bargainhunters.They'd prefer deals like this over price drops. Most of them aren't in the market for gpu's or for a gpu to game. Their 10k mining rigs crashed to 5k overnight 2 months ago.

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                @g2420hd: Reckon it’s pretty straightforward as to why- if you’re a miner looking to offload GPUs before their prices crash and burn then it’s in your interest to pump shit deals as you could sell off your secondhand 3080s for an extra $100 or so and justify it by pointing to said shit deals on OzBargain. That’s not much by itself but it adds up quickly if you’re offloading a dozen cards slowly as to not crash the prices.

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      Incorrect, price was this, but was out of stock when I went to purchase 2 weeks ago. Bought sealed with invoice locally for $1275. $1320 and under would’ve been amazing.

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  • Stop posting terribly priced GPUs as deals

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    Wouldn’t call this a deal. Was 1399 for ages, then back up to 1499, now 1399

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      It's a deal for people who overpaid for gpu's. Think about it. If you advertise it on a page full of people waiting to buy, and they buy it. It stops the value of the overpriced gpu from falling (on a micro micro scale lol).

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        Prettyyyyy much. The EVGA FTW3 Ultra 3080 10GB was sitting stocked for $1399 for ages , then it got posted here and sold out. Then it was jacked up by another $100 the week after.

        • Same with the $499 6600XT MECH. I watched it for a week then once it was posted here gone. People also read the comments as they left the inferior oc1 alone and cleaned out the good model. They still haven't posted the $435 RX6600 MECH which has been in stock for 2 weeks now.

  • wait for a ASUS TUF 3080Ti OC fall below $2k.

    • PCbtye had it for $1999 a few days before it sold out. Expect more retailers to follow suit.

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